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: i'd suggest that you add champion voices in all picks . i mean if anyone " ally or enemy " picked any champ you can her him talking whatever his quote . it was available when the new champion select was released but u disabled it . anyways if there's a button to toggle this feature on and off would be nice too .
I also thought it's nice until people lock in fast where I'm not sure if it cut the previous voice line or if you could hear both but it was still weird either way.
: Okay, if it's only in the lobby and not the champ select itself I wouldn't have any problems with it. As for people looking up the ranks of your teammates, let's be honest hardly anyone can actually be bothered doing that in champ select because you have to look up each person individually (as opposed to loading screen where you can see everyone's ranks on lolnexus). Out of sight, out of mind as they say.
Yep only the lobby. You are totally right about the fact that people would be douchebags in champ select then and I wouldn't like it that way either. I also added screenshots (if you didn't see it, just click on the word screenshot at the edit part) to kinda show how I would like to have the borders added :)
: Nice in theory, but there are problems. Potentially a lot more people will use their ranks in champ select with randoms to try and be douchebags and get the roles they want with "because I'm a higher rank than you" bullshit. I think rank should be kept separate from how players perceive each other in champ select, unless they're friends.
If you are a douchebag like that you always have the possibility to look up the ranks of your team during champ select online. Also the borders won't be shown in champ select that's why I don't think that it would increase the chances for people to "abuse" their ranks against randoms. Furthermore this style of lobby is currently beeing used for draft pick only which means you select the roles before champ select even starts and if you invite randoms by using a chatroom for example you just have to hover over their names to see their current rank so it's not really a secret. I hope I understood what you are saying and gave you a new look at this idea.
Buttspank (EUNE)
: I think this feature applies to your **Border Which Was Last Season Reward.** So that doesn't mean they're the same rank still.
Yes I was refering to the Last Season Reward Border but something like the current rank could be implemented into the lobby aswell as Toby 1v9 suggested on [his post](
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: Good idea man{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Thanks {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: Oh, you meant the lobby, my mistake !{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
BlauDroid (EUW)
: This idea is not new, this is the same thing as in the actual client. They will make all features that we have right now on the actual client too on the alpha client. Borders, icons, masteries or whatever they will all be added, it's just a matter of time and work.
I'm not sure if you misunderstood me or if I'm totally lost but I don't see the borders in the lobby on the actualy client as you are saying.
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: [RECOMMENDATION] Adjustable Font size ?
I also feel like the font size and some icons are to small but that's something you should send as feedback so it might get changed and imo we don't have to be able to change the font size ourselves.
Are you sure that it's PBE and not the Alpha Client because that is something different. Edit: It also sounds like you got the wrong idea of what the Alpha Client does. Everything is different, yes but that's not how it is going to look like next patch. The Alpha Client will replace the current client in the future when the open beta will be released (not next patch). Meanwhile you are able to give feedback about the alpha client while using your normal LoL account not PBE.


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