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: Then you're already aware of what it is you're supposed to do. What you may not know is that the automatic leaverbuster system is more or less locked in and as a result support rarely if ever interfere with cases that full under this category. On top of that, Support aren’t allowed to divulge information regarding other accounts, due to privacy reasons, therefore they can't even tell you anything not even what could happen.
Ok so after all of this the awser is they are not getting banned because the auto-ban system dont ban feeders of Afk people ... and riot dont want humans to do it ... Thx for your time.
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: Ticket will not help. He will just receive answer: "we can’t often take action on reports sent to us through tickets so I strongly suggest that you use the report feature at the end-game screen, if you encounter such a scenario again".
Thats why i made this post... last time i report 2 premades that went from 0/0/0 to 0/9/0 and 0/13/0 i made a ticket and i got that mensage saying to use the end-game screen report.
: press reportbutton
Uhm... i said i done that did u read the intire post?
: we cant make sure nothing on this game....and they probably where 4 premades so if they continue doing afks in game maybe they will get suspend, but no one will make sure, not on foruns , or twitter riot supp, or riot supp on teh site.
Unfortunately is how it works ... i already get cought on that situation, i found a toxic player i went to direct support the answer was.. we can't do nothing from here if u already reported him it's fine he will be banned .. (sure).
: if you report them, its done. go next match
Uhm just wanted to make sure this guys get punished... no ones like to lose because of "Troll"
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