: As i said before, you are just doing it wrong then.
no you can do it right even when i smurf i see that all the time doesn't matter if you do it right or wrong low elos gonna go afk cuz they delusional ppl just like you not being able to understand that low elos do that regardless if you do it "right" XD
Smerk (EUW)
: It's not a bug, new players are placed in iron 4. Plus with new placements system you get to see your rank after the very first placement match. For the next 9(or 10 in your case) matches you'll get boosted LP gains and won't be able to lose any LP on defeats. You'll also skip all promos. Only after 10th game you'll get to the real climb
there is only 8 placement games now just a heaads up
: Thanks man, appreciate it. Will write to Riot now
https://twitter.com/RiotSapMagic/status/1070867653105934337 check hes tweet
: Thanks for the links but still doesn't prove my point, I mean he said that there would be some lp gains and loss changes yes sure it's pretty obvious with the devision 5 getting removed and adding two additional ranks but there is no way it's normal to win/loose like that. Sure it could have been luck that we won 25 and loss 10 but how is it fair that we now lose 22 and win 13, if it keeps up like this playing in ranked this pre-season and maybe even season if they don't change it has no point...
well i can't say for sure but if you got bonus lp bc of those things it would only seem normal if you got less lp for a little while after they normalize the lp. but you in theory should ignore the lp gain/loss as you should only really care about mmr but i understand its frustrating worst case make a ticket and ask but im sure you wont have those lp gains/losses all season long
: that it's really a response, I mean what about players who still tryhard in pre-season? That isn't fair for them
well lp doesn't matter only mmr do hes right and if you just check the red tracker look up posts about demotion/lps and these should be couple comments https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/qmAiTUHs-lp-gainloss-changed-in-824?comment=0003 https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support-en/OkThbFWz-lp-problem?comment=0002 some riot response there
: MMR?
ppls accounts were bugged and received a lot of bonus lp they made a post and said they fixed it a little bit trying to normalize ppls mmr/lp gain you got more lp then you ever should have gotten so its only fair if you lp gain is just as bad now. if you were d5 and get promoted to d4 you should be getting 16lp but bc of mmr bug you got 25 soo
Artadra (EUW)
: Thats what im actually asking from them since the morning too but they refuse to answer:) Riot, you completely screwed up the system AGAIN. Iron I BTW :) http://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=artadra And the guy above me being bronze4 stomping plat1s. Riot thinks this is completely normal and no fix is needed apparently:D https://prnt.sc/lrjs5c
yeah this season just fk %%%%%%ed and you get shit lp too ...
: Hey guys, wanted to provide an update to this. We have made a few adjustments to make this preseason change a little less painful feeling, so hopefully your LP gains and losses should feel a bit more normalised. Note that there will most likely still be some changes due to MMR boundaries and Division V removal causing adjustments, but this will not impact your MMR or Ranked 2019 season starting, and is purely a preseason "feel" due to how we've shifting things around. Hopefully these changes make the preseason ranked feel a little less janky! ^_^
How about all the unranked accs that had 9wins 3wins 6 wins or 0wins that got reset and is all placed in iron while going 10/0? can we get a fix or a post or an update if intended or bugged? http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=guno
CliffiToF (EUW)
: lol YOU cant even read things properly, I have won every one of those games
https://prnt.sc/lrbk0c yup you defiantly have :)
CliffiToF (EUW)
: LOOL I've been million times better than all the other players in those games, that means promotion not demotion. If you use kda to judge you'll always think like a bronze
w/l ? win loss you wr last 20 games is like 20% and you wonder why you got demoted? maybe you should read things properly before you go on a rampage rant :)
CliffiToF (EUW)
: wow so all those garbages succeeded in getting me demoted a full division? Riot really needs to fix their game
you 5/14 w/l last 20games LOL you demotion is justified
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: Silver 1, where will I be placed in next season?
just wait and see after 1 placement game it will tell you what rank you are and after 1 win you can see lp gain in s9 then know where you land after 10games. most likely some where between s1-b1 probably tho
: A joke about flex que
let me fix it gold 5 gold5 gold3 gold4 plat5 enemy team gold4 gold5 gold3 plat1 gold4 :D
: Yes, humanity consists of 90% assholes. Good on you for finding that out. Srsly tho, why do u even care about those insults? Just mute them, report them at the end and move on. Problem solved. Not sure how much describing the offense in the text field actually does since the system is automated these days. Just be sure to check the right categories. Also your boards level is usually only updated when you post on the boards so you just fixed your own issue.
> [{quoted}](name=Shadowflame,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=ssEMWab4,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-11-24T16:48:31.654+0000) > Not sure how much describing the offense in the text field actually does since the system is automated these days. Just be sure to check the right categories. > Also your boards level is usually only updated when you post on the boards so you just fixed your own issue. riot says it helps to write in the text box not sure i think the system scans the text in the chat box jsut like it do in game but idk 100%
Milevski4 (EUNE)
: why i cant get my silver board?
are you above honor lvl 2 when the season ended? did you have any bans this season? {{sticker:sg-zephyr}} did you receive other rewards but not border? then it might be delayed if you don't have a border by the 12th dec contact riot support
Darwinion (EUW)
: Is Riot aiming at concentrating idiots?
> [{quoted}](name=Darwinion,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=ssEMWab4,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-11-24T16:42:33.986+0000) > > Firstly, I couldn't post this under Player behavior or any other relevant board, because even your board system is broken, asking for level 10 to grant posting rights when I am now close to level 17.., so good job on another broken system. the boards sometimes don't update you lvl until you make a post then it will update... > Secondly, is the so-called _futuristic all internet companies want your AI system_ disabled due to preseason? > > The collection of downright assholes is growing exponentially, ever since level 7 I've seen players wish cancer and death on other players for no apparent reason, I've seen players with the most hateful racist anti semitic names breathing about how they wish all jews would die and burn. > > Are you aiming at going into the Guinness Book of Records for being the central hub for the filth of humanity?- if so I'll say you are doing a great job and well on your way. > > I've never been so disguisted and at the same time, getting burned out by simply playing a game! most ppl lvling is ppl that has been perma banned on other accs there for the most toxic ppl are mostly the ones who lvl which is why you see so much flame just mute ppl and report them they will get banned before they reach lvl 30 ( racist sexually etc names are ban able too so you can report it as well even having pron in you name can result in 7days ban)
: Day 4, still no answer from Riot Support Ticket
consider doing a live chat if the issues is some what easy solve able
: i expect the system to detect map movement and to not think someone running circles is playing.
you can atk the same jgl camp all game (example pink ward grump and on other side of wall ) and they system will punish you for afk even you in combat whole game pretty sure running in circles get you punished too but fact is you need afk regularly to get penalized its to make sure if ppl have power outage or other problems that they don't get penalized when real life shit happens you don't get penalized for 1 or 2 games consider researching the system before raging and then actually make proper arguments why it doesn't work and how it can be improved
: Twitch Jg looking for Lulu Mid for Funnel Strat
https://discord.gg/jjyxSdK try ask here there might be someone its a discord for funneling all tho it needs more ppl for sure
evol (EUW)
: League edit 'Electro Kick'
feel like i got a seizure watching this tbh
: Your rank doesn't decay during the preseason if you don't play. Also, you can demote all you want now because your rewards are based on the rank you had when the season ended, not your current rank.
Rioter Comments
Õdyssëy (EUW)
: Player Support
tweet at them and get a rioter to look at your ticket tbh sometimes that works when it takes a long time
Rioter Comments
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: So honestly, I'm curious about something. Earlier this Season I was banned 14 days for "toxicity". It was simply just trash talk between me and my duo mate and neither of us were offended. A few days arguing with the Support I got my ban lifted before the normal time. Yet even tho the support agreed that the ban was unjustified, he refused to give my my Honor lvl back, which is fine I suppose. Since theoreticly I received a 14 days suspention (even if it was not justified and lifted afterwards). Will I still be eligible to the Season rewards if I reach honor lvl 2 until February 11th? Or am I just %%%%ed for the systems mistake of punishing me?
go chat with someone on live chat they will answer you https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
Ahries (EUW)
: Is this a troll post? I hope to god it is..
there was a world mission to play 5 female champions i think and he just made it into being "irl girls" as a meme i supposse
: Looking for premade on my Smurf rn (plat 2-3 mmr)
hmh can only duo q 1 game since i got 3 unranked accs and you will hit plat but cana jump on a plat acc if you want
: [Update from Support] Having a "tough game" is now the new definition of "Intentional Feeding"
if you truly innocent just reply to the ticket again most times they use templates for the first 1-3 comments and sometimes replying back to the ticket can get you someone who will actually explain it properly instead of using templates or do live chat with the ticket number listed in the live chat ticket
: > [{quoted}](name=Aoneko Yume,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=HjQhNARN,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-11-04T06:04:07.339+0000) > > If the 14 day suspension was a mistake then it is only fair that you are compensated. I did read your other thread and see that you submitted a ticket. > > Please keep us updated. I would love to know if they lift the suspension and compensate you. Hopefully! Fingers crossed I hear back soon though, still heard nothing over the entire weekend! :(
live chat should be on tomorrow i think so look out for it try make a new ticket and look in button where it says submit to check for a live chat options they will anwser you ticket in 2min if it still hasn't been answered
: I have played 64 games this season in flex. Currently sitting at D3 0LP, ending the season like this. I haven't seen one guy under D5, in these 64 games. Dunno what's going on in your games, but mine were fine. I had high plat soloQ vs chally 700 lp soloQ in the same match, but both were D3 in flex. About OP's post, I'm 99.99% certain, that he's talking about a flex game as well, I didn't even take the time to check. Such big discrepancy in soloQ simply can't happen, not even at 4AM on a workday.
you forget there is high diamonds in solo q that are like gold 2 with 80% wr in flex that duo q's with a silver 5 in flex and some how they end up with plat 3 flex player sometimes in general 3 premades in far apart elos fk the matchmaking so hard
: I don't even have to look to know, that this was a FLEX game, that you forgot to mention. OP.GG shows only soloQ ranks. I'd bet a grand on it, that the plat players were not more than 3-4 flex ranks away from the Silver 5 player's flex rank. Way to manipulate an image, to make things look bad. Well played buddy. A true classic right there....
i mean in flex i have gotten silver 5 flex q ranked ppl while being p3 in flex it's honestly random 1 team gets 5man you get 5 solo q players and ranks can jump whole tiers even in flex ranks
: demotion on 40 lp?
it's mmr related guess your mmr is super low also you don't get demoted it becomes red first and once it become red take 1-3gaames to get demoted
Smerk (EUW)
: No, false reports are simply discarded
they don't only get discarded you loss report rep/pts so yeah
: Do false reports add up and get you banned?
no riot uses a point system for reports every time you report someone you get pts which makes you report more "valid" and if you pts get to low you report will no longer count so if ppl keep reporting for invalid reports you reports will eventually jsut not do anything even if you reported someone breaking the ToS or summoner code
: Okay thanks! Does this happen automatically sometimes? I was reading up on the articles and I wasn't sure if this happens by the system automatically or manually. Hopefully they can fix it shortly because I don't want to miss too much of the missions so I can get the rest of the Bewitching Janna stuff!
it's automatic which is why you make a ticket so they can look into the case manually and decide if it was deserved or not
: when did that start?
patch 8,11 is like 5months ago aka the mid of the season between s8 and pre season which is why it's called midseason patch ^_^
: Do you guys know how long it usually takes for Support to respond to enquiries?
i would say 20hrs to 4days depends what it's about and how many tickets they have make a ticket now and tomorrow around midday try go back and check if they have live chat open all tho i don't think they have live chat in weekend you can check it will be faster. if you do happen to get live chat you can ask that person to close you ticket ( live chat button will be next to submit ticket button when live chat is available and you can ask person in lice chat to check ticket so you don't have to write all again)
step 1 : OPEN http://euw.op.gg/multi/query= step 2 : copy paste lobby chat step 3: check ppls profiles and roles step 4: decide if game is winable or not step 5: dodge if unsure you keep mmr when you dodge so you'ill get the lp back np mmr>lp step 6: enjoy the elo ^_^
: what does midseason mean in your champion stats?
it's from when the mid season patch was released . I believe it was patch 8.11 that is mid season patch so mid season means the stats from patch 8,11 until now. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: How Is This Suspension Justified?
i suggest you go watch some high elo orianna plays and try mimic some of the things they do it can help a lot to avoid dying as orianna you don't have to kill the enemy laner you can just farm it up since you mid/late game is super strong if you can land your spells and big ultis ^_^ gl tho {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: Hi Ryze, Do you know where I can contact Support please? Thanks!
: > [{quoted}](name=Spearki,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=hcA5xsp1,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-11-02T11:02:00.880+0000) > > but any idea why this word is actually censored? It's a naughty slang word in Spanish :-P
wait is't ban able then to use that word all tho i just looked up the Spanish def it isn't that bad just a common human body part
Hansiman (EUW)
: That's some of the limitations of some language filters. We use a popular bot on our Discord to filter away some words, but we run into the same problem when the filtered word is just a part of a larger word. Where do pilots sit in the plane? Can't answer that, because it'll be filtered away.
but any idea why this word is actually censored?
: Sounds like the a 6 year old's interpretation of a penis, after receiving sex-ed, in some foreign language.
no it's the sound a train makes .... what in the world is going on in your head ...
: Wont happen. I'm a dia smurf too and this season I'm stuck in gold. I've had multiple plat smurfs but it seems this year's gold players have goten more %%%%%%ed and even smurfs can't get out. Diff acc not this one.
Rioter Comments
Lari (EUNE)
: I tried adc in plat!
bot lane is mostly decided by the skill of the support regardless of the adc in solo q most times it's the support that decides how the lane is going to go in this meta so :)
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