: Nasus has already a point-click slow for gap closer. He is tanky + ulty. If you give him a dash on top of that, I mean... imagine slow-ghost-flash-dash. This guy will be all over the place. He will only need one last teamfight to kill at least 3 people and destroy any remaining turret to nexus. But if you think you would deal with something like that, I have nothing more to say.
I don't know man, somehow having a dash or MS-increase works for 10 / 13 juggernauts (not even counting Darius R and Morde W, if you count these Nasus actually is the only Juggernaut without said abilities), and most of them have some form of CC aswell.. And as I mentioned, I would make it high CD, low range (maybe the range I suggested would be too much, but you could just adjust that) and nerf his slow and q-stacks for that, if you adjust the numbers right it would be quite possible to balance i think..You could also reduce his MS a bit in return.. I mean I just did some mindstorming and it was just a rough idea that came to my mind, so of course you could make some changes to the concept to not make it OP and not apply all ideas. I also mentioned as an alternative to simply increase his MS a little instead of the stacks, maybe that would do it aswell, but I just feel like a dash would be more fun and I kinda like the idea with that dune-like animation :D
BM Liquid (EUW)
: Can't queue with pre, difference is too high.
Got the same issue, wanted to rank in with 2 friends, but difference is too high, pretty annoying..
BesniStakor (EUNE)
: He has been out of high elo for a while now. He was nerfed and buffed a lot since then. The problem with Nasus is that he is easily countered by lane bullies and gank pressure. They can deny him stacks no matter how much mobility he has.
Well, a bit of mobility wouldn't help much for being zoned of, but he would be a bit less vulnerable to ganks.. he probably wouldn't be top tier in high elo even with higher mobility due to the short games at the moment, but I think it would still help him out a lot.
: No he is a juggernaut. Juggernauts cannot have mobility.
They shouldn't have high mobility like LeBlanc or Riven, but many have at least a little bit, just look at a list of all dashes..
: lol def no :d he´s so strong now :D he also was strong without this buff :) for example if someone main teemo he could say he want teemo Q blind last 2 sec haha :D
yeah, he is strong because they buffed his damage, but thats what he already had, I would rather have just a little bit more mobility or tankiness instead of the bonus damage :b maybe my suggestions would be over the top, but i think he really needs SOME kind of mobility, since he is really rarely played in high elo and this could possibly change that
BesniStakor (EUNE)
: You can’t have everything on a champ. He lacks mobility for a reason. If he catches you off position he nukes you. Giving him a gap closer would be too OP.
of course no champ can be really good at everything, but even now you dont really see nasus in higher elo because he doesnt only lack mobility he has none at all. maybe my suggestions are too much, but i think giving him just a little bit mobility instead of more damage would have been the better approach :b
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