: Do u want this game to be for nursery/kindergarten children? 1) You don't want people to taunt 2) You don't like it when people criticise 3) You don't like it when people swear 4) You don't like it when people tell you to do something 5) You don't like it when people rub celebrate victory What do you want? Just remove chat and add more pings. <- that is what this community is asking for
I want Riot to prevent people from acting like assholes, because with the inclusion of the set of rules we know by "the summoner's code" they oblige themselves to enforce these rules. luckily it seems that "gg ez" is already considered mockery and thus bannable, so i now know i won't have to put up with this shit in the future anymore.
: These lines can be considered as offensive, thus are completely bannable.
Cool. In this case Riot should start to reward players who actively report these kinds of players, or promote doing so in any other way. I assume they rarely ever get reported, because I occasionally meet these guys even in bot matches when I just want to get my first win of the day... Yes, people actually write "gg easy" in bot matches.
: Elo hell, anyone?
You lose about twice the LP you gain for winning a game. Nevermind your score, a loss is a loss. They need to fix this imo.
: Why nerfing Akali while there is Kata? Kata's ulti damage should at least be halved!
I wonder why people claim that the change to her ult was a buff. Any enemy who actually has the quarter of his brain left should know that all he has to do is walk backwards and akali is out of range to proc her Q after dashing. PLEASE, TELL ME HOW THIS IS A BUFF.
: What is your favorite NON-META pick?
Nami. Is she a meta-pick? All I see is Leona and Thresh nowadays.
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