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: Getting kicked out of my b1 to s5 promos after going 1-2
: invasion game mode
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Shadow XIX (EUNE)
: What's wrong with people these days...
Dude after the game just leave after match chat, its as easy as that.
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: Clannad, and if anyone fucking says Sword Art Online Ima kill them
> [{quoted}](name=ArxxOnline,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=ig8QnEUE,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-01-07T16:24:58.583+0000) > > Clannad, and if anyone fucking says Sword Art Online Ima kill them whats wrong with SaO? I liked it, the first season
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Xaldarino (EUW)
: Looking for Top laner and Mid laner Gold V +
IG Name- Spotterd Rank- Plat IV Age- 16 Role- Top Country- Estonia What is your availability? - Can Play over 10 games a week Main Champions - Darius, rene, gnar, rene, heca, can work around different champions for game comp What can you bring to the team? - Great map awareness able to tp gank if needed, and more. Do you have teamspeak3? - Yes
: Serious New Team Searching For A Top! (P5-P1)
How old are you ?: 16 Where are you from ?: I'm from Estonia What's your english skills (from 1 to 5) ?: 5 What are your main champs ?: Irelia Gnar, rene, garen, darius, hecarim, fiora, shen and more What are the champions you can play on the role you are applying for (keep in mind that we might require you to learn a new champ) ?: Basically any champion that goes top lane, i excel at most of them. What's your division ?: Plat V What was your division last season ?: Gold V Your biggest problem/mistake you do in-game ?: I'm not sure actually, I haven't put in a lot of attention to that side, I'd say farming under pressure. Tell us a little about yourself! : Hey, I'm looking for a serious team where I could learn some new tactics and improve my team performance.
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Hey Platinum top laner here, with great map awareness and with a large champion pool. Active and willing to learn more.
Clifford (EUW)
: Ranked Team is looking for Top and Supp
Summoner Name: Spotterd Rank: Plat V Main Role: Top Pool Champ: Shen, Gnar, fiora, darius, irelia, rene, maokai,cho, malp, sion From: Estonia Age: 16
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: [TOP NEEDED] PLAT 1 team looking for PLAT1+ main top with experience!
Hey, I'm not ideal as Plat IV top laner, i've got a large champion pool and map awareness. But if you cant seem to find one you can add me :)
: Eagle Blaze Gaming Looking For Toplane Plat or Above
IGN Name - Spotterd Best 3 Champs for role - Hecarim, gnar, shen, darius etc Rank - Plat IV Highest Rank before - Plat IV
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Kr1st4r (EUW)
: Support Looking for a Team
Hmm Eestlasi ma tõesti ei arvanud et siin on
: New Platinum Team Searching for Dedicated People to Climb the Ranked 5s Ladder! ALL ROLES NEEDED!
Name(What would you like us to call you during a game?): Henri, Spotterd Current Rank: Plat IV Peak Rank: Plat IV Role: Top laner Champion Pool: Have a large champion pool, excel at most of them. Previous Experience in Ranked Teams: Highest peak was Gold V. Why should I pick you over other players for your role and what will you bring to the team?: I have experience as well as map awareness, willingly I teleport anywhere I am needed, will support warding as well. I am not a shot caller, so that's a weakness for me.
Spotterd (EUW)
: The Last Day of the Howling Abyss
Theres no point in making a ticket either i will just get this "Thank you for your wonderful idea. Unfortunately, I am unable accept any feedback and would suggest that you post this idea on the forums."
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