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: Xerath can do plenty. Dark Star comes to mind, giving him a wood-grafted skin that reimagines him as the same type of being as Ivern… The blue effects for him are lightning but could be changed to any kind of energy, so Arc-light Xerath could absolutely be a thing, as could some kind of water-form Xerath.
I agree he can fit into so many themes, Dark Star (obviously), program, deep sea/dark waters, eternum, soul stealer, battle boss/final boss, elderwood and I actually never thought about arclight but I think that would be cool too, though I doubt it's possible since Guardian of the Sands already has yellowish particles.
: Vel will get one this year probably. Karthus was popular in the jungler earlier this year and still is good so its possible. But xerath is a bunch or rocks connected by blue effects. The only skins possible are recolours. Hes in the same boat as zac.
It's true, however there are bunch of ideas and references to work on Xerath skin. They don't need to make the vfx super unique, there is a concept for how in game dark star xerath would look with minimal changes to his vfx. There are ideas like Battle boss/Final Boss Xerath, as well as possibility to use other themes (Elderwood, deep sea/dark waters, program, soul stealer and eternum). The thing about Xerath skins is that even if they don't make the VFX super unique the use of theme on a fitting champion will already have an impact in quality depending how they present splash art and in-game 3d model. Xerath is a champion as you said that's in the same boat as Zac. That's why the best way to make a skin for Xerath isn't to create a bunch of new effects but rather have minimal changes on it while making best use of effect colors (hence why all his other skins are chromas).
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