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Syrca (EUW)
: and complaining about it on the forums does what exactly?
Gets it off my chest? Pent up anger isn't good, can't be that hard to figure this one out.
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Eratos (EUW)
: {{champion:86}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:23}} easy champs..easy elo.But like always low elo plays {{champion:238}} {{champion:64}} and wonder why they dont climb. Just abuse those easy champs its kinda free elo.
Garen, Kled and WW I play now and then. Played lee sin like once or twice I think, not my kinda champion. When I play top I also play Illaoi and usually she's a huge lane bully. Often times I win my lane but lose the fight.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: > I begin to say screw it and just play whichever role I want since I'm getting nowhere anyway. doing something like this just makes your losing streak even worse.
probably right, but that's what I do when it feels like anything else I do doesn't work. I guess perseverance is key = /
: Pick one role 3 champs max, dont play while you are on loosing streak, take breaks, watch yt videos, play to survive not to kill, buy wards, have better cs than your lane opponent always, itemize vs enemy team/laner, and BE CONSISTENT. On a long run, if you are better you will climb. Thats the most general things you can do to get out of your elo.
Depending on which champion I play against I often change my playstyle. Against zeds or other annoying champions I try to play risky/aggressive in order to shut them down so they don't end up getting fed. Kinda counter intuitive now that I think about it. Another thing I do is use overwolf and championify(i do deviate sometimes depending on enemy team comp), is that a good idea?
Mada (EUW)
: steadily
I've always had silver border til now ( lol, so I basically don't improve <_< ) So I don't wanna lose it now. So steady is a bit out of the question now that the season ends in a months time. I guess that means hypercarries is my only option =I
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: not rlly it doesnt go away when someone dodges champ select it goes away from remakes
You sure? Cause I had auto-fill protection and lost it when someone dodged champ selection. or perhaps i'm just getting senile and forgot the remake that happened. But even that isn't really fair.
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: When the community does a better job then Rito...
The community doesn't do anything better than Riot. Let me break it down REAL simple and nice to you. People were used to the old design, now it's changed and people don't like change. On top of that she is not "attractive" like she was before, and considering that a lot of people who play this game are horny teenage kids they don't want to lose their fetisized character. That's all there is to it. So what if she looks "ugly", Concentrate on her freakin kit instead. I for one am fine with the changes that were made and LOVE her kit. Hope Riot does not bow to you complaining horny lot.


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