: ***
I'd reply something else, but trying to not to get banned on boards.. SORRRYYY
: Il just say hes broken as in hes lost the bloody plot and doesn't even know who he is
that's like being broken in 3 different ways. I'd add 4th, he's broken because he has no money.. if it counts hue
: Broken as in the the works inside him wrong or broken as op, il take both xD
Second one for sure, not sure about the first one tho xd
: Olaf bot
that's how that champ works. lol he's br000ken
Miss Fawn (EUW)
: Riot:
well what else do you expect from a company who doesnt have a "log out" button and Had had Server issues for 6 years or so at least once a month topkekz
: > [{quoted}](name=Squaid,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=WT0TLEuV,comment-id=00010000000000000000,timestamp=2016-02-14T00:27:17.604+0000) > > dont lick it. ty chatroom still lives, albeit barely lets breathe life into it
: > [{quoted}](name=Squaid,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=WT0TLEuV,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2016-02-13T22:58:51.671+0000) > > MEIN DIK c: ;p;p
dont lick it. ty
Rioter Comments
: u have empety words u can't blame them if u loose the game. U need to realise what happen to the game go wrong cuz u can win lane phase but loose game not just because u had a feeder or a poor knowledge of game from the mid or top laner or even the jungler.. Can be on 1 of thems but thats not the main reson for u not be able to carry. I would like to see u 2 playing i know i will find fails for sure. Easy way its allways blaming others ^^
wat............................................................. what do you want lmao
Rismosch (EUW)
: I have dreams too :'(
I live in reality
Eveninn (EUW)
: [Contest] - Your Valentine's Story!
getting home now and ill try to write something TIME TO SHINEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Larry (EUNE)
: Your plans for valentine's day?
Im working from 9am to 2pm then ill take a small break till 4pm and 4:30 meet gf and go to the cinema to see deadpool, around 8:00¬ ill think and decide with my gf how to spend rest of the evening *cough* im alone at home at that time *cough*
: Looking for a Jungler!
people in silv/bronze dont have decent game knowledge thats why they're there lol
: Leveling account on EUW - fun normal games
I could add. nothing feels better than low normal MMR people in normals ;3
candoodle (EUW)
: Having comp synergy and op power picks is very important...
when I read the thread title I cam to say "in high elo it is" nevermind.. different thread lmao
: Teams thread?
we have a whole sub.board what else do u need lol
Rioter Comments
: Gold 3 AD-Carry searching for a Ranked Team
do u play anything but adc?
: looking for pro dynamic partners!!!
might as well add your division ;b
: > [{quoted}](name=thefrozenyeti,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ZInNMYEw,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-02-12T23:03:00.425+0000) > > So its Friday night and me and my friend want to play some ranked games, its just been our GCSE'S so we can finally relax and have some fun. No more revision till our A levels. We start queuing up for a game and we find one being so happy because we can just chill now and don't have to worry about anything,Until we find a 3 premade troll team so join and put in chat as soon as we get in they say " hahahahah we troll you lose 20 lp" now seeing this we see if they choose decent champs. We waited till there last pick and they chose troll champs so we ended up backing out so we lost 5 LP instead of 20. Really what needs to happen if these people get caught doing this there accounts should get banned for at least 2 weeks or you keep an eye on them and give them the 20 minute wait time whilst queuing so they waste there time or even better send them back to 0 LP in there current rank. check the gyazo if you don't believe me. Changing the meta wouldn't be a problem for me. But what do you mean with troll? What kind of picks did they take?
singed yorick and soething else with smite/tp/cleanse inting.
Agidyne (EUW)
: I kind of wish the bots typed in /all chat in Co-op vs Ai
Your king Bukachu approves. also, u y no play league anymore?
: People who do their stupid challenges should be banned.
hahaha i lol'd im sure it happend just once and no its not a bannable offense ;b
: Like Ahri IRL
Kyuzo (EUNE)
: An option to be invisible on chat
UbaHoro (EUW)
: that was just an example by me, i know too there many way more techincal examples like the jungle path you said. It's just that i think you should main X while being good on all the other roles, and i just think you can get to that point only by actually playin those roles.
yeah I got ur point, but the thing is, as long as you're good at fundamentals you're good at any role, in any meta. can be double support meta, if you know fundamentals you'll be good. in easier words, if you know how to cs, you'll cs on top and mid lane, if you know how to trade you'll do the same, and the thing you mentioned about jax/renek match up, that's not quite a fundamental, that's rather part of strategy, and once you know fundamentals strategy isnt an issue anymore. I can give u some reaaaally interesting insights about this if u want, it'll explain it better.
UbaHoro (EUW)
: uhm. league is league, mid top adc supp jung are part of the league, while writing is not part of drawing. your example should be more like " if a painter is good at painting portrait and sucks at painting landscapes". I feel like in league you must have a deep knowledge of every role; for example, if you play mid and you know how to play top, you should know that renekton will push vs jax and stomp him early, so you can decide to push mid early too to rush a gank on top. Just an example, but i think only time will show us the truth .
oh, that's not a deep knowledge tho xd deep knowledge is knowing how much time each jungler needs to go from buff -> camp -> second buff. etcetera. but yeah i fked up a bit with my example. but the point is you cant be top tier on every role, and if u wanna be high elo its better to main "X" rather than whatever u feel like playing
UbaHoro (EUW)
: don't you think that a guy playing, let's say, mid as a diamond and adc as a silver should not be in diamond at all?
not rly tbh, and well I never, i mean NEVER played adc in last season nor support or mid, and I tried it in preseason, I stomped every single game in low elo and did really good in my elo. so basically if you reach "X" by playing "Y" champ doesnt mean you're bad at "Z". if you get what I mean. and now about your question in a bit more depth. lets take an irl example compared to league, to explain why you dont have to be top tier at everything. Irl there're "X" ways to be succesful, from being sportsman therefor physically really good, to being writter, to being mathematican etc. and each of this is more or less bad at some subject. e.x football player is good at football but sucks at literature. some writter is good at writting and sucks at drawing etc. does it mean they're less succesful? just because they're bad at "X". same goes for league, jsut because you're not as good at mid as you're at jungling doesnt mean you're unlegit diamond or w/e, even in lcs ppl play "X" role because that's what they're good at. ;b hope I made a clear point
UbaHoro (EUW)
: So you might be right we just have to wait. Still it's really frustrating, and i'm not really sure it's only because of the reset. During this years i've found out that more and more people started watching lcs, assuming that's the way people should play, and getting mad so if someone fails even only once. Oh, btw this nie queue thing, i don't like it at all. I don't know about you, but i think being able to play the same 2 roles theevery time will eventually bring to a situation where people are, for example, unable to play-understand some roles, having way lower game knowledge of the elo in which they are.
and on top of that as riot promised we should get soloQ "in few weeks after season starts" so lets see how it goes. and well I like new queue thing but imo it could be better, i think it had to be like TB, where u just choose 1 role and play it. but i guess 2 is also fine, it promotes and motivates you to learn new roles here and there. but in general it will help people to be better at "X" instead of randomly playing random champs
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Happy Birthday to Senior Emissary Hansiman
I think more people are hyped about champions birthday compare to hansiman lol
Solash (EUW)
: Flamers deserve to be banned. Trolls deserve to be banned. Neither deserves it more than the other, neither should be in the game. Comparison is pointless. End of.
you deserve to be banned as well ;b
: Can anyone help? ;_;
rito fked up. you gotta reconect while the game starts its the only solution i found so far ;b
: How can i get this Icon? -_-
hahaha golden thread. this icon is available just now..
Perilum (EUW)
: Well then I go straight for Master I guess. I beat Bronze completly. I will beat Silver/Gold/Plat/Dia as well! The hardest is behind me. http://i.memeful.com/media/post/ewYKnPR_700wa_0.gif
people in master go afk after first blood more often than in dia XD and they tilt feed and rage REAAAAAAALY hard aim for chall brah. keepo
: Get this Idea Seen! A Small Step To Help Players Reform and Improve Their Own Attitude.
Perilum (EUW)
: Don't rob my hopes. I'm Bronze 1 with 2 wins (3 to go) in my promos! I hope it gets better! I come from the sewerage (B4).
rip. tbh flaming in bronze is nothing compare to flaming I met ;b and higher you go worse it becomes imo ;b every division has its pluses and minuses, but imo low dia is the worse.
Bombardox (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Squaid,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=pINnmcez,comment-id=000f0000,timestamp=2016-02-11T21:52:14.079+0000) > > mumu kha and seju arent that good. who cares about meta ? its how you play the champ
wat.. its not about the meta, its about them being shit vs yi.
Bombardox (EUW)
: how to win against a yi jungler pick {{champion:32}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:106}} Early ganks one condition , most of the ganks has to be ssuccesful you get the kill / your laners get the kill now imagine yi needs 6 to gank , before he reaches 6 your team has 6 kills , he find it pretty hard
mumu kha and seju arent that good.
: I give you my upvote to most of what you said, although the last part about what other's do better. Of course the others all have better CC as he has none but in terms of pure damage {{champion:11}} has the highest. The only one of those 3 that could duel Yi in the late game is {{champion:24}}.
True but others are tankier and offer more cc so its a matter of comp, but tbh the strongest is probably udyr, he is REALLY strong from lvl 1 to lvl 18, he cant duel yi in 6 item vs 6 item, but he can invade yis jungle from lvl 2-3 and if you do that yi wont be an issue. also udyr's one of those chapms who can out run yi xd and generally he's yis counter, same for jax. jax can beat any aa based champ with 2 items while they have 4
: :D
thanks babe
: climbing from low, to higher elo
erm, whats your elo? :/
Barty (EUNE)
: Master Yi as devourer/bruiser is way too strong atm
nope yi's fine, wanna know why? because he has no early power. I played vs, exactly 8 yis this season, I won vs 7 and lose 1 because my bot was 2/19 and top 1/9 and it was impossible to win, yi didnt even do that much. his early game is shit, he makes game almost 4v5 because he has to afk farm jungle while enemy jungler ganks, on top of that he's easy to counter jungle. you cant really pick amumu into yi and be suprised he outscaled u in 1v1 ;b also I dont see why people see Yi as a problem, while jax does the same but better, and maybe shyva ;b and not to mention udyr ;b
UbaHoro (EUW)
: season 6 the season of flames.
there're 2 reasons. first one is, it's a reset and there're more people stacked in same elo. but we had resets in past 5 years as well and here comes the second reason second reason, it was a 'soft' reset. 'soft' because some people actually demoted greatly while others didnt, and it created a clusterfuck, and games became random. I have a challanger friend who's stuck in dia 5 atm with negative win rate, same for me I was d2 now im 'stuck' in plat with negative win rate on my main champ xd. i lost 12 plat 1 promos, its worse than last year for sure. and on top of that you have dynamic queue, which increases the clusterfuck size. It will get fixed slowly but surely imo, also soloQ will fix it a bit as well, give it some time.
Emillie (EUW)
: Quick guide to Tanky Ahri Top (not a troll pick!)
short note. it's not a "tank ahri". Its called a control mage ahri build lol.. and it's kind of a used build ;b it's like a control mage TF, annie, lissa etc.
Stell (EUNE)
: NCS doesn't remember the skins that you last time used
same issue here. plsssssssssss fix it, I love royal shaco but i used to play A LOT of royal before wild card came out, now I wanna play with wild card and sometimes I forget to swap, RIOT PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE fix it. thanks. have my upvote
Eveninn (EUW)
: Isn't it a 1 day ban? I don't get the rekt part in it. :s
its perma afaik
pcosty (EUW)
: A totally serious guide to Mundo - AD edition!
rito will ban me if ill do that lol
prof1cy (EUW)
: Riot, please with the first Ban Warning ...
hahahahaha I could probably become Summoners code professor xD
: How about no? We players of the primary game pay a lot of money, which I want to see invested into the improvement of said primary game, not squandered to keep a funmode masked as a full gamemode up to date indefinitely.
I was gonna reply, but I wontm due to reason which would prolly get me banned ;b
: Cant log in to the game
rito fked up again .
Foreflay (EUW)
: Can't Connect to Euw servers
rito fked up again .
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