: RIOT what is the idea behind gain and loss of LP in TFT ranked?
> [{quoted}](name=Sunney Drake,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=5GdVAAmU,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-10-04T19:32:39.248+0000) > > If you're not from RIOT then don't bother writing a message. Then why are you posting here?
: Is this input lag in my head? Driving me crazy
It's a common issue this patch I'm afraid. Aside from the issues you've mentioned, I've also encountered plenty of dropped actions too - as have others. This is one of the jankiest patches in ages, which isn't a massive surprise seeing how many resources Riot have shifted to TFT.
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: Does anyone know what time the project event starts today?
Previous events have kicked off at 9pm (BST) so I reckon then. Don't know for certain but am confident that will be the time. EDIT: ...and I was right!
: having pictures on a tie ruins the professional look you want to have by wearing a tie. As for shirts, they have no age limit. A simple T-shirt fits everyone, but a polo is mostly worn by old people. im 28, but %%%% me if i ever wear a polo.
Been wearing polo's since I was 15 & you can easily have a subtle pattern or small emblem on a tie.
wowlukas (EUNE)
: Why delete twisted treeline :(
Surprised it's taken them this long tbh. It's been obvious for years that they've been trying to shift people away from it so that they can remove it - since they removed Dominion in fact. Speaking of Dominion, they've used the same goddamn excuse when the reason so few people played both modes is because Riot constantly ignored the modes. It's a shame but it's been on the cards for years that Riot were going to do away with it. EDIT: I'm genuinely curious as to whether Riot are completely ignorant as to why numbers dwindled, or they just hope that the playerbase is too stupid to realise that they're being lied to. However, I'm not on Twitter and avoid Reddit so I'll never know :(
: I'm so tired of watching this Riot horsesh|t propoganda pseudo argument about statistically speaking. At least pretend you are a human being and have some critical perspective to what you are being fed, instead of buying these types of zero-evidence-ufo-theories..! That statiscal argument works if you have constants without unpredictable variations (guess what, that is not the case in this game), secondly.., if you play 50 games where you have 18-20% with 1 or more afk while there is 10-15% afk's on the enemy team, your entire statistical theory goes out the window also, since the odds of it happening more on the enemy team isn't magically going up by a factor of 2. Finally, it's over the top stupidity using the argument since the number of games you need to play in order for this statistical theory to work accounting for the wild variations, could range anywhere from a few hundred games to thousands of games (Which means it could be 1 season, or it could be several seasons). It's literally the exact same as playing the lottery, because the entire equation resets after every single game!
You don't know how probabilities work. Please read up before making another incorrect post. Thank you.
Mada (EUW)
: I upvote Ahri!
Any other champs for other posters? I'm trying to work out what to put in my posts to maximize upvotes!
Cräfty (EUW)
: TFT: Raptors not giving any items/gold
Yup, I've had this bug too :(
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: Camille e needs a change again O.o
OTP wants their champ buffed; what a shocker!
: Shift + enter combo doesn't work anymore for quick /all
I thought it was alt + enter to open all chat?
: So again i've come to the boards to tell that riot games dont listen to its playerbase
Riot don't bother with these boards. I actually wonder if there's any point in keeping these boards going tbh. If you actually want them to hear what you have to say you've three options: 1) Send in a support ticket (which will more than likely be ignored as they're inundated atm - not a major surprise that...). 2) Make a thread on Reddit. If it gets enough upvotes, a Rioter normally comments. 3) Tweet them as they seem to primarily communicate through Twitter for some goddamned reason.
: Level 6 before the end of round 7 is possible.
1) I know - I stated that in the OP if you read it properly. It was just incredibly difficult and heavily reliant on rng. 2) This has now been fixed.
: Me too :D
If it was the same issue as me, then hopefully your progress will update eventually, albeit ~4 hours later than expected.
: semitic mouse? no...sexy malphite? no can't be that one...shut up, meg?
Kıyoharu (EUW)
: Whats wrong with euw?
Either Riot doesn't know, as this has happened every day thus far since TFT's release, or they don't care. It's hard to tell with their wall of silence tbh.
Radkus (EUW)
: [EUW&EUNE] Arcade Weekend instability follow-up (29-30th of June)
Any chance you could fix the ongoing issue first please? The EUW server's just gone down for the 7th consecutive day...
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: Anyone else getting a black screen when enterimg champ select ?
Can't even get into the %%%%ing client atm. Again. Like in 5 of the past 6 days.
: look at that the servers are down AGAIN
You seem surprised. Servers have been bollocks for a week now. Won't change for quite a while.
: ***
Because it'd save them money and have the same net effect as this week - i.e. nobody being able to play.
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Bumping this as EUW is %%%%ed. Again. For at least the 5th day in 6...
Kurotsu (EUW)
: You should always enchant it! And I'm not sure about the xp thing, he could have just counter-jungled you pretty hard. But a full jungle item is as good as any. Sometimes people complete it second to reach their powerspikes sooner.
Nope, you shouldn't - it completely depends on the champ. For example, if you're Ivern then you only need Talisman for the experience, there's no benefit upgrading it that is better than building another item for him. Pretty sure Shaco also leaves it till last as well, but I might be wrong there. -been a long time since I played Shaco.
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Febos (EUW)
: It's blue though. As been blue all day.
On the plus side, your topic did get stickied to the top of the board! (you have to sort the posts by 'Hot' for stickies to be shown though).
Leebac (EUW)
: I went to a bank, puted 50€ on it to spend it here for some skins like i do from time to time and i cant even log in when i come back from work? xD No i wont spend my money this time and i read on many posts that NA got free RP? Well give it to us as well RITO..
Back in, I think it was S3, NA had some server issues and were compensated with RP. EU players went mental as the EU servers had always been shit and had worse problems than NA and demanded compensation also. Riot gave EU players an IP boost weekend as way of compensation and stated that they weren't going to give RP out as compensation for any further issues as it would a slippery slope (despite already having done so for NA). This was a long time ago so doesn't really matter any more but highlighted at the time that Riot saw NA as more important than EU, which didn't go away when Riot finally improved the EU servers, moving the EUW to Amsterdam (mid S4 iirc). This past week has exacerbated those feelings in those who were playing back then as it seems very similar - NA's issues got sorted the first day. EUW still has problems on the fourth day - and worse issues than NA had on their day. It's not actually to do with how Riot views each region but rather the fact that EUW has far more players than NA and thus has insufficient servers (although I would be interested to know if the server space was actually greater in EUW - it should be but whether it is or not is another matter), so NA hasn't been 'fixed', there just isn't a problem there anymore. That being said, the fact that this is the fourth day of problems with little communication does not reflect well on Riot at all. We had an explanation for the first day, but nothing since. It would be nice if Riot could actually give their customers some information as to a potential timescale as to when the issue will be fixed. Either that or Create a separate client for TFT and have it run on different servers so as not to %%%% up LoL for everyone. I do find myself wishing I hadn't bought a couple of skins prior to this mess though :(
Noctiss (EUNE)
: Riot please stop releasing new champions
Doesn't matter anyway. The way the client's going we won't be able to play the game fullstop, regardless of if any new champions are being released.
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: should riot unban all players ?
Love it when people fail to understand the concept of a permanent ban...
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: riot trying to censor us
Is that the one that's now pinned to the top of the board despite being locked? Or did I miss another one?
: I'm expecting them to continue failing until they sort the problem with TFT out, because that's whats causing the bleed...too many people on and Riot not doing anything to compensate for it
This is the issue most certainly. They've released one of the most hyped games in ages which uses the same servers as one of the most (if not THE most) popular games around. Oh, and at the same time as a new champ is released and a new event with missions is added >< The servers can't handle it, people can't play, so they try again the next day, and the next, and so on. Until Riot manages to create a resolution to this issue - or enough people just give up on TFT, LoL or both - then this will consistently happen. I give it a week myself until the interest has died down enough that the servers can cope. Hopefully I'm wrong though and it'll be sooner than that.
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NapstaVic (EUW)
: How long is it gonna take to fix this?
Going by the last two days; a few more hours. Until everything goes tits-up again at the same time tomorrow.
Karnelies (EUW)
: what do you mean
Do you want all the issues listed by alphabetical order (i.e. Apples, Bananas, Carrots, etc.) or by when they occurred (i.e. 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, etc.)?
: Client is burning and rito still gives us zero info
Well at least they've finally updated the server status. We should be glad for these small things. Especially as playing on EUW is now more exclusive than a VIP club in Monaco.
NoTeefy (EUW)
: Don't forget their professionalism in regards to "League Clash" {{champion:31}}
If I was gonna list all their customer support %%%%-ups I'd die of starvation before I'd be able to finish the post!
Froschian (EUW)
: I am stuck in the reconnect screen although i never started a game
Yup, Riot's shit the bed again thinking that the events of the last two days _surely_ wouldn't happen again...
Lantami (EUW)
: >wtf is wrong with leauges login Alphabetically or chronologically?
Either order, but just the top 10 please. I'm not sure there's enough space to list them all.
Iakovia (EUW)
: Why are people down voting this? He/she's telling the absolute truth. Yes it is bad this is happening, but for me it's the first time I have EVER experienced something like this to this extreme. Sure, write posts to make them aware of the problem, but complaining, swearing, insulting is getting no one anywhere. Most of you don't know the first thing about running a game of this size and what it takes to do so. Every game has their problems, and it will be fixed. Chill out lol. Seems like a bunch of kids, on their day off getting hella mad because their poor game is down and they don't know what to do with themselves.
Be glad you weren't playing before season 4 then. It was a complete dice roll if you were able to play a full game. ...and when Riot guarantee that the Beta issues **will not** occur on the live servers, and then they do - together with Riot being able to actually resolve the problem in the first three days that this has happened, when **everyone** new, after the first day, that this would be a constant issue. Well, it just really %%%%s everyone off basically, especially when the company responsible comes across as completely useless.
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Y'know, I'm normally against people being so rude in these posts but, after guarantees that the beta issues wouldn't occur on the live servers, and Riot's complete incompetence in handling this mess, I'm actually gonna give you an upvote.
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Raymaxe,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=pKM3YBU2,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2019-06-25T12:14:06.835+0000) > > Why couldn't you log the users that are not using PBE out if they're clogging the server? There are so many people waiting in line to try and get in and most people, when they manage to log in, just don't log out so they could play whenever they want to. In the meantime someone could be playing right now. There's other capacity to be considered, not just platform. For example we're actually heavily under load in game servers too - so if we had 100% of players playing, we actually couldn't handle that either. PBE also is restarted nightly which means we do actually kick everyone out - things are just pretty popular over there!
Tell me about it; queued for 18 hours to get the 'error connecting bug', then again for what was purported to be 33h 4m but was probably nearer 26 hours and got kicked out halfway through my first game ><
: Why do I lose when i play Jayce support?
In the off-chance this isn't a troll thread: Jayce is a lane bully who relies heavily on gold. As a support, you don't accumulate enough gold to build your items to enable you to snowball. As a result, Jayce's main benefits are completely lost and he ends up doing nothing mid to late game other than occasionally speed up some team mates or try to peel with his hammer form e, before inevitably dying. Couple this with his heavy mana usage and you're not even able to poke as effectively and as often as you would initially think, making his good early game weaker due to having two enemies to whittle down, as opposed to one.
: not my thread, and euw boards is a complete mess from posters to downvoters most of them are trolls
Lol, that's classic. Because people don't agree with you they're trolls?! Man, you are so delusional I wouldn't be surprised if you are actually in a mental institution at this moment in time.
: "vocal minority" that's not what i call most upvoted posts on the boards but ok you didn't benefit of it you just want it to stay shitty and unbalanced mode and you are in luck because riot doesn't care enough to change it
...yet your thread is being **downvoted** {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: I do NA boards would love to get the bans back only aram-only accounts are benefiting of its removal
No, a vocal minority has started to cry about it. I do not have an ARAM account and I've most certainly benefited from it's removal. Please refrain from making baseless assumptions.
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