Bulshlaka (EUW)
: reroll exclusively and buy the passes that way you can upgrade every skin shard you would want and would get an insane amount of skins that you like but don't want to spend the money on for example the last skins i bought were the soraka legendaries on 12th of december after that i've gotten 19 skins from rerolls and upgrading from the loot + a hextech skin 4 of the 19 were legendaries how much easier than that do you want?
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PreDaJ0R (EUW)
Well, i have some bugs in my client too, The store can stop at anytime, I accept the match but it tells my party members that i didn't and stop the queue, and other bugs, riot need to fix that.
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: No, that's not true. I have played with him and against him and there is way to counter him or just win vs him. He is more powerfull than others, that's true(especially his shield) but problem is not big that much.
You can easy win against him if you dodged some abilities like e,w and stop watch on ulti : )
Infernape (EUW)
: Probably because he's new and no one knows how to play against him yet.
: Be able to test ALL Champions in Practice mode?
That sounds good, i hope they add something like that. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Git gud noob.
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