ryandub (EUW)
: Competitive Bashing
> Please... I've been reading these boards and seeing the chat logs that you are banning players for. What are you confused about?
: Is Garen even balanced the slightest rn?
Do you think you played well the first 15 minutes or so? Played according to what your champion does and can do? How it will eventually, inevitably fall off?
: since when karma's w doesn't aggro the minions? isn't it a single target spell?
I thought so too. But lolwiki says it is counted as a DoT so I guess that makes it not count for minion aggro.
: when you taste the money you will plan more to get more money instead of popularity! i wonder why is lol still popular, as a player since 2010 i HAVE TO ADMIT that riot doesn't deserve this huge amount of popularity since season 5! especially season 9 is such a joke. even by not caring about events/skins i feel something annoying. those who play this game after season 5-9 will not understand me . because this game wasn't like this since beginnings they have changed.....
I played since season 4, and I felt it how it was, used to be. Amazing Events like Bilgewater, changing gamemodes like Ascension, a totally different one like Dominion... missing it all.
: Minions Aggro not working, they refuse to attack enemy Karma!
> [{quoted}](name=Eternal Hunger,realm=EUNE,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=mE6uM4sE,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-09-16T07:19:02.850+0000) > > I'd an army of caster minions, was right behind them when enemy karma started to combo me, not a single minion hit her at all! > How is that even possible, i was sticking behind them all and she was in their range! > [Click here for video > ](https://drive.google.com/open?id=1JdNFLtvav7eFjWLWEOHRVPT7qsn6fUxj) Minions only take aggro when an enemy champion autoattacks you or uses targeted immediate effect abilities (such as Cassiopeia E). In this clip Karma didn't autoattack you and her W, the tether, doesn't count as a targeted immediate effect ability, but as a DoT. Her Q of course is untargeted so doesn't cause aggro either.
: How do you beat mordekaiser?
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: Tencent* - Not Rito Gem. RIP season 3, back when this game was good. :/ All-For-One, Poro King, Ascension, Dominion (does anyone even know what "The Crystal Scar" even is - or _was_ - these days?), Bilgewater ("Black Market Brawlers", anyone?)...at least some of us still have memories of this. Does anyone remember All for One on the Howling Abyss-map? 5x Anivias vs 5x Trundles...it damn gave "unpassable terrain" a whole new meaning! Personally, I just want Nexus Blitz back. Was a refreshing, fast-paced alternative to ARAM.
> All-For-One, Poro King, Ascension, Dominion (does anyone even know what "The Crystal Scar" even is - or _was_ - these days?) _"The Crystal Scar is weeping."_ {{champion:72}} And so am I over the removal of so many amazing game modes {{sticker:sg-janna}} But a billion-dollar company doesn't have the "ressources" to at least have different game modes in rotation every other month. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} I know a company with a merely 100 employees total and 60000 players online at times at most and they have the ressources for keeping up more than 9 different modes all at the same time with MORE players per each match.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: then pls make some math and show me how they could run with only skins for sale...
Well, clearly they are reducing their costs already by shutting down Twisted Treeline and never bringing diversity into rotating gamemodes.
GLurch (EUW)
: There is still about half a year to go, I wouldn't be so quick with my judgement lol
I thought the same, but that shows in an impressive way how low our expectations are at this point.
Rioter Comments
: Big thanks to Morde rework developers.
Mordekaiser has been nerfed this patch already... so calm down. There also are quite a number of champions who can beat him on equal items and a lot more when he is behind. Also {{item:3140}} {{item:3139}}
: I'm finally gold trash.
That's the spirit! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: This ^ :D I'm like ... and what did I do this time ? ...
01Zero23 (EUW)
: Nerf that BROKEN af Morde
: I was kinda thinking that Q might help him become viable jungle, but since the removal of damage on his E I doubt it would work all that great.
I would take the present higher CD, AoE with bonus damage Q over the single-target, lower CD Q for jungle clearing any day. Applying the Hunter Talisman burn immediately to many targets I think is more valuable and the lower CD of single target Q for bigger jungle monsters is offset by the bonus damage removal.
: I think these nerfs will be too much, the obvious goal is to nerf his solo lanes without impacting his support role but I think it's gonna end up doing that too much and force him into the support role only Less diversity means less fun imo
> Less diversity means less fun imo Tell that to the ADCs complaining about mages bot, the midlaners who see tanks mid or the toplaners who see everything Top. Lots of people tend to disagree with this. They don't want diversity; they want the same stuff every day; what they know and can deal with. Whenever something new comes in, its suddenly "OP". Cause they have to think to beat it.
: Your comment doesn't matter.
Your opening post doesn't either then if you want to argue this way. It does simply lack ground if you have nothing to back it up and your lost games as these supposedly too strong champions doesn't really help your case.
: Pyke Get non-champion damage removed next patch.
Not only that, but also quite a change to his Q: > Bone Skewer (Q) Stab targeting paradigm changed from [Aoe (30% reduced damage on non-champions)] to [Single Target (nearest unit, preferring nearest champion)] [Removed] Stab 15% bonus damage Cooldown lowered from 14/12.5/11/9.5/8 Which means he cannot be as easily played outside of Support anymore.
: I don't believe you. I've made it a habit to check if hard flamers are still playing and you basically can't get banned in this game at all.
Oh, you certainly can. Those people just make new accounts then and you end with a lot of toxic idiots with account levels below or around 30 who think they are hot shit.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: It either makes me happy or makes me anxious.
I get anxious when the "1" is on the right side instead of the left {{sticker:sg-janna}}
AiFted (EUW)
: they are buffing tanks and shielding supports at the moment, however if they really wanted it back they'd have to remove klepto because it is way too easy for a kennen to farm the stacks on them. i preferably don't like to get oneshot by poppy or maokai and i feel like assassins have usually more counterplay than tanks when they are strong so much fun https://youtu.be/7k8OliYvRvI?t=537 2/8 maokai vs that 12 kill caitlyn :D
it wasn't a 1v1 though. He started the fight with like 60% HP and no lifesteal. Leona hit him as well, + proccing her passive on him due to Maokai attacking him. Then also he was caught out of position and couldn't kite Maokai that well because he first had to run through him to not get attacked by the Kha'Zix (who was then strangely absent from the fight). Further, this was old Maokai with his damage reduction ult which could be charged to unleash for damage. And still QT almost killed the full HP Maokai. If anything, this was blown up by QT for the views, clickbait and money.
: People have found a very horrifying way of TROLLING (afk farming)
So, not sure what the other posters did before they said something, but I watched the game. At first I was inclined to say this guy just has little clue of what to do, but he at least tried to play right. He tried to gank mid and top once (unsuccessfully), got two dragons, ran into some enemies and killed them. But the more the game went on it showed how he refused to group or 2v1 someone, to defend towers or anything until at the end he intentionally stayed very far away from the base. At that point at the latest, he definetly was trolling. Looks like he gave up internally and then just refused to play properly anymore.
: because i speak their language
They could be lying. Maybe it is non-bulgarian people speaking in the bulgarian language without give-aways because they have mastered it. Anyways, this was meant to be a joke and has now gone too far and dry.
: But does it detect it when using different alphabet? This im pretty sure it doesn't do. As we are mostly using the Latin alphabet when communicating in game if at all not Cyrillic. And i personally despise my life when i meet Bulgarians in my ranked games.
> And i personally despise my life when i meat Bulgarians in my ranked games. But how do you know they are Bulgarian? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: That seems a bit far fetched imo x_x But like whatever, it is how it is and I think it works wel how it is
Think about it; when you see a new champion, it says: "Abilities" Passive / Q / W / E / R - Ultimate Passive is listed as an ability I think Shamose said it very well. Teemo's E applies an on-hit effect, on-attack effect, not a spell or ability effect, even though it is part of an ability.
: Yeah I ment his aoe Liandry still says that only ability damage procs it, and even if it's a conditional passive, it's still a passive and not an ability
Well, it is an activated ability really. Just instead of pressing QWER, you hit an enemy thrice. Or else for example Lissandra Passive thralls aren't allowed to proc Liandry's either. Which is an ability activated by the death of a nearby enemy.
Shamose (EUW)
: The easiest explaination is that although they are all passives. Mordes passive is a Spell effect, While Tahm and Teemo passives are on-hit effects.
Oh yeah, that is a better explanation than what I conjured {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Inconsistencies with teemo and morde
I don't think it is an inconsistency. Teemo's E is a true Passive. It cannot be activated, it is not dependant on anything, unlike for example Mordekaiser Passive which requires 3 hits of spells or AAs to activate. Same as f.e. Tahm Kench AA magic damage doesn't proc Rylais as it is a true Passive. Edit: I guess you mean his AoE passive and not his AAs. If it procs on AAs, that would be an inconsistency indeed.
Urquharts (EUW)
: Got banned for 14 days AND it was deserved...but please: One Suggestion
> Stay polite ;) If only you had taken your own advice to heart as well.
Luciferrx (EUNE)
: I think elo hell exist.And is around D4.Even pro players say that.A lot of boosted peole there.To not talk about lucky players that got there too. So i truly believe p2 to d3 is just poor hell.
P4 is also elo hell. Literally P4 players are becoming a meme for me and my friend. Whenever someone is especially nasty in chat or incompetent in game, weird or overly aggressive, feeding, it is a P4.
: I guess I wasn't clear in my post and that's my bad but this post is all about lanning phase so that's my bad, I do ward here and there once lanning phase is over And appart from getting a control ward to clear vision for ganks (if my support doesn't already do that, which she usually does, she has a thing for control wards lol) I really don't think my midlanne and toplanne will benefit from their adc warding botlane that much
I understand. Then I guess vision score is not the issue and I doubt other ADCs ward considerably more than that anyways.
: I suppose I should mention that I'm usually in voice chat with my premade when I'm playing SR
Then there still are 3 teammates left.
: Wards and map awareness as an adc
> My priority while in game is to track the enemy jungler and midlanner (adc srcub here), so since most of the time I already know where the enemy jungler is and if the enemy midlanner is in lane or not, I really don't need to ward for them that much You may know it, but your teammates may not. So you also ward for them.
ShacoOrTaco (EUNE)
: Olaf,GP,Darius or you can go Brand top
I wonder about {{champion:67}} and {{champion:10}} top against him.
: Okey so Riot wont nerf Tahm kench
Played against him as {{champion:122}} recently. Conqueror Keystone, giving up a few CS, starting Dorans Shield, getting Spectres Cowl before going in Black Cleaver and I was gucci and won all-ins. Just don't fight him but the minions only, maybe get a Q in if his W is on CD (if he used it on minions), stay close to your side of the lane and tower, scale a bit, then you will be able to fight him.
: tHeY cAn bE eAsIlY cOuNtErEd. iT iS jUsT tHaT pEoPle refuse tO dO tHe tHiNgS tO cOuNtEr tHeM. dude first, the things you said are basics . Nothing more. And these basics don't work anymore when Katarina get her first item :). Malzahar whole day spam everything lol. I doubt how you're gold and you don't know that
Maybe because you are wrong? Basics ALWAYS works; that's why they are basics. Unfortunately a lot of players don't even get the basics right which is usually what is keeping them from climbing or from sustaining a higher rank. If what you said was true, why don't proplayers abuse the heck out of those picks; if they are objectively without counter? Now if you bring up "they are just better players" that only means you are not good enough or knowledgeable enough to deal with them.
: Nerf Kata and Malzahar ?
> These champs cannot be countered. They can be easily countered. It is just that people REFUSE to do the things to counter them, which is: - itemize well and according to ones needs and enemies - watch the map for roams, don't overextend and listen to missing pings (looking at you botlane and those Double Kills you donate to Katarina) - Take champions in champ select based on teams needs, enemy teamcomb and most importantly, with hard CC
: Tahm Kench, the most toxic champ that has ever touched toplane ground.
https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Topdogg554 Is this you? If yes, I haven't seen you play against a Tahm Kench in a while now. On the contrary you played him yourself and lost. You also played Karma Top, again you lost.
: Normals literally have no value when it comes to talk about something being op everyone can get 20 kill streak games in normals because people don't tend to care about the game alot in normals and alot of normals are just ffd 15 or 20 anyways. also the chance is high that your not really playing the players who actually try their hardest to counter morde in normals
> because people don't tend to care about the game alot in normals and alot of normals are just ffd 15 or 20 anyways. Not true. The Normals I play frequently feel like toughest Ranked games or worse with enemies tryharding and my team slacking off. The point of why this post of the OP is irrelevant is in the account level, smurfing and elo.
iaapvper (EUW)
: Mordekaiser is NOT op!
Next time, give the whole picture: https://i.imgur.com/GflEnFx.png https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Bowdie this is Bronze... Also, this account level is 40, doesn't have a history of prior seasons, so it stinks like a smurf anyways.
: Super scared of Getting banned, help me!?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMAAfm095tg Supposedly it is alright if you still try to win and are costing the enemies just as much or more than you are costing your team by your playstle > I made a ticket to Support to please not banning me just cause I play Nunu support. But what the hell am I meant to do, if they say I'm not allowed to do it? If they say you are not allowed you should probably stop it. It's that simple. They might not ban you for past games, but you'll then have to find something else to play if they tell you you are not allowed. You could try arguing with them but if they give you a clear no to your specific case what is there else to say?
Chanchu (EUW)
: What is the worst champ in LoL
{{champion:131}} {{champion:106}} I think those would be pretty good candidates. Riot gave Diana some weird "buffs" after her itemization was gutted. I always felt this conditional attack speed is actually worse than the permanent passive AS she had before and is awkward to use. Her laning phase in most matchups mid pre-6 is just bad from what I experienced though certainly can be worked with and when she can get going, she is amazing (as are a lot of champions). Volibear I just do not see anymore ever. So for me he is like a dark horse but I suspect the reason he is not played is because he doesn't do too well. He is a bruiser with a questionable ult (I would think, I just don't know enough about him), his gapcloser is a mere movement speed boost (and unlike Olaf, he cannot get immune to CC). He is tanky, has a pretty nice Passive and can deal some surprising damage, but I feel he is just lackluster overall and I would take other champions over him. Most other champions I think are strong enough, simple enough or have some unique tools or utility that make them more viable.
: The mordkaiser rework's ult is honestly just insulting
{{item:3140}} brings the injury to the insult.
Madnasher (EUW)
: Oh and the last few laneswaps I have been in have not been triggered by myself, nor have I been asked, Ive merely been told and expected to go along with it.
I think you should have went afk, same as the other players not participating in laneswapping, you should have recorded, no best streamed it, thrown a dramatic hissy fit on cam and pretend that this is the end of the world, SoloQ is ruined, trolls are rampant, and you are being target griefed as the worlds one and only Madnasher. Then make it sound like your League partnership allows you to call in special favors with Riot ( and later in another video say you hate Riot and don't actually have any influence on them or say in what they do). /sarcasm
: I could play smite teemo support and just be invis at scuttle crabs and enemy buffs to smite steal them the entire game or play invis vision ward at drake and call it a valid team helping strategy would you want that on your team tho? I think not. Also playing this and soraka toplane are 2 way diffrent with soraka top you only impact your own laning experience but with this teemo support your ruining the midlane/toplane for the laner there by soaking exp and supporting them against their will and by leaving the adc for a 2v1 which probably means a lost lane anyway.
> Also playing this and soraka toplane are 2 way diffrent with soraka top you only impact your own laning experience No, you don't. Your jungler doesn't have the same champion roster in toplane on his side to gank for and you fulfill an entirely different role in later stages of the game with splitpush or teamfight scenarios. In fact, EVERY champion pick anywhere is something that can be detrimental and affects the entire game and team: do I disagree that my teammates play 3 %%%%ing assassins every %%%%ing game? Hell yes! Can I report them for that? Nope, not even when they don't do well and contribute nothing of worth to the team effort. And I shouldn't be able to, mind you.
: Morde on Twisted Treeline
How is he different on that map compared to SR? (And yes, I do occasionally play TT and care about it)
rat is back (EUNE)
: Why isn't kench nerfed yet?
He isn't broken in Toplane.
: Watching my games =/= Mordekaiser not being stupid broken. Not to mention his ult / shield canceled by 5 stacks for some reason, which prevented me from winning any sort of fight. Rengar walks up to my lane and steals 2/3 waves of XP leaving me 2 levels behind.
> Watching my games =/= Mordekaiser not being stupid broken. But watching your game can help find out what you could have done better. It is unlikely that someone played very well and still didn't win; in such a case that would be when I agree an enemy champion is broken. > Not to mention his ult / shield canceled by 5 stacks for some reason, which prevented me from winning any sort of fight. What do you mean by that? I watched it again and him ulting you does not remove the Passive Bleeding stacks you had on him. You didn't win any fights because the fights dragged out, you didn't have damage items, he had Conqueror which is amazing for drawn out fights and you did not. You had Aftershock which is good on engage-type of champions or tanks. > Rengar walks up to my lane and steals 2/3 waves of XP leaving me 2 levels behind. Agree, that was dodgy, but you could have pinged him away or told him so. We can only work on ourselves and look what we can do better. We do not control teammates or enemies.
: Just going AFK against Mordekaiser every game now
Was just watching your game: Why do you pick Aftershock on Darius, build tank only and then try to play aggressive? Makes little sense to me. Your runes and build says "I play tank and just farm to be useful later", but you played as if you thought you could kill him. How about you look at what you could do better first to deal with this (these) matchup(s)? I would suggest {{item:3140}} very early if you don't think you can fight him, but as Darius with Conqueror, you should actually be able to win in early levels. QSS would still make sense then so you win the level 6 by removing his stat stealing from his ult.
: Why are mages allowed to build full tank and deal more dmg then the rest of their team while healing more than aatrox and being unkillable tho
She didn't deal the most damage though. That was the ADC who did. Karma only dealt the most damage to champions because she poked you in lane 24/7 which bolstered that stat, but overall damage output was higher on other champions.
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