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: The thing with Rotating Game Modes...
And no, I actually don't want to play One for All or ARUF again..
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Cheini (EUNE)
: mass server dc except for 1 player
Yea I had that too, but I found out that the german servers were down and I quickly checked some streamers if they're still in game and they were dc'd aswell. I had another german in my team who also dc'd so from what I KNOW only germans had this but seems like some other server went down too :/
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: Hey, another patch, 8.7! No change to mac players on EUW being able to play the game properly, but hey, at least they are releasing more pay to play content...
so true wtf I also feel like that this bug like someone said started in 7.16. Wasn't this when the old client got officially replaced? jeez pls riot DO SOMTHING {{champion:25}}

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