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: the meta is as follows tanks rolling over toplane (mainly maokai-fizz-ekko-and sometimes poppy) - carry junglers in form of nidalee-kindred-graves either a mage or assasin (zed-fizz-leblanc-azir-viktor -etc) adc meta is sh*t (lucian top tier)then follows him caitlyn-sivir supports are either tanks like braum -alistar or poke-heal-shield like janna-soraka-karma etc..
Not much has changed I see. :/ How did the long-promised "mage rework" turned out to be? Any considerable shifts?
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: 1) Top- Olaf, Shen, (Nautilus?) Jungle- Gragas, Ekko, Elise, Rek'sai Mid- Viktor, Kog'maw, Varus, Lulu ADC- Sivir,Tristana, Kalista Support- Allistar, Janna, Leona, (Bard?) 2)Pretty much the same, but here's a recap from runes used by the pros in the MSI- http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/esports/esports-editorial/check-out-our-handy-msi-rune-guides 3) Prioritize bans on the juggernauts, while some people claim that are strong( looking at you Darius), they are just overpowered right now because they are "new" and so, people are still trying to understand how to counter them. Fiora is also a good ban. Hope it helped you
Yes it did, I appreciate it!
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