: I'm just putting this out there. There is no need to play ranked. If you aren't enjoying playing ranked then don't play ranked. There are plenty of players who only play normal draft, or ARAM, or URF. You aren't any less of a player for not going into ranked.
Cheers mate, I appreciate your comment, I simply want to enjoy a game of ranked without being flame and falsely reported.
: I have played league for a looooooooong time, and a proud season one bronze! Highest placement is diamond one and played in the semi finals of ragnarok. That was my gaming cv! First of all, the first thing you should decide is; do you play for fun? or do you play for fun and winning? Ranked is for fun and winning. In ranked everyone expects people to follow the meta. however what is expected meta can literally change over night. Like neeko adc :D :D and even if you follow meta, you will still be flamed, this is ranked after all. Tbh, if you wanna play ranked, you have to find a way to "overcome" the flame. i try to flash my mastery emotes as much as possible if i get flamed, just because :D flame in ranked happens. and unless riot bans the use of chat it will keep happening. But for ranked, a rule of thumb, find two positions you find fun to play, and find 5 champions to play in each of those two positions. And as for playing Vi mid, well, meta is to have burst dmg in mid lane. so unless you play Vi really well, i would suggest to play vi top or jungle. especially if you cannot handle people telling you stuff. although since Vi is rarely played mid, you could get an advantage because Vi is off meta and noone have really played against it. but again that requires skills to use that advantage. Someone might say that if you lose LP in ranked while playing Vi, it is either because it do not work, or because you are matched above your current skill level. Last thing for ranked: you will get to your skill level eventually. if that is iron or diamond. just keep playing. It is not your fault you are placed where you are currently. The flame will not get less, but the games will be better. Always more fun to play against equally skilled players. Any other mode is for fun ONLY, at least in my opinion. This is where you try anything, and the word meta do not exist. people will properly disagree, but then they can go play ranked. Flame for trying vayne ap will happen, because vayne ap, but it is allowed because it MIGHT be fun :D I, myself only play ranked and the occasionally fun mode like urf And for how to improve your skills. that one is easy. play and then play some more. tbh, google can help you a lot. but other than just playing your champion, you can practice CSing. 10-15 creeps = 1 kill more or less. there are a lot of different training manuals and youtube videos. ps. Can be more specific on training stuff etc. but wall of text already. pm, if you want.
Cheers mate I agree with what you're saying, it's good to see actual people giving advice. I was also told to play top or jungle with Vi, bit ai absolutely hate jungling. I do find fun in Ranked matches because I love the competition, but hate the toxicity and harassment it comes to us lower level players. It's simply unfair, you guys where at this stage at least once. Thanks for the comment. :)
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