NamelessD (EUNE)
: L-O-L, man! So I checked your account a bit and this is what I found out: 1. You ranked win rate in previous season is very negative. 61 victories, 106 defeats meaning you have 36,52% win rate, we can say that you clearly didn't belong to that elo. 2. You were not silver 3, you were silver 4 or silver 5, lolking shows the elo ladder (some kind of graph) and you elo was pretty close to the bronze line. 3. Besides that your stats are really mediocre. If you still complain after this then there is another thing I have to ask you. Why do you complain? If you don't belong to bronze you will get out in no time.
This is not even a discussion about "how i do belong to bronze or not", this is about the big difference from silver 3-4 to bronze 5, with a 5-5 in placements. I didn't expect to jump higher elo, but i did not expect to wood. And ofc i will not stop complain. I now need to waste my time out of bronze again, before i can climb higher elo. Bronze might be easy, but still takes time to climb 5 leagues. (Oh, if you are so good it will take no time) - Thats not right. I also have school to do, so this is a hobby in my spare time. I am not playing like 10 hours at day... If i were, i wouldn't even make this topic...
Gatoraff (EUW)
: Let's get this straight to see why you ended up from Silver 3 to Bronze 5. You lost your first 5 matches and then DuoQ with a Gold 5. DuoQ gives little to no MMR so there's the problem. Since you lost 5 in a row your MMR was bad and DuoQ didn't helped you get higher Elo.
I didn't even hoped to get higher elo, i was actually hoping to get same placement or like atleast silver 5. But this jump from silver 3-4 all the way down to bronze v, is just too big an difference to be right.. Therefore my concern.
archhh (EUW)
: wtff i was silver 3 and today i won 7 ranked game and bronze 3 ??????? want to uninstall this games
what o.O There must be a placement bug, because this is not right.
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Žitnik (EUW)
: Higher latency than normal: Start 16.12.2015
"Glad" to see that, im not the only one with this problem. I tried: re-install, port forwarding and re-updated my router but like ErstwhileLoL **nothing** seems to work. Any solutions?? Server: EUW Country: Denmark Platform: Mac (lol xd)
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