: why was i suspended for this HELP!!!
"pls report bot" well why do you ask this question ? its obvious
: EUW: Searching player who is level 15 or under for the mission
there are 100s threads about this, why open a new one ? an none is getting answered.... you are just wasting your time
: Punishment for LeaverBuster or chat restrictions (Not complaining)
Flaming int honorable behavior. Riot is giving us free skins with the new system. But its only for honorable players. So imo its fair that they regulate who they gift free money.
: Client "Connection Lost"
same problem for me. There could be a problem with my firewall.
Bard x Me (EUW)
: no rito phreak is rigging my matchmaking he is personally monitoring and manipulating it i really belong in plat but he always gives me bad teams
: MISSIONS: Im under lvl 15 - smurf
Rioter Comments
Laimy (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=StormbringerLoki,realm=EUW,application-id=XkTi8002,discussion-id=ErBchEE8,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-07-22T09:28:00.593+0000) > > ask the other 100 persons who opened a similar thread already. No answer here, perhaps low level players don't look that regularly on boards ? ;) sorry for spam :( i didnt find something similar on the last page of threats. btw, may be someone looking for members too. And we can cooping :)
What ? I see 3-5 posts on EVERY page. Well then you have to look more carefully ^^
Bard x Me (EUW)
: shut up dont be mean i want him to add me and carry me back to plat so say nice things thank you
if people belong to a league, they will reach it without getting carried. In my opinion riot shut kill Duo Queue to prevent n00bs from getting carried. For ranked where friends can carry we have flex queue....
Bard x Me (EUW)
: Don't bother, he will invite you and then kick you and delete you for no reason without even playing a game.
I am not even reall reacting to such a bad post. If they want to interest me they should post more information about themselves... But not like this. This is a wood 5 post xD
: Enemy team managed to remake when every player was playing from the first second!!!"UNFAIR"
I saw now about 10 posts about it. I think Riot didn't saw it unless they would deactivate remakes till its fixed.. I mean I would like to play without remake instead of getting a remake game where all players are playing and some getting punished for nothing....
: EUW: Looking for fifth flex q member GOLD/PLAT ELO
Which position ? Where are you from ? what laguages do you all speak ? Is every person on the main position ?
Cotedor (EUW)
: honor got reset suddenly?!?!
any punishment to your account will lead to your honor level getting lowered and locked till you show better behavior.
: Talented,Rich,Good looking,195 IQ adc Lf Team
A person with 195 IQ wouldn't write the name under the post as the person would know that all interested players can see it xD Sry but I have to laugh every time about it when I see players posting their name ;) >Add: MangoPancakeMIXX if interested
Hydnoras (EUW)
: They are generally spread out. Not always. So if you got 2 near each other like that, you are going to have a longer break at some point from them.
And with every keyfragments you get, the time between the next one will be longer. And then there will be one point per month where it resets.
ThinkClear (EUNE)
: Why I don't received the promo free win ?
It should make losing a promo feel less bad. Dagger is right. You got demoted, so you lost your extra win.
Put3a (EUW)
: Why there's no portuguese language on EUW?
I think there is a way to change it client side in the file. I never did any of these changes, but I heard there is a way to install the Korean language on EUW. I don't think its bannable, but I don't know it.
Boulhya36 (EUW)
: Gift me skins and I help you
Laimy (EUW)
: LFM under 15 lvl to finish mission
ask the other 100 persons who opened a similar thread already. No answer here, perhaps low level players don't look that regularly on boards ? ;)
Vota (EUW)
: lol, i like league of legends
Then contact your internet provider. But its not fair to play games when you know there is a high chance that you lose connection. Contact Riot and ask if its a problem with your connection to them. There is nothing more you can do.
GLurch (EUW)
: It's not a cheat, but that doesn't mean stealing intellectual property without the consent of the owner is okay. When watching a brand new movie, you could just go to some website and download it there, or pay to go to the cinema and watch it there. The only problem is that the first option is illegal. You could argue that it should be legal, after all, stuff being free is always nice. However, it doesn't work like that, because there are people on the other end who invested time and work into creating that movie and they also need to eat, drink, pay their rent and hopefully have some spare money left to save up, along with the money it cost them to produce the movie. The same goes for skins: They were made by Riot Games employees. These employees invested time and work into making these skins and they also need some way of paying their rent, getting something to eat, drink and saving money up for other things. If everyone could get the things they made for free, these people wouldn't have any way of living. As a consequence, no one would want to produce skins or such, and they wouldn't exist in the first place. Actually, League of Legends as a game could very well end up not existing in the first place, at least not the way we know it, since the free to play model Riot Games uses is almost completely based on the money made from cosmetics (such as skins). Skins are their main source of income and without this source of income, they likely wouldn't have a way of paying their employees and their servers.
Riot should get The Ips of persons using it and contacting The police of the Country the person lives in.
soooren (EUNE)
: Teach a friend mission ( need someone under level 15)
Ding Ding Ding Congratulations, this is Perhaps The 100s post like this without a Low Level answering.
: Honor rewards with last moment dsc
: Hi im a new player(well i say im new but im lvl 20). so i need some help
Hey, add me if you like I play this game for about 4 years, I speak english fluently and will be able to answer most of your questions.
Vota (EUW)
: I'm frustrated with this low priority queue(20 min ban)
perhaps speak with your internet provider ? Or play a game which is offline ? xD
: Account suspended
I guess this "first champs purchased" is a really stupid question.... I mean do you know it ? When I really think long about it I could name perhaps 1-2 champs which should be the nearly the first ones.... But as many player have accounts that are many years old how should they remember ? xD
: i cant get my dreadknight garen skin.
message Riot Support and you will have him in no time. Not the first time bugs like this happen :) Your Loki
Kýbl009 (EUNE)
: More BE for skill play
> Disentchanting Mastery Points You mean the Points ? Or the Tokens ? I have nearly 460k Points on my Main, would be interesting if I could exchange them xD No just kidding, why should that be good for OTPs ? As soon as you get Level 7 you never get Tokens anymore ;)
Tarolock (EUNE)
: Looking for ppl to do the new mission
I think everyone is looking atm ;)
Hydnoras (EUW)
: Your mmr is simply changing while you play.
I think that too... Sometimes its changing fast I think. Was for me at some point too.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
No, you have to play with sb Level 15 or below to get it.
: Honor
Depends if you are flaming or if you start being a teammate others like to play with ;)
MGD1998 (EUW)
: You literally read nothing from the post. Do you even know what's a Football Worldcup? Worlds event is like a Club's WorldCup
LoL is a Teamgame, I think you know that. First I liked your idea, then I thought like: Well, they most likely had no time to really train and play with each other. In the Worlds, the team trained months together, but for a World Cup you would just rip everyone out of their teams and place them together and they have most likely less games played together (and scrims) as some low Elo Teams.... This could be a problem, but in general I like the idea.
: Lamb's Q range increases with rapid firecannon while E doesn't
Sounds to me like you Are Right. Bump Lets hope Riot answers :)
Magneset (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=DIDIPP,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=2q3Y9K1z,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-07-16T22:24:42.530+0000) > Why? cause I have played with him several times in the future and reported him, Can you tell my fortune?
That whole sentence made no sense. Perhaps he was looking in the future for so long that he is a bit confused about times now xD
: here we go again
Me and my Brother have log in problems for days now... I will contact Riot Support later today most likely. Needed 6-7 Client restarts this evening
: cant sign in
Its on the server status page now. They Are working on it.
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: LP gain and loss
So you got 8 LP for a win ? Thats The lowest number I heard about lol. Perhaps your Mmr is just extremely low...
Toinouze (EUW)
: [V7.17] - Health bars misplaced (only on MacOS ?)
Playing on my mac too, I never changed the settings, but I feel with you, Riot needs much more time to fix mac issues sadly.... Bump
: I had a game similar to this earlier. It was fine until 13 minutes in. Then a sudden disconnect. Game window closed, back to client homepage where I can queue up again. I closed client thinking it might find the game I was in, no luck. Socket must have closed or something. Checked op.gg and lolnexus, whilst on the client and not in a game they found the active game I was in. Which now there is no trace of, no Lp loss or gain, not match history recorded, nothing. As op.gg displayed the ghost game on my in-game tab on the op.gg website (live game), I queued up for another game, got in fine; but op.gg still displayed the ghost game that didn't exist. Around 10 minutes in op.ggs display of the live game feed for the ghost game disappeared and the current game I was in was displayed on op.gg. It was the weirdest thing, I sent some screenshots of the ghost game to A Red Herring, but I don't know if he looked at them, I think this was a drop hack, maybe? In the screenshots the op.gg game data logged all the players names stats etc. Weird.
I answered Eambo above, my answer should clarify, what happened to you both. Yea its a bug, but I think this can't really be fixed, system errors happen from time to time. Just read my answer above, this should help you understand what happened. (just writing here again so you get this in your inbox ;) ) Your Loki
Eambo (EUW)
: Hi Ventom, What error do you get when you try to start a new game?
this sounds like what most people call a ghost game, the server losing track of the game, every player is kicked out of the game, but can't reconnect, after usually 1-2 hours the ghost game is over and you can reconnect to the game. But nothing changed, as the game never existed for the server/client. Had this 1-2 times in the last years, I guess this can't be fixed and is happening extremely rarely. Your Loki
: No, it's random but the incidence decreases every time you get a drop.
Every time you get a drop ? that means every time I get key fragments after the log in ?
siltn (EUNE)
: thats stupid i got 7 chests ni key i tought hit this i would finaly get over this poop
you don't get them, when you get a chest. You are stupid or bad informed I guess ;) You get them as log in bonus, like we get some times key fragments. So instead of the key fragments these capsules drop, with much more fragments (and skin or champion shards) in it. You don't get them for reaching S- or higher, thats sth else ;) Your Loki
siltn (EUNE)
: honor gifts
No, I got many key fragments, but no capsule until now, they drop very random and very rarely as far as I know ;)
Spearki (EUW)
: this was from last patch etc been a thing since honor came out when you get a remake it will show the honor from the game before the remake for some reason :)
would make sense in a way, I hope Riot could clarify this :)
Jan5u (EUW)
: Ornn lags team when forging item
Had such problems too, lags, but no high ping or FPS-Drop
: Should I play this game
Well I play because I love my Main Champion Vi, and because I want to reach my season goals... And not every game is 30-40 minutes, I played games which were over after 15 Minutes because we dominated the enemies extremely hard...
: I'm not sure if this is the right discussion area.
yea Riot is banning the account in massive waves, so the developers of the bots can't get what Riot made to know them. I reported around 10 bots directly to Riot, but a report for "3rd party programs" will help banning them faster too.... But because its free to create an account there will always be bots in league I guess, sadly
: i want to discuss the chat restriction i just got because i think it was unfair
Riot has a system which is searching the chats for some words, so I guess %%%%%% etc you said will lead to a punishment, even if you didn't abused sb verbally with it.
not updating ? Its not showing for myself.... and I won a game with Orrn in my team just now, and I didn't got any progress for that sadly
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