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: > WHICH I CANT PLAY! Learn them then. You're lucky rito even gave us two roles to pick from. If we still had the last queue you SHOULD'VE had to have learnt all 5 roles because you'll often be one of the last picks and have no choice to play the left over roles unless you were a d*ck and trolled.
I know 2 roles, the roles which I enjoy playing the most. What you're saying now is that, even though they implemented a whole new system, I still need to learn roles which i don't want to play? I strongly believe that maining 2 roles should be enough in this system. Plus if I need to learn more roles this would mean that I can play more roles, but I also play every role a bit less good, since I have less games in every role.
: well how could this be solved then? add support bots?
That's a good and hard question. As said this post is more of a rant because I had to get it of my chest. I also feel that this problem needs to be addressed, otherwise there is never gonna be a fix. Support bots is of course not an option, but( this is also just an idea) maybe a filter which assures that you get your main role at-least 50 or 60% of the time. No matters what role you pick.
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