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: Clarify your last point please.
Turns out number 2 got fixed this patch, and the 3rd point is that after using your spin, the same circle that comes in the spin animation stays on you for like 5 seconds.
: Patch 9.14 - Bug Thread
1. Sometimes casting tryndamere R will not go through, but the sound of it goes through. 2. Tryndamere's E very rarely deals double damage. 3. Tryndamere's E sometimes becomes a helicopter after the spin is finished very rarely.
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T00Late (EUNE)
: That is why smurfing is a big problem, a new player has to play against a experienced player, maybe the challengers from future just stop playing, and we have to play with the same community.
True, I don't actually like smurfing myself but since I got two nice skins on this acc that I can't get on my main then I wanna get this one leveled up.
: I know. I've been a silver support main for over a year. Playing at this elo has made me lose all my emotions, and now I stay calm because I have no other feelings.
Hahaha, that sounds like the good life though
: You also go in kindergarten and give them an high school math problem and when they can't resolve it you call them stupid and failures ? cancer of society and future mcdonalds workers ?
Great comparison, I can tell you're a clever one.
: Play on your real account if you can't handle low elo.
I got some nice skins on this acc so I want it to be my 2nd, but god damn this elo
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