: This MM!!
usually get +70% winrates. its a hellhole and u get 30% winrate guys to hand over your free lp and honestly i dont want to give em that. but hey someone is supposed to boost them and give them wins.. right ? winning for them to feed in higher elo is the worst feeling.. because you know they dont deserve to climb, but hey thats the MM now the low winrate guys will downvote you.. they want that free lp system to continue.
: Nah, if gold players would actually be better they would rise. And we would drop.
they are weak mechanically rush mid, but early/mid game they tend to rotate better. gold cant close out a game easily.
: Random! I'm only plat 3. I have won vs diamonds easy and lost vs golds too. Maybe the gold players you lost against aren't really ranked players and play more normals? Maybe those people would be good enough to get diamond if they tried, you never know.
i see diamonds and plats losing all the time. they play old meta style and barely rotate. game pace is faster now. not a major gap now between diamond/plat/gold in terms of macro. game has gone more into macro direction with all snowball gold from objectives.
: The Worst Diamond Player
i could help you out on that, i did do coaching alot. strategical - euw if you want to see rough teams gettng carried look at my match history. im gonna go out of my way to give this advice. Rotate alot and take towers, especially bot tower as toplaner. if you are confident in your skills and itemization to beat enemy toplaner than trade your top tower for Mid and bot tower. in many cases plat/gold/silver wont even take your top tower, while you take bot/mid towers, if it is done right. U have to accept to slightly take a risk on your own lane in order to get your team rolling <-- your team is unlikely to go even in lane and expect that. its more important in gold/silver even plat, you could say to get your team ahead by taking outer towers at other lanes and using TP to defend your lane and punish enemy toplaner even if he gets 10 cs advantage off it. even if they get my outer tower.. i can always easily farm at my inner and focus on defending that instead. meanwhile im shutting down midlaner/Botlaner ability to farm and make them easier to gank in future for my team. Aka WIN THE MAP AND NOT THE LANE. i looked at your match history of your garen game. 14 kills garen and your entire team together took 1 tower. Jayce 6-3 and your entire team took 1 tower. this shows to me that you play waay to much on a island and you dont babysit other lanes by taking their outer towers for them. you might be used to other players able to hold their own for long. my teams usually feed and are terrible.. but thats why i babysit them ALOT. Plat/Gold/silver is like a ticking time bomb.. if you leave them too long alone without ''TP or roams'' they will crumble. Your biggest enemy is not the Toplaner.. but frankly your own team collapsing and its race against time. key is to make other enemy laners crumble first.. BEFORE yours get crumbled. and when they lose a tower.. usually botlane adc/support cant farm.. and midlaner plays passive. Thats when you turn back to stomp your plat/Gold/silver enemy toplaner and crumble him too. whatever Gold lead the Plat/gold/silver toplaner gains.. he cannot carry alone after his team have been set behind losing tower and your lanes are able to farm safer.. while theirs have to overextend and farm. Also the ADC/support tend to rotate mid after losing their bot tower.. this means that they are now officially taxing the midlaner. THey are getting poorer together. meanwhile as toplaner you lose nothing for this as you can always farm while overextending... ADC cannot farm easily far away from tower like toplaners and use this to your advantage.. your team will net kills off them or deny them farm. **if you win your lane that will certainly not mean you win the game, u gotta win the map to get a shot at it** it requires better macro and less reliance on your team thats my tip old meta of sitting on your lane like a egg is over.
Tiddlywinks (EUNE)
: Plat is still about mechanics and overall flow of the game / objectives still don't matter that much. It's been said "plat is bronze with entitlement", which is sort of fitting. Look at how the OP despises people who get carried. This is the mentality, where everyone should just hard carry games without teamplay. He even says so himself by looking down on the rest of the team making up for one losing lane. It's a useless attitude, and probably preventing the guy from going diamond.
thats very true they have 0 macro. but also dont know how to build if they aren't the ''carry'' or simply rotate to get towers. they usually only want to snowball 1 lane nd than teamfight.
: And if their team doesnt carry or they are to hard to carry they loose more than they win they fall in elo and are where they belong The enemy team also has them if you have them as you might realize... hence ranked is fair if you play more than 100 games... Just dont concentratet on your rank but on your improving
''enemy team also has them'' exactly and thats why its called the battle between carries. its just 4 guys carrying and doing everything and 6 other underperformers. there are only 2 Factors to this game. 1. how bad are your underperformers.. are they totally 0 or totally uncarriable. 2. How Good are the enemy carries.. are you better than them. thats all that matters. lets not start claiming that all 10 players are equally skilled thats just absurd nonesense. Than Hard carrying wouldnt be a reality. i mean when 2 People have regularly Most damage+tanking and take all objectives and rest are dead weights than you know thats a reality. > hence ranked is fair if you play more than 100 games... Just dont concentratet on your rank but on your improving the higher your winrate the worst your teams, the mmr balances you out to get a ''overall MMR game MMR'' it happens all the time. Winrate is a double edged sword.
Metharius (EUW)
: Can someone teach echoFox to buy armor/magic Pen?
Answer is that EU and NA are a joke and will lose worlds and everything else for that matter.
otTer900 (EUW)
: i mean allies go 1/10 you get the point
Posted the exact same thing on player behavior. i gotta carry 3 body bags every single game. 90% of effort comes from 2 players and i mean all Tanking+damage.. other 3 players do nothing and get 20 lp.. thats how they climb.
Murder1us (EUW)
this game protects all boosted players and trolls. if your carrying hard.. you get no perks at all. forum squad will downvote you.. but its reality, there are LOTS of people just doing 0 effort and getting free LP.
Doomley (EUW)
: you haven't paid much attention apparently. The 10 ban system (1 per player) is coming to league this season after the client is fully launched.
thats good news than, so why downvote {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} great that their doing it, ban feels weak atm.
lots of plat players dont know how to play from behind. they lose lane than gg. Plats usually are win hard or lose hard.. they dont do well in recovering so thats another possibility.
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: AFK at 9 mins, game lasted 40mins and i still get a loss in my promo's
same thing, endless game and nobody surrenders when its a obvious loss due to an afker.
GLurch (EUW)
: >that is very subjective view. How is yours not? You think the opinions of others don't matter and should be ignored, because 1 persons opinion > 4 persons opinion. However, I don't think that. >having a AFK is not fun and if you think afk is fun than that is part of the problem. This doesn't mean you can't have fun when having an afk. You can have fun without winning, by making jokes with your friends, try fun builds, create some funny plays,... >if extreme advantage for on party is still fun.. than how about we vote for allowing scripts and hacks and than let them not surrender because 3 others are enjoying that situation. Because that would make one party have a really unfair advantage. Of course, having an afk can be an unfair advantage for the enemy team, but if your team thinks of it as really unfair and doesn't want to continue playing and give the afk a punishment, they can surrender and report that person. Obviously, your teammates didn't think it was as much of an unfair advantage for the enemy team if they didn't surrender. >they seemed to be more annoyed actually at the guy that afked. but hey lets just blame the guy that surrendered as result of someone afking, because they lost their lane. I don't know what happened in your game and how the players acted. I was just making clear to you, that if the others of your team don't want to surrender, that that is their decision and you have no right to force them to do what you want them to do.
> This doesn't mean you can't have fun when having an afk. You can have fun without winning, by making jokes with your friends, try fun builds, create some funny plays,... lol you are type of guy that would say have fun in a car accident. > Obviously, your teammates didn't think it was as much of an unfair advantage for the enemy team if they didn't surrender. there are many reasons for not surrendering.. including to spite another teammate.. lets say adc is angry at Support.. he will now Never agree with Surrender vote made by toplaner. they even say sentences like ''good for support i want Long game for him'' etc. anyway if you think too 1 dimensional to every problem than ofcourse the problems will remain.
: AFK spree
totally agree had several afk games in a short span of time and alot more than usual. worst part.. is the envitable wait for 20 minutes and the Classic ''NO'' to surrender vote.. followed by 1 Guy face checking turning it 3v5 perma
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Yep. I hardly ever surrender.
thats nice, i hardly do too, unless its necessary.
: Riot will never ever implement a "forced surrender". It will always require a majority vote. But I read recently that they think about a surrender option at minute 15.
sure hope so, that would spare alot of needless time waste.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Oh, thanks for the example that was definetly needed, i never had an AFK so i have no idea what it's like to play 4v5.
btw thanks also for your reply it sounded like you never felt like u didnt want to get stuck in a 4v5 or suffer from people inting and nobody surrendering. almost got me worried there.
GLurch (EUW)
: A game is about fun and if your teammates are having fun and don't want to let it end just yet, you are the one annoying them with your surrender spams.
that is very subjective view. if its a team game than certainly there should be a team. having a AFK is not fun and if you think afk is fun than that is part of the problem. no not everyone enjoys having afk on their team and one team having a Extreme advantage. if extreme advantage for on party is still fun.. than how about we vote for allowing scripts and hacks and than let them not surrender because 3 others are enjoying that situation. i think you get my point right how subjective fun can be. > you are the one annoying them with your surrender spams. they seemed to be more annoyed actually at the guy that afked. but hey lets just blame the guy that surrendered as result of someone afking, because they lost their lane. Wellplayed lurch
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: You're a bit too focused on victory. Well since i know it's a 4v5, it's gonna end quickly either way so i just play more agressive, try out some really risky combos. Also giving up feels like a waste, gonna have to wait like 10 minutes for another game to start and another 10 before game gets to the intresting part while this one already is in the intresting part. The fact that a 4v5 lasted 60 minutes suggests you had a prety good chance to win too, 4v5 shoudn last that long. Also: > get a inhib and still lose ? get a baron and go nowhere. 4v5 and you manged to get inhib and baron? then you're doing pretty well, just have to keep in mind your disadvantage. With all you've just said you sound like one of those who are throwing a winnable 4v5 game.
> You're a bit too focused on victory. winning is whole point of the game. Let me give u example..playing with a afker on your team is like a Tennis player that is playing without his Racket and using his barehands. its all fine when you have a gifted team.. but its a time waste when they are not.. and i rather would play a Game that has both teams actually ''having equal gear'' aka 5 man.. than continue playing a AFK game. I had a few 4v5 wins.. but they are a drastic struggle.. most teams cant handle a 5v5.. why test them with a 4v5.
GLurch (EUW)
: It's their decision. If they don't want to give up, you need to respect that.
Respect goes 2 ways and certainly its not respectful to intentionally press NO to make a loss longer.. i mean none of us created the AFKER, Look its bad enough and tragic that someone goes afk endlessly. but to torture the remaining players when the game is hopeless, simply is adding fuel to the fire. if we can just move on and enjoy the next game that would make it alot better.
: worst loss streak of my life
yep having the same tragedy in my games. lots of people playing half assed and trolling or going afk. worst part you cant surrender after they int or afk.. you have to just stand around farming till its 45 minutes and your nexus finally drops.
: Is this acceptable?
Rioter Comments
: Look I just lost another game with a Jhin who refused to get Lethality ... instead going for crit only... enemy has Braum and Renekton tanks... our main carry doesn't build magic penetration.... I as support deal 2nd most damage to champions in the team. its the same story. So I've won 2 games ... 2 steps forward 1 giant step back because of players like you who think stuff like Magic Penetration or Armor penetration do not matter.
seems like he was being sarcastic ^^ its a well known joke that you dont need to buy boots, because it does no damage.
Marowak (EUNE)
: Best possible Team Comp
Lots of CC everywhere even on ADC and on toplane. CC wins currently and anything held down in a stunlock molest attack is literally dead. its basically that everything has lots damage atm and it all comes down to who cant deal any damage due to being stunned. thats my 2 cents
BucZOtwocka (EUNE)
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: I know this is going to sound 'stubborn' or something, but i actually am aware of everything you said, I only dont deep ward often (more defensive wards) and my decision making is absolute shitty. But at the same time, when we win a fight and kill 3 people and i call to go baron or something, usually my team doesn't follow, so thats something thats hindering me from improving on that aspect as well
you have alot of deaths and regardless of what your team decides to do.. there are many ways to end the game besides baron as you could split push and apply pressure in enemy jungle etc. but having a +8 deaths is a major warning signal and that should be the start and not your ''team''. if you focus on what others do you wont ever get started on the root causes. work on the decisions that cause you to die +6 times and that is really the corner stone. with less deaths, you prevent enemy reaping gold and you also have more time to farm and gain XP. so Dying is a major contributor to losing and thats where you start. second key factor is ''Farm'' no matter how good you are.. more farm = better item = more useful. with just 1 Half a item, it could be the difference between 1 shotting enemies or a scrappy fight. so basics are core, ignore your team and focus on what matters. if you get swept away by your team than you wont ever work on what needs to be done.
: Hey, yeah thanks, for some godly reason, you can even check it, but whenever i play normals lately as katarina, i tend to play really well, but somehow i cant do that in ranked, i kinda just need motivation to do so lol, otherwise i might quit ranked for a while which i hate to do but yeah
play around item powerspikes and level powerspikes, dont just go for kills. but try roaming bot and getting it there and ward your lane for ganks. work first in normal games on goals 1# making ganks on you very hard <-- warding and awareness <-- very important. there is no value in gain if its always all lost. 2# work on cs focus rather than kills <-- It is a more consistent income and doesnt risk you dying for same 300. If you get a free kill take it.. but do not go for 50/50 chances as you will gain 100% from farm. 3# learn to trade <-- hit while they are csing or are out of position or have abilties down <-- aka out of focus enemy attack. 4# Learn to freeze wave just infront of tower and out of its reach that it doesnt kill your minions <-- also learn to farm under tower. 5# when you are finally level 4/6 learn to roam and get free kills on squishies, even punish enemy jungler <-- deep ward. <-- roam when you push midlane wave to enemy tower, that way you lose less minions and your tower is safe for some time. 6# learn to make good decisions in all your game <-- decisions is the highest importance above mechanics. <- when you die accept and understand it and dont repeat it. practice each 1 by 1 and make each good and than your a stronger player. Value decisions the most and look carefully that you look around u, before u make a play. always Think ahead What objective each play will get you. Lets say i head To gank bot.. than my Goal is 100% to get tower and not just kills. I want to maximize punishment for each gain, i get and thats carrying. practice improving on all things consistently and don't forget that improving is the goal and not win/loss and u will. **being currently good or bad doesnt matter, progress matters** I used to coach :P anyway goodluck.
Shaikorth (EUW)
: Is true that all this damages and easy engage lack of skill, or strategy, and just punish who have a bad positioning. But if the situation is this, is much or less, for 2 reasons. 1) They need to balance the 5vs5 in a way that for the lcs spectators, the game is interesting to see. This is the reason why they are trying to kill all the stall situations. Towers too strong, champs too much resistent and sup too much passive ({{champion:40}} , i'm talking of you, you got even kill nerfed befor a tournamnet, exactly for this reason, wake up bi***). This is cause they chose to encrease the damage of the adc, instead of nerf the global damage. After all for them the lcs are a big sourse of money. 2) Actually, the challenger are in a very bad situation, where for a game, they have to wait hours. Painfull, right? so they are trying to reduce the dration of every game. After all, after an ace if pretty easy to win :) Anyway is just my opinion, but instead of destroy al the strategic compnent of the game, they just just encrease the gold sources of the game. In a way to reduce the laning phase, encrease the panic in case of zoning and push the people to doing more trades and kills, so to not stay behind. This would resolve sich problems in a easiest way :) At least this is my opinion
good point but u left out 1 element. League is trying to be the shortest version of any moba. there was a post ages ago to steer away from the Dota 50 min style and that brings in a diverse population of players. The tower nerfs were the beginning and i dont disagree with the reasoning, its only logical. Longer games simply don't keep audiences and even effect gamers ingame. They want 25 min games to 35 mins and thats why any change is unlikely. its only the towers that started this trend. it made ''Early'' game champions viable again.
Wadud92 (EUW)
: 2 ranked games losing streak. Barely qualifies as a losing streak. You won as Maokai. Play Maokai. He is stupid, if he gets banned Nautilus
inshort he should play something.. that doesnt qualify as playing LOL
: That's what happens when your actual support keeps getting caught out and has no synergy with the ADC. Someone had to replace him when he stepped down. PS: if you're a drinker watch an old Vitality game and take a shot every single time Hachani gets caught out. Actually don't, you'll give yourself alcohol poisoning.
: I think i broke the world record for longest losing streak in ranked history
30% i have seen worst. try to look at what you are actually doing wrong and dont focus on win/loss. repeating same thing over and over just tilts a person. hop into a normal and just have a few fun games, and than have a few serious normal games and look at all your mistakes. ! good luck
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Maqya (EUNE)
: This is really stupid in my opinion, most players want it back as it used to be, if you are gonna do it like this atleast give us free region transfers to west so we can play the game we like.
sounds fair, im from euw.. last thing i want is no normal draft. totally agree with you guys in eune
: In 99% of the games i'd get camped even thought i'm playing with a tp and enemy is playing with exhaust/ignite. Which eventually results in me losing the lane, since i have no pressure to kill him and can't safely farm cause of his summoners, therefore i'd fall too hard in cs. Even tho i run tp, i later on can't teleport, cause i would fall too much behind to help, so i'd just die . I don't want anyone to tell me that isn't worth a flame, cause its infuriating to witness that. Its sad that i gotta write every time enemy has no TP in every single game, cause otherwise junglers would avoid the lane. So, yeah, garbage.
when u run tp and enemy doesn't its important to maximize TP advantage. That is to play really safe at start and than shove out the lane and TP bot. Losing your outer tower is not as important as taking outer tower in botlane forexample. U dont want to win your lane, but rather win the map. If you get kills/Assists bot or elsewhere this swings your lane in your favour in a big way. Thats what i usually do and if i make sure the enemy doesn't take my Inner turret toplane than all is good and i can impact the map or even freeze the wave closer to my Inner tower and force some kills. Its important to make strategies from different situations that dont depend on others.
Suliceanu (EUW)
: why i got leave buster for a co-op match with 3 bots in my team ? WTF?!?!
bots reported u {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
PicSci (EUW)
if u want some serious answers. It all depends on your own motivation to get better.. wanting to get better and Honestly practicing for it are 2 different things. 1. Learn to farm and farm effectively. U have 100 cs at 30 mins that is what i would consider a truly terrible number. Even if you did climb u would easily be punished for such numbers. This Very low number of farm could provide 3 hints. 1- you group Way to much and do not spend time splitpushing <-- which easily wins games in bronze as u get free towers. Learn to take objectives that are free and join your team after u take them and teamfight. Time it in such a way that you get a better trade than the enemy. Dont blindly group because ''they may die'' but always think can they take my inhibitor ?? if not than go push hard for theirs. 2- you miss alot of cs because you dont know how to Last hit. Solution : open a custom game and Last hit over and over again until you have a score like +80 cs at 20 mins without breaking a sweat. 3- you spend all your time attacking the enemy <-- while losing Entire Waves of minions worth 100 gold or more. Solution Learn to trade at the right times <-- when minions health are high and not when they are almost dying. Time your attacks in such a way that you lose the least amount of minions and he loses more. Next point. Learn only 1 role and pick MAXIMUM 2 champs never more.. simple. Why because Nobody is capable of improving quickly on a wide set of skills like map awareness and decision making and Mastering the champion... if they are constantly busy toying around with a new champ. Just imagine yourself in a race and u choose horse and than a donkey and than a car than back to a ostrich. And the other guy just keeps racing against you with just a Motor bike..He will just learn to ride better and kick your ass. U finally get a car and think you can beat the guy with a motorbike.. but you have no experience and he built it up during the other races with u. So never SWITCH untill you truly mastered a champ. That means atleast stick with 2 champs for 50 games and switch between them. Thats easily 25 games a champ and if u keep drilling the same champ, you will learn to play with in ways that u will beat gold/plat players eventually. .. Watch players that play your 2 selected champions on Twitch <-- experienced players with high ranks. . Again all those things i mentioned above there are alot of other things to learn. But the most important thing is **Decipline** once a player can stick to practicing CSing and stick to a champ.. he wont be low elo for long. Once they actually focus on looking at Minimap and Watching their own replays and looking for what things they could do better or watching pros. They wont be low elo either. Being low elo is largely due to having no deciple or No time or not really being into it.
: It's true that there should be some limits yes.I just don't know how easy it is. For example the word "ni@@@" (black slave) should be banned but he can type instead of that "Tryhard" (the black face emote) or the same word wth 2 nn (nni@@@) etc. So It's a bit more complicated.It's the same with the chat filter.You can hide words like "fu@@" but not the "FFu@@". However uses the emote "tryhard" is not racist(it's just an emote from one streamer in which sadly some viewers are giving a bad reputation).Some sadly use this with a pretty offensive way some other just for trolling and some because they are funs of this streamer or something similar.
bit of a joke is fine and isn't a issue thats just banter. u can always have a bit of that. ofcourse people can get ways around it, but repeated spam of ''kill all'' or arrest all xxx imo Insults np Jokes np and that happens. As example saying Baguette might be annoying to some french.. but ofcourse saying ''kill all french'' is crossing the line. Basically advocating for violence, i think should be monitored and there were some account spamming it sadly. And after they do it a couple of times that should just result in a ban.
: Riot twitch chat is like {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} . I find nothing wrong there.Honestly when you have 100k viwers or even 500k spamming you think it's easy to ban them?It's anyways pointless reading that chat because it's used only for trolling. And no the 90% if not the 99% are not so bad as you say.They are like :boosted" , "NA" ,"bronze 5 sub wars" , "300 iq ","gg ez", and emotes(mostly) which are not that bad. I enjoy however reading it while i am watching ... it's funny.You can just hide it lol. *Don't compare it with the in game chat.Twitch chat has nothing to do with the game your watching in game chat is being used for communication between 5 players. As i pointed it's really hard to ban someone when you have a chat in which everyone is spamming.
Key words and mods update them. They dont need to ban everything only, when things get out of line. Having viewed Riot games esport for a very long time, recently things have gone well out of control. standards on their channels are well below that of other games. So unless it gets better, atleast for me personally we can drop the whole fighting toxicity and just roll with the hate and lynching climate going on now.
: > [{quoted}](name=Strategical,realm=EUW,application-id=N9uP9Byj,discussion-id=EIOML6wT,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2017-02-05T19:19:14.661+0000) > > They own the channel and they select their mods and the policy of how they manage it. > > Other games have Twitch channels as well &#x27;&#x27;official&#x27;&#x27; channels and they do Mod it. > > They allow Jokes even racial.. but they do limit away extreme &#x27;&#x27;kill all xxx&#x27;&#x27; comments. and thats what riot doesn&#x27;t do. They don't own the channel any more than you own a rental car. They are obviously prioritising other areas of their business. If it's a problem just don't go on there.
Riot games is official channel that broadcasts LCS. <- LCS is not broadcasted from some random Channel like ImagQTPIE. If BMW opens a OFFICIAL Twitter/facebook channel than its their official page. Btw u can't even subscribe to riot games. <-- that is because of deal they have with twitch. Riot games selects its moderators of its twitch channel <-- note they do not own Twitch, but only their own channels and have influence over channels that are used by their own employees. Recently Riot game casters have been allowed to get a Sub button, but had to give up certain benefits. They do manage all things RIOT related that is officially created by the company itself. Just like every other corporation does. hope that clears it up to you.
: Twitch isn't owned by riot what do you expect them to do?
They own the channel and they select their mods and the policy of how they manage it. Other games have Twitch channels as well ''official'' channels and they do Mod it. They allow Jokes even racial.. but they do limit away extreme ''kill all xxx'' comments. and thats what riot doesn't do. frankly the LCS is their face and that chat is part of their image. If Riot managed chats are allowed to spew hate than why should anyone be surprised that Ingame toxic behavior is increasing ? Kids get the message ,its not managed at all.
: Twitch chat is always full of shit no matter where you go. It's best to just disregard it.
there are channels that have mods and there are channels with none at all. i dont mind a few jokes even if its racial ones aimed at me etc., but when it comes to ''kill all'' comments i feel thats taking it a little too far. Even ESL mods their channel better ? havent seen same toxic level in other games either. so its more about stepping up the game and keeping things entertainment.
: It's hilarious in small doses. Bigger ones may or may not cost you brain cells.
we could say the same about Toxic behavior ingame. A official riot channel that doesn't do anything about hate.. why would people take it seriously ingame ? Honestly i doubt their efforts in dealing with toxic behavior, if you compare its management of its chat to any other game.
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: To riot and all League of Legends players.
i mute all it works, only pings. Sadly thats what works for me to relax
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