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: Why this community is worse than cancer
I feel you. I just left a game and got 20min priority queue. My top laner had 28 CS to 83 of the enemy at 12minutes in. why the hell should i have to play when my game is now playing against 1 1/2 strength top laner with 1/2 strength top for ours. Bad game, bad matching more like. If they are more likely to feed match them with others who are more likely to feed.
Weelah (EUNE)
: Camille is shit Tahm Kench counters her ult so hard and Alistar can knock her out of it disabling the ult The only reason Rengar crushes you is cuz you dont shut him down early and you give him kills early by staying on low hp in lane or non stop soloing
Wasnt the idea riot put in place that there should always be a way to come back into the game? No? Pretty sure they said that. so what your saying is you have to focus him early. what happens if your team all pick weak early game champs? Jinx, Ivern etc? just give up?
: Isn't Camille's kit a little... overloaded?
They nerfed Assasins for little counterplay. then they bring out a champion who can make you 1v1 with the adc and you cant dash out of her ult? On top of this they amend Katarina so instead of having one jump she can basiclaly stick to you and you cant escape while dealing the most damage of all mid laners. THEY CLEARLY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE DOING.
Lucama (EUW)
: Riot, Please, turn off AutoFill, it's leading to excessive trolling
Im not justifying it, but if someone picks two roles and then they get given a completely different one (Which is always support) then what does riot expect? Should be turned off completely.
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Zoms (EUW)
: Unlike Braum you have to stack it by yourself and you need to use an ability to actually utilize it, so you can't use it on several people like Braum does. And he doesn't have %HP true damage, he has %HP magic damage and a buff to his own auto attacks depending on how much bonus health he has. It's quite a big differences, and the only ones who has %HP true damage is Vayne and Fiora.
Unlike Braum he can 1 vs 1 the AD carry without loosing more half HP with just a relic shield.
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: BUG :Yasuo + Lulu ult.
Dont think its just Lulu, today i played yas, and several times i couldnt Ult when the enemy was knocked up. I had no CC on me, it just wouldn't ult them when they was airborne
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Eveninn (EUW)
: Why I like playing vs Riven.
Ive played Riven, i really dont need them 3 dashes to kill anyone. To delete the mid/ ADC all i have to do is 3RD Q+ flash+ W+Hydra+ Rwindslash and they are dead... and you realise this is while CC'ing them with the 3rd knockup and W stun. Try to just CC riven when you are team fighting with her as not the primary engager. in order to be in auto attack range of riven you are in her flash and dash range.... Not to mention any lane that plays safe is just a instant roam from me, either in the enemy jungle for their jungler or to mid to one shot them as soon as i hit 6 and i really enjoy the whole miss every CS in lane so riven cant bully you game, only puts me behind about 30 CS while she bullys under tower-out of tower. But she is freelo
v1rtue (EUW)
: A slight nerf wouldn't hurt, although I feel that devourer is quite overrated. It's not as strong as people make it out to be. People see a Yi snowballing out of control and blame it on devourer, while that is just how Yi rolls.
Also warwick. I play rengar jungle alot or fizz and before you could counterplay him. With devourer he can not only 1v1 you but kill you before you can get away with his ult damage. You cant touch him because he heals so much. Xin was counter playable before. but as soon as a stun wears off he does more damage than the adc.. Its not that they snowball its they are strong all stages of the game apart from when they havent bought the devourer
: Welcome, today I will teach you how to counter Rengar First go to the shop, then buy a pink ward. Congratulations, his ultimate is now worthless! Yaaaay!
except rengars jump is further than pink wards radius
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: fix rengars ult please
Because he most likely used the ult near you then the movement speed bonus he gets allows him to get to you quickly. Ward up
: Nope. Deal with it But what indeed needs fixing on Rengo is his Bola hitbox and his Jump from certain bushes. Becuz he can walk out then bush take two steps out and then jump and he gets 200more range on the jump
No... he gets an empowered jump when he gets more kills meaning he can jump further with a certain amount of assist/kills...
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NewMk (EUW)
: People who buy RP
I use to buy RP, but then they raised the prices. since the i have spent £2 for a new icon ^^. I think i spent at least £10 a week before, sometimes £35. now £2 in the past few months. How times change
Shadowrule (EUNE)
: I max E or Q first? I mean what to max first from'em?
Max Q but take E level 1. Zed will take his Q level 1 and you can damage him with little reply damage. With full stacked E from going through 2 minions you should do about 1/5th his health in 1 E
Shadowrule (EUNE)
: Yasuo :(
For zed i find it easy if jungle doesnt help him. Firstly go Dorans and a pot. Take E level 1, E through 2 minions, through zed and aa then back through so he can retaliate. you win early. with this you should hit level 2 quicker. once level two always try to poke him with Q by dashing Q dashing out when you have the wind up, you will deny him farm and hit 6 before him and normally against a average zed you can kill them pre-6.
: FF used to be the only item you needed to deal damage. Devourer rewards building MORE onhits. The pattern is very different.
Well you've just proven what ive just said. Yi, Xin, Shyvana, Trundle, udyr all being rewarded for building full damage now. With the exeption of warwick who can now deal more damage than the carries when building full tank with devourer and only a blade.
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iTaLenTZ (EUW)
: So when is the nerf to Rivens shield.....
I played Riven quite a bit and i admit she is broken, needs a nerf. Its the fact she is so mobile with such damage while being able to sustain up. I mean her Q combo late game alone could kill a champion like ziggs without any problems with just Q and W. And with flash.. you can literally oneshot the ad carry with the right combo, thats the worst thing, kiting riven is so hard because to be in AA range is to be in her range to jump to you and stun you at the same time while dealing absurd damage
Riquelme375 (EUNE)
: Saying easy can be good...
tbh everytime i see someone say easy its when they got carried by their team and they are like 2/15
: You wake... Only to realise you're a Riot Employee.
: Fnatic SUCKS !!
I dont think you quite understand 5 V 5 and LCS very well. They got the picks because they had a GOOD ban phase. The strategy doesn't start in the game, it starts in champion select. I dont see any NA top ekko or any ekko at all doing as well as Huni did.
Styxwash (EUNE)
: Yasuo Windwall - The W that stops half of every other champions ult
You nerf his windwall and he becomes a walking free kill. His windwall is what allows him to outplay some mid matchups like Ahri. He is balanced, he is a risk champion, melee that has to go out far to farm, if you cant punish him early then thats your fault for sitting in lane all game and not roaming.
: Premade parties reporting for absolutely no reason...
I just played a aram game, im chat banned already and i was 5 premade, after game the only words i said was "GG" in lobby and then everyone on my team for a behavoiur message come up, they lost so reported us all... was well shocked when i saw it.
: We need a reason to be nice aswell, whereas americans are just generally nice, they don't need a reason.
: Give Annie a goddamn cast time on R
Shes need a nerf for a while now. Not only does she have point and click she has CC + a free thornmail to defend against AD champions. They need to either put a higher cooldown on her Q or give her counterplay because she can one shot the ADC at all stages of the game aswell as killing practically anyone she chooses in aoe damage,
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Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=StrengthRD,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=QQdQgF9A,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2015-05-26T11:32:45.448+0000) > > I tried changing the resolution but nothing happened, Its currently set at 1360x768 Does the LolClient.exe show in your task manager? Or do you see the "L" icon on the task bar? Or is it disappearing entirely?
The Lolclient is in task manager when it opens up, as soon as i click Launch the client disappears from both task manager and my desktop and just does not re-appear or do anything.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Does your TV support the resolution your game is set to?
I tried changing the resolution but nothing happened, Its currently set at 1360x768
: Double check the wiring. It might have been done wrong and isn't working. Or the launcher is playing up.
Wiring? Im just using a HDMI to project the display
Eambo (EUW)
: Also make sure the TV is set to your primary monitor, not secondary. Games tend to launch only on the primary.
My Tv is set as my main display on my laptop but still after i press launch on the client league just disappears
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ItsMoeHoe (EUW)
: My account got suspended for 14 days.
There is nothing that will be done you will have to go through the 14 day ban it wont be lifted.
: Umad? she is a beast.Almost every ashe so far in my games has won the lane and i'm forced to stay bot to shuther down. good thing she is easy to shut down tho..
A few stats from my games. My games with ashe Game 1 Goes 12/12 end score. 0/2 at 10minutes with 21 farm, feeds the enemy kog then manages to get some kills from other team mates Game 2 10/3 does well. One of 2 ashes ive had that have done well Game 3 3/10 enemy ashe Game 4 2/6 score Game 5 4/8 24mins in only item is IE. Game 6 7/7 goes even after losing lane Game 7 8/16 Reason we lose was because ashe fed enemy AD(despite 4-5 ganks) Game 8 2/11 game 9 4/16 All in my match history. Its not as if these people havent got ganks, they just die within the first 5-10 minutes at least TWICE. Bannable, if you think ashe is OP then you must be getting some better ADC's because these all suck.
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: Hatin' on Vayne?
If you get behind as vayne chances are you wont do very well at all. Most vaynes i play with are 0/3 at 10minutes and will make the game a 4 v 5 because they sit farming side lanes all game to get to late game and still be behind.
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: Tired of the Xerath hackers
The xerath and Cass scripters are a pain. Xerath especially because you cant dodge the skills or hit him because of the sidestepping
zonelett (EUW)
: new skin for yasuo
Always wanted a airbender skin for yasuo
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Corbanter (EUW)
: Game Client stuck on error
Got a simular problem too. I went into game won the game enemy surrendered, come out of the game and click the stop waiting for stats and now its saying Reconnect? wtf just won the game, loged out 3 times still here, its a joke, clearly chromo skins were worth the server problems.
A Ocean (EUW)
: To all people who flame the midlaner for feeding Yasuo
I find that when i play Yasuo if the enemy constantly auto attacks me i will lose if i go in, If you just poke and poke, even when he is Eing through minions it will have a effect on him, maybe not with karthus but vel koz definitely
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