Walkievili (EUNE)
: Why you are ruining ranked games.
I have to believe in god/hell in order to go there, so I will just disagree and stay right where I am.
Lsayu (EUNE)
: >climbed from silver on that account to Gold IV. hopefully it will stay that way for the many years hope to stay in Gold IV for many years? :)
If I could reach Gold IV I'd be fairly happy. Im bronze right now, had my peak last season when I was silver IV. I'm not toxic at all, barely use chat, never had a punishment and I try generally to be a nice guy ingame. What I've come to notice is, is that I just completely suck at the game. Like I can do well, but I can't do well enough to carry a game if needed. Gold IV is the dream man, might be not your dream, but mine it is.
Overloard99 (EUNE)
: I am toxic and I'm fine with that really.
We've gathered that so far.
: Dear Coopa123, 30 years old, working since 19, living outside of the city. Yes I live in the Netherlands were we have fairly good internet, but that does not mean everyone here has a stable ping. Chosing the right router, configuring it, getting a good OS and cleaning it, chosing the right provider and complaining until they set you up right, it is not handed to you, but still: Childswork. Childswork compared to learning a difficult sport for example. You can't google "how to play tennis" and suddenly be able to play tennis. You can however google "how to set up a stable connection" and idiot proofly make it happen. The kid who lives with his parrents can offcourse enjoy a nice game of LoL, with his laggy friends. Chose to invest your time and some spare change (WAY cheaper then any sport or hoby you might have) and you can play with the big low latency boys. Remember this is EU west, not Africa central. Countries are technologicaly advanced, income is high (if you chose to work hard for it) and everything is posible. Is it really that bad of an idea to group people that chose to invest time and money in proper tools and to group those that chose not to?
I completely understand some people that are downvoting you, because they feel attacked since they dont have a stable connectivity. As I live in the Netherlands aswel, I have it fairly easy to get a stable connection, but what you say I totally agree with. In this time of age it's not difficult to make sure you have a stable connectivity.
Coopa123 (EUW)
: > getting a stable internet connection is childswork ;) Look at that guy. Living with his parents in the city not paying one dime for his parents' internet connection. Some people have absolutely no way of having a perfectly stable internet connection, let alone a 14ms ping. What about that little spanish kid living in the middle of nowhere trying to enjoy a game of league of legends ... you're telling him to get better internet? You're joking right? Try looking outside your little bubble
In what word can you enjoy league of legends with a laterncy of 1000ms? Got any idea what this means? It means if this guy uses an ability, he will see the result on his screen 1 second later. Everything that happens in the game he experiences 1 second later. I totally understand that it might be challenging to get somewhere near 300MB/s DL and 30MB/s Upload, but we are not expecting that. We expect him to have a decent modem/router, with a UTP cable as OP described, this can be achieved for about 20-40 euros. If this cannot be achieved, for god sake install some free to play, singleplayer games, so you dont ruin the gaming experience of the somewhat more dedicated gamers. Even if you live in the middle of nowhere, this is 2017, internet providers reach your house with a decent internet line, all you have to do at that point is have some decent hardware which, like I said, isnt too expensive.
MacDeath (EUW)
: That doesn't add up to me but well I'm clueless afterall.
I'll explain it. 1 report triggers the automated tribunal system. This system then investigates the game and hands out a punishment. It takes 1 report to trigger this automated system and 9 reports do not add up to a harsher punishment. The system doesn't look at what the players thought they found reportable, but it is programmed to look for rule breakers. In order to do that it just needs a trigger. So in theory 1 report does the same as 9 reports, which is trigger the automated system.
: banned 4 ever :(
Oh wait, you spend over a 1000 euros on this account? Wait let us grab the "You-can-do-whatever-the-%%%%-you-want"-card because clearly the rules don't have to apply to someone that spend over a 1000 euros on an account.
: > if you win some game, they put trolls in your team xD Why? Why would Riot do that? How exactly do they profit from that? Sorry to disappoint you, but there is no evil conspiracy that is causing this. It's just chance, that's all. There is also no conspiracy about the weather, causing it to be sunny after it has been rainy for a while. That's something that just happens all by itself.
It all makes sense now. A few month ago a guy made a post about riot. If you purchase enough RP for the occasional skins, you get decent teams. This guy probably only spend about 50-100 euros, so riot gives him the occasional troller. Maybe, and this is just a maybe, if he spends another 100 euros on skins, he might actually only get a troller every 1 out of 20 games. I dont know man, riot is just cruel like that, that guy was right all along.
KazeRv (EUNE)
: Well by definition, being toxic/flaming means insulting and provoking, right? aka ''trash talk''? And why didn't they mark the toxic part in the chat log? And i'll send you the chat log pic here, but it sounds dumb out of context and without the other person talking
Don't be worried to much, If you post the logs, we can point out the 'mistakes' and give you tips on what to avoid. Since it's only a 10 games chat restrictions and the fact you're not toxic on the boards (which you notice on other "Permabanned" posts are rude here aswel) I think it was just a slight bit out of line. We can give you tips on what kind of things you should avoid to type and stuff. The summonerscode is large for interpretation and some things are include as slight 'toxic' which you, at first glance don't think they are. for example "Report X for trolling" is something that can get you punished, since this is provoking and blaming. And if you understand the report system, you'd realise it's also unnecessary, since 1 report triggers the automated system to investigate a toxic player. 1 report does the same as 9. These types of things will be explained by people on the boards.
KazeRv (EUNE)
: Yeah true, the tilt got over me ._. I did got warned only once before, never punished (As far as i can remember), when i started to play LoL (Bard login), i didn't know much about the ruels, it's an online game so if someone insults me, i've defended myself or said something back and the Riot warning was actually nice, something like ''try to not get angry, we know people may have a bad day so try to mute them if they get you angry'', so i was chill, didn't rage about the warning, they gave me a nice and polite chance, so i'm not gonna waste that... --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- But back to the subject: I got my honor level locked, free rewards locked (not sure what that is tbh) and only my chat log after i logged in after a while, and i can't talk for like 10 games, like a spam report, which i didn't spam, i did talk ''a bit'' yeah, which i do in general, not just in LoL, i tend to talk/type a lot as a person... And you probably figured that one out so far, as you can see ^ I.e. i asked the enemy Renekton if he picked him for countering me as Riven, when he killed me i said in a jokinlgy way to let me farm etc, didn't flame, when our Shaco ganked me i said that now it's a bit too late for ganking after 2 top turrets are dead, but not in a mean way, i laughed it out, i wasn't like ''omg shaco noob repot no ganks'' and all that stuff, and if Kata or Lux or whoever asked me somethign, or yelled to report me, i'd ask why and told them that i'm new with Riven etc, but nobody cares about that nor to be reasonable even if i told them for the maybe third time that i'm new with Riven, and i'm up agains a Renekton mastery 7, who btw counters Riven, they need to vent their frustration on me because i was the worst player
If they send you a chat log and you got a chat restriction, you got a punishment for toxic behaviour in chat, not because of the feeding. I mean, let us look at this from a logical angle. Why in the world would they punish an intentional feeder with a chat restriction? So he can't tell his teammates he's actually inting? that doesn't make sense. They send you chatlog to show you prove of their findings. If you post those chatlogs here, we can examine them and tell you wether you were toxic/flaming or not. Because I believe you're convinced you are not toxic or did flame, but maybe in Riot's eys you did.
: This is not about what _they_ did. This is about what _he_ did.
I know, I was mocking OP by making that statement, because that's how he thinks the system should work.
: I reported a script olaf 10 times in diamond 1 last season. NOT BANNED. Say %%%%%% a couple of times and you get a bann lmao. RITOLYTE system.tm. Maybe I should cheat on my wife with 3 other girls then I can become angel like Ryto lyte
: > [{quoted}](name=Kurogami Eibon,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Z2arXRIu,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-07-14T15:05:26.617+0000) > > If i really get a ban for this you can go fck your whore mothers you piece of shit riot staff. Oh, I'm sorry. Here I was thinking you wanted to convince us that you _didn't_ deserve your punishment. Silly me! > Game 1 > KurogamiEsper: i dont need bronze %%%s to believe me Insulting. > KurogamiEsper: i just need you not to feed like %%%s Blaming. > KurogamiEsper: %%%nasus Insulting. > KurogamiEsper: see > KurogamiEsper: that piece of shit didnt help > KurogamiEsper: and dies already Blaming/insulting. > KurogamiEsper: yes so he should not feed Blaming. > KurogamiEsper: says the noob with 21% Insulting. > KurogamiEsper: my jungle is already fck with no help at start Blaming. > KurogamiEsper: stfu Aggression. > KurogamiEsper: how is it my fault?? Negativity. > KurogamiEsper: im behind you fkn noob Insulting. > KurogamiEsper: because of nausus the fkn feeder Blaming. > KurogamiEsper: let me guess > KurogamiEsper: my fault aswell > KurogamiEsper: that one aswell i guess > KurogamiEsper: still im at fault? Negativity. > KurogamiEsper: you did at start Blaming. > KurogamiEsper: ffs Negativity. > KurogamiEsper: useless nasus and roaming panth Blaming. > KurogamiEsper: i can easy 1 vs 1 him > KurogamiEsper: and maybe help jungle duh Gloating. > KurogamiEsper: nasus didnt Blaming. > KurogamiEsper: this is a wait of time Negativity. > KurogamiEsper: we are 4 vs 5 > KurogamiEsper: and you are also not so good Blaming. > KurogamiEsper: maybe > KurogamiEsper: but i can play Gloating. > KurogamiEsper: how do i do that > KurogamiEsper: i didnt get helped > KurogamiEsper: because i know you are shit Blaming. > KurogamiEsper: so i just say it as it is TRANSLATION: You acted like a jerk in a place that does not take kindly to people who act like jerks. > KurogamiEsper: so you blame me for lack of skill? Ironically, blaming. > KurogamiEsper: im not doing better? Negativity. > KurogamiEsper: i get a crap start because i get 0 help > KurogamiEsper: and still i come back Blaming. > KurogamiEsper: and this nasus is as good ? ahahahahahah Insulting. > KurogamiEsper: so varus > KurogamiEsper: you say that we all deserve to lose? > KurogamiEsper: that is greefing > KurogamiEsper: and reportable > KurogamiEsper: so ill be reporting you and nasus Blaming, retaliating and report-calling. > KurogamiEsper: toxic is your opinion > KurogamiEsper: and subjective > KurogamiEsper: that you suck and dont help is objective Insulting. (Also, wrong) > KurogamiEsper: yes > KurogamiEsper: because i look your history > KurogamiEsper: and see that you suck Insulting. > KurogamiEsper: so i asked you > KurogamiEsper: if you remember > KurogamiEsper: not to feed > KurogamiEsper: and to help > KurogamiEsper: what did you guys do? > KurogamiEsper: no help > KurogamiEsper: and feed > KurogamiEsper: yes tresh helped me 1x > KurogamiEsper: but that was after i was behind > KurogamiEsper: they dont help me at start or ever > KurogamiEsper: and when i say we lose because of it im flaming guys > KurogamiEsper: see that > KurogamiEsper: they say they dont care, but cry when they lose.,,, Blaming. > KurogamiEsper: so when i say they are stupid and useless then they cry... Insulting. > KurogamiEsper: logic... Yes, funny that, almost like you openly admit to insulting them or something. Good lord, not even halfway through your case, and I'm already confident in thinking your punishment is justified. > Game 2 > KurogamiEsper: wtf > KurogamiEsper: why do you pick him then??? > KurogamiEsper: fckkkkkkkk > KurogamiEsper: cun Aggression. > KurogamiEsper: fck this > KurogamiEsper: i go afk Negativity through afk threat. > KurogamiEsper: yuou steal my blue > KurogamiEsper: fkn %%%%%% Blaming. > KurogamiEsper: i go feed > KurogamiEsper: bye Announcing intention to intentionally feed. > KurogamiEsper: report bot for stealing my blue Report-calling/blaming. > KurogamiEsper: i just keep feeding > KurogamiEsper: you fkn %%%%%%ed %%%%s > KurogamiEsper: red and blue stolen > KurogamiEsper: because of this fkn %%%%s > KurogamiEsper: i just keep walking bot and die > KurogamiEsper: they steal my blue > KurogamiEsper: then ww steals my red Blaming. > KurogamiEsper: yep > KurogamiEsper: bot steals my blue and farm Blaming. > KurogamiEsper: no blue no red jungle start > KurogamiEsper: and still they flame me > KurogamiEsper: and they flame me Blaming. > KurogamiEsper: i dont want free win > KurogamiEsper: i wanted to jungle > KurogamiEsper: not to have my jungle stolen by my own team > KurogamiEsper: then have my red stolen > KurogamiEsper: because noone helps Blaming/negativity. > KurogamiEsper: i want free win for the other team now Announced intention to feed. > KurogamiEsper: yes are you fkn noob Insulting. > KurogamiEsper: this is ranked and you steal my fkn blue > KurogamiEsper: see again ww take my blue > KurogamiEsper: while bot just watches Blaming. > KurogamiEsper: you think i get a ban for 1 crap game with fkn %%%%%%s? Aggression. > KurogamiEsper: i get 0 help after all my buffs are stolen > KurogamiEsper: so i think you get a ban for flaming me Blaming/report-threat. > KurogamiEsper: stealing is not help Blaming. > KurogamiEsper: im fkn lvl 1 > KurogamiEsper: and cant take farm > KurogamiEsper: noone helps Negativity. > KurogamiEsper: ww takes all my buffs > KurogamiEsper: bot takes my buffs Blaming. > KurogamiEsper: so yeah > KurogamiEsper: fck this Negativity. > KurogamiEsper: see > KurogamiEsper: not your problem ahahah Blaming. > KurogamiEsper: this is my second account > KurogamiEsper: im silver on this one > KurogamiEsper: plat on other > KurogamiEsper: so dont tell me how to play Gloating/blaming. > KurogamiEsper: ww would you keep playing after your own bot steals your blue and farm? Blaming. > KurogamiEsper: learn to type noob Insulting. > KurogamiEsper: im not even flaming https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tv9FtGFRBbI > KurogamiEsper: i ask for help but noone helps > KurogamiEsper: they say its not their problem > KurogamiEsper: not steal my fkn blue > KurogamiEsper: see > KurogamiEsper: they see it happen but dont care > KurogamiEsper: thank botlane > KurogamiEsper: they want to fck my game up Blaming. > KurogamiEsper: so yeah then you get this > KurogamiEsper: see > KurogamiEsper: plz report bot > KurogamiEsper: report you and naut yes Report-calling. _sigh_ Ok, how does game 3 continue to dig your grave... > Game 3 > KurogamiEsper: gang%%% > KurogamiEsper: come help blue Aggression. > KurogamiEsper: fck off man > KurogamiEsper: ffs > KurogamiEsper: are all fkn %%%%%%ed? > KurogamiEsper: stfu you fkn noob Insulting. > KurogamiEsper: you just go in to die %%%get NOPE. Nope, I'm not going any further. The moment you thought it was a good idea to drop a homophobic slur into your vocabulary like this, the last shred of hope I had for you completely evaporated. Your punishment is DESERVED. You treat your other teammates like dirt and believe that not getting your way gives you the moral right to behave like a genuinely awful human being. And going by the way you act on this forum, I'm not exactly having a hard time imagining this was an exception where you just lost your cool once or twice. This community has no place for people who can't behave like a team player. Please never come back, you terrible, terrible person.
But you don't understand. It were his teammates.
Infernape (EUW)
: You know "THEY STARTED IT FIRST MOM!" isn't usually a viable excuse for one's own shitty behaviour.
I.E. You stole my bag of gummybears, so for that I will stab you down. This will totally work in court.
BereInBurta (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=The Febos,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=giTvgnEr,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-07-19T21:58:57.492+0000) > > I got a better solution. You just don't say anything. Much better that way. why is that a better solution? If someone sucks in that particular game, should be able to say, "you noob". He might not even see it, since most likely he will just hit play again, or exit the game, but still.
Well, I guess we're gonna see a post of you anytime soon here. The only reason I can imagen, why you would have the need to say "you noob" to someone at the end of the game is to vent. That's not a valid reason, and if this doesn't sound naturally to you, then I assume you're a flamer aswell.
: > Do i actually deserve a 14 suspension right away? What you actually deserve is a permanent suspension for admitting to violating the Terms of Use (account sharing).
Is this the reason there are 3 "no" votes? Because I was tempted to vote "no" since I thought exactly the same. Since a direct answer to his question would be "No, you deserve a permanent suspension".
Suptra (EUW)
: Hardware ban i would like to see the kiddies buying a new cpu or gpu after every ban they get
Eventhough this isn't even such a bad idea, I can already see the boards getting spammed with "My brother played on my laptop and got perma banned QQ".
stainlord (EUNE)
: actualy dunadan64 is right they dont care... but..... if you ban flamers only and not trollers (with crystal clear proof) isnt that kinda racist??????????
I dont think we can classify a flamer and a troller as 2 different races here.
GLurch (EUW)
: Why does the police arrest you for nudity in public if everyone could just look away?
I know, so unfair. I just want to walk free.
GLurch (EUW)
: The Feeder Buster is an entirely different system than the one handing out punishments for toxic behavior. While the Feeder Buster is bad and still needs a lot of improvement, the Instant Feedback System is very good and only hands out about 1 false punishment in 6000 cases. All you prove is that the Feeder Buster still needs a lot of improvement, which is no secret and a lot of people already know. It's just hard to come up with a way to detect the intent to do something automatically, as long as you can't just look into the brains of people.
I just want to add to this that it's indeed incredibly hard to determen someone having a bad game or really inting. For the instand feedback system its fairly black and white as toxic behaviour is shown in the chat, the system detects the words and contexts and hands out a punishment. For the feeder buster this is alot harder. The system needs to check wether someone is just running it down mid or is just really having a bad game. Like is he using abilities, autoattacking, Is the guy farming and just missing the creeps or intentionally not last hitting. Thing like this make it very hard. On the boards we've seen alot more scenario's where a person got falsely banned for inting, while in fact he was having a terrible game. I believe at this point for the feederbuster they rather let an inter slip away than ban someone falsely. This is why it's it looks like nothing is happening with inters, but the real obvious inters do get picked out.
: //ENGAGING TRANSLATION// ----------------------------------------------- i got suspended for retaliating and thus making a bad situation worse after i saw bad behaviour and deluded myself into thinking that _that_ alone gives me the moral right to act just as bad, if not worse, thanks riot, nice to know you care about making sure people don't have to put up with attitudes as horrible as mine ----------------------------------------------- //END TRANSLATION//
: Gather round folks gather round! It's time for another game of *'I was only defending myself/telling the truth and it's not my fault I was toxic and got banned'* http://i1.wp.com/www.mikerindersblog.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/barkerSMALL.jpg?resize=588%2C511
This cracked me up!
: Wow a 14 day ban for being angry at a legitimate troll for ruining my game RIOT's system is garbage
You used homophobic slur, didn't you? Come on, be a man about it and show us the chat log.
: Help me OP. I have Summoner's Code page opened and it goes like this: >We’ve all had tough games where we fell behind, got camped super hard or missed an easy smite, only to get flamed in chat. Avoid making others feel that same way and report the ones who do. For the life of mine I can't see that exception about flaming trolls or being allowed to flame if you are angry. Can you show it to me?
Oh man, I do enjoy it when you reply to these kinds of posts. Makes my day! +1
MiStYpe (EUW)
: I asked you some rhetorical questions. If you get that I'm implying it, maybe you just proved my point. I don't need to argue with you if you only answer to parts of my comment since it would be a waste of my time and I would only argue with you because I want to prove my point to you, which I don't need to because you are not a rioter. Have a nice day
I can answer that for him, so I'm actually going to aswel. Because he wanted to be seen as a victim here and wanted to get support and be told he was totally right and he didn't deserve the ban. BUT! The people on the boards are actually not delusional, so that isn't gonna happen! WHOHO, GO BOARDS!
MiStYpe (EUW)
: Yeah I'm not fine at all since I got permabanned haha Thing is I didn't even trashtalk after a harsh comment I made, I procceded to carry the game, said my ggwp and then got permabanned I put it in another way: Have every player get ganged up by 3 and then see how many react like I did. I bet atleast 10% of the playerbase would react the same way, there's no way I am the worst 0,006% of players there are
wait, you got perma banned after saying ggwp? Man, that's just wrong. Like, when insulting someone it should be all good in the hood after saying ggwp. I mean, that's normal right?
MiStYpe (EUW)
: That's my point! My reform card only showed one game No only did I get called a whore and braindead and got threatened to get raped, then I got permabanned for saying one slur in one game. A slipup honestly Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/IAGg9WF.png edit: Ironic that it's called reform card since it's a permaban, kek
I see homophobic behaviour, that is what earned yourself a perma, right there. And overall, your attitude that match wasnt nice to begin with. I wouldn't call this a slipup, this is plainly falling back to your old habit, toxicity.
: looks like he tryed to do that
Are you on crack or just unreasonably delusional? You didnt need to flame the guy, yet you chose to do it anyways. Let me put this matter into another perspective for you, this is gonna be an active lesson so if you answer the questions in your head, you can compare the answers with the right ones I will give after the question. If in any case the answers you had in mind, differentiate with mine, you know you're delusional. Delusional test: Imagen this scenario, player 1 starts to flame player 2 because player 2 was feeding his ass off. Player 2 starts to flame back at player 1, because he player 1 flamed him. Now, I'm gonna be player 3 and I just had the time of my life, looking at 2 people flame eachother and decide to report both of these faulmouthed players. Question #1: Will player 1 get punished? (Correct answer: Yes) Question #2: Will player 2 get punished? (Correct answer: Yes) Question #3: Why would player 1 get punished? (Correct answer: Because he broke the rules --> He was toxic). Question #4: Why would player 2 get punished? (Correct answer: Because he broke the rules --> He was toxic). Now, if your answers we're semi-identical as mine, congratulations, you are not delusional. Now let me explain the scenario above, both players broke the rules, both players get punished. If you are thinking "Why?" It doesn't matter for the system what the reason is that you broke the rules, it's just a matter of fact wether you did or did not break the rules.
: Things you shouldn't do in League [Rebirth]
Mastery 6 Teemo here, I feel offended by point 8.
: Also the lower the elo the lower the skill level they have on using english. Idk why this is related,but seeing my friends play (silver5/bronze 5) i am questioning how on earth they are able to communicate with each other during a game.
Yea... let's correlate devision with IQ aswel, now we're at it, shall we? Oh and let's fold paper hats and pretend we're pirates!
: You're overthinking this... A lot! The punishment system is really simple. _Let me just cut out the redundant parts:_ > So i got banned for being Kindred 0/6 in the jungle Your K/D/A or pick had nothing to do with this ban. > Of course they told the enemy team to report me too, and i guess that's what they did, too. This also doesn't matter. More reports don't increase the likelihood or severity of your punishment. All reports do is start an investigation. It makes absolutely no difference if you get reported by 1 or 9 players! --- --- >i told them to shut the f* up and concentrate on the game and also told them they were toxic sandbags doing nothing but flame. THIS! This is the point you should focus on. It would be really helpful if you shared your chatlogs with us, but I think the bottom line is: You flamed them. Flaming is against the rules -> You broke the rules -> You get banned. (_I told you it was simple_) --- > without having HUMANS who check after it. The system is working better than the old "human based" Tribunal tho... >This system is %%%%ing broke and not reliable at any point. Why? From what I see, it worked fine here. Could it be that you just dislike the system because it worked against you? Well, there's a reason for that... You broke the rules :/
I'm fairly certain if he posts the real and full chatlogs he got mailed, it wasn't only a simple "I told them to shut the f* up...". I bet you he went ape shit in that chat. Good explination by the way.
Infernape (EUW)
: Gaming communities are generally incapable of such acts.
Habbo Hotel treated me fairly nice.
ST Paws (EUNE)
: Fix
The Cait traps near the turret is indeed a nasty one. But I dont think this falls under exploiting.
backstard (EUW)
: ***
Dude, you're delusional to think that spending money on RP gets you good teams. I spend about 800 euros and even I get the occasional troller/inter/flamer. But House X33 is right. Your score isnt bad when looking at your match history, but I dont think nunu AP can actually carry a game. Try other champs and see how that goes.
: Non responsive players in games, should it be reportable?
The summonerscode says "Play as a team, win as a team". Now to answer you requestion, should non-responsive players be reportable. The answer is yes. should it be punishable, No. There's a difference between these 2. You are allowed to report anyone for any reason. Is this effective? God no. But a non-responsive player who does join team fight and actually plays as a team shouldnt be punished. The jungler in your example should indeed be reported because if it's true what you say, he was not a team player.
Perilum (EUW)
: If you're unable to play all roles, you don't understand what your team does. And if the wait times are 2-5 min or 10-15 min makes a big difference. If you're not able to fill on demand, you're not able to climb. Because you don't bring the qualification for higher ranks. Beside that autofill is really rare and you can dodge if you wish and think you're unable to play in this role. Your choice.
I completely agree. Everyone should be able to play all 5 roles in a decent matter.
: Some challenjour streamers had to wait more than 1hour.
I know, it's already rediculous they have to wait like 10-20 minutes WITH autofill.
: > [{quoted}](name=Dandulf,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ksTXk8yE,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-07-06T04:29:43.964+0000) > > Does seem like an odd system. > > Always seems to be a gaggle at the start of every game, players always wanting to swap roles, arguing, confusion.... > often leads to players dodging. > > "ok I never jungle but i'll give it a try" oh great, this game should go well. Hey at least that person will actually give it a try...
In a ranked match.
: who to buy as adc
If you want kills, Jhin's you man. see an enemy at like 20-30% health, no biggy, get that 4th shot on him and BAM!
BereInBurta (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=StrokeMyBardOn,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=xtZLUvsR,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2017-07-04T11:17:00.751+0000) > > Well, he didn't mention the succes of his career. Good to know, have to update my cv... I think I have zillions of careers :D i must be a superhuman. Whatever, think it's funny to say "in my career as lol player", but you don't make any money out of it :D
The word "career" can be used in various ways. The one you interpret does indeed defy a succesful career as in "He made a career in sales" this means he achieved a job in sales. But Career can also refer to a perod of experience in something as he said "During my LoL career" he means during the time he spend playing LoL. It means just the experience he gained while playing LoL. It doesnt have to mean a pro level or succesfull streamer.
BereInBurta (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=einar43,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=xtZLUvsR,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-07-04T10:24:34.913+0000) > > During my League of Legends **career** What? :D do you know what that word means? Are you a streamer? coz a pro player you are not, to boost accounts, since you are b5.. so what career? :D :D :D :D:D:D:::D
Well, he didn't mention the succes of his career.
: Not sure, intentionnal feeding when you run into the ennemy team to die is detected quite well
It's not, because there's a thin line between someone inting and someone making a really bad decision. If a person is convinced he can 1v5 but still died insantly (because of all CC and stuff) it's not inting, this means he's just incredibly bad at the game. I dont think it's easy to detect if someone is sincerely playing bad or really inting.
Vsec Exile (EUNE)
: probably, but this would mean a huge group of players would get jail time as well. means less people running out in the open. and i hate people
I see we came to the only working solution here. IP bans.
: So? I've been helpign a friend grind up and not had an issue. You leaving games for ANY reason is a punishable offense, does not matter if your puppy just died you play the game or get a punishment.
I think people can handle a 10 minute afk timer when their puppy died.
Rismosch (EUW)
: It looks to me more like an auto correct error than actual bad grammar.
You mean an auto erect error?
: in a league game disrespecting religion is not okay.. its not what the chat is for... but for the "There's no humor when it comes to disrespecting others beleifs " thing.. have you seen george carlins take on christianity?! :P its hilarious!
This took a whole different turn than I expected.
Mada (EUW)
: it means "nobody is special, everybody is interchangable" Kind of reminds me of Tim Minchin's "If I didn't have you": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gaid72fqzNE If I didn't have you, someone else would do.
But isn't that the truth? Everybody IS interchangable.
Vsec Exile (EUNE)
: once permaban doesnt help, ban all accounts with associated ip adress. will force peer pressure as people will start trying to find out why they have been banned. not to mention the guy who is at fault dowesnt get to play either
And probably get pummeled down by the neighbourhood with socks filled with batteries while being held down in your sleep with your own blanket.
worIds (EUW)
: What have I done wrong?
Riot wants you to be NOT toxic at all. Once you get the 14 days ban, 1 slight offense gets you perma banned. going from heavily toxic to slightly toxic is still toxic. Riot wants you to not be toxic at all. toxic = toxic, no matter in what degree. If you broke the summonerscode, after the 14 days ban, you will get punished quite easily after it.
: If you still didn't realize how report system works, probably you are just boosted.
Even an asshole can be good at something. So can an idiot.
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