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Ilovemobas (EUNE)
: I was told support champions were the easiest champions to get S rank chests for
Just play {{champion:115}} supp, he wins all the laning phases
: on a side note chogath seems to do fine rn tank {{champion:31}} does not exist anymore
: _It was a joke about the popularity of the champion._
ah lmao, yeah I know Ornn is not that popular but I think he kinda need a skin XD think about at the poor Ornn mains :)
: Which item has this icon ?
bro I didnt understand
Skitso (EUW)
: Ultimate Skin Idea: Kayle
I think we first need an {{champion:516}} skin :)
: My Name
I dont understand what should be wrong with your nick, but I dont know that language
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: What is your "I dont want that champion on my team"?
{{champion:420}} cause nobody in the team can play properly with her
Gabresol (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=StunnerMan,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=HNYoyenT,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-25T12:01:09.604+0000) > > LOL this community... Just an evaluation of my own experience. Because I am terrible and it just does not matter! I am questioning the concept of having anything below gold, when you have a role that is literally a free ticket to that Rank...# Go ahead. Pick it and you will be out of bronze in no time!
so let me get this clear. you say that if I play adc or supp, it's easy to escape from low elo? and so you would like to half lp to botlaners?
Gabresol (EUW)
: Botlaners should loose more LP and gain less
"I'm pretty damn sure that going to another lane after having been assigned support is bannable." are you talking about nubrac and nightblue3? XD
: Maybe a little movespeed buff wont change much oh wait karma just got a 5% wr increase from a little movespeed buff. Movespeed is the thing where you need to care the most for before buffing it.
bro poppy had a very low win rate before 9.14, and in this meta poppy is not the best choice you can make so this can help her. btw riot nerfed karma in the next patch but you still complain about that
: yeah but how do i gain my MMR to get it higher
winning in soloQ instead of duoQ for example. btw it's hard to escape from bronze/silver, I understand that. Keep playing hyperscales and farm the most you can; you will reach gold :)
: Displacements can stop most jumps. Not a bug.
okay thank you :)
: Why do i get 15 lp when i win in ranked
I know how you feel man D: It's because of low MMR, but we dont know how Riot calculates this algorithm. The more you win, the more your MMR grows and vice versa. If your MMR is low you will probably play with players lower then your elo, and you will gain less LP (and lose more). I hope this is quite clear
AiFted (EUW)
: do you mean hecarim's e, the dash attack? I think gnar's hop is interruptable by cc and is intended to do that.
thats what i thought, but he did that 3 times in the game, and tbh he was the only champ to do that. Yeah btw, I confused heca's E with Q but I meant the dash
BangRos (EUNE)
: Is shaco agood champion right now s9
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: Looking at the PBE changes makes me puke.
what about testing the changes before criticize? maybe a little movement speed buff to poppy is ok, it wont make her broken for sure
dont forget we still dont have a single {{champion:14}} bugfix lol
: The problem with Ziggs is that he suffers from many problem not related to his power curve itself. The problem comes from how his kit is ballanced arround the sieging concept from the first few seasons. Ziggs is an Artillery Mage that was a champion that had both good waveclear, had a relative safe laning fase and did scale really well into the lategame. He was basicly a great champion but than the waveclear changes hit the rift. This made it more difficult for Ziggs to stall out the game. His W recieved the sieging buff but honnestly it never really felt he needed it or could use it since where you manage to group for a tower you will kill the tower anyway. The W buff only made sure you could do it a second faster. Since it also was his escape I can argue it's not even smart to randomly use it. Because the waveclear issue Ziggs couldn't stall games hard enouge. It's not like Ziggs isn't a good pick. The issue is that other champions from the same class just outshine him. {{champion:161}} has more cc & a stronger earlygame, {{champion:101}} has more range & damage. He can kill a tower 1 second faster, great let's use it. --- #What needs to change In my opinion the W need a change a bit: ##Satchel Charge * **STRUCTURE EXPLOSION (change):** Ziggs abilities & passive can demolish turrets & inhibs below a percentile health threshold. 15 / 17.5 / 20 / 22.5 / 25% of turret's/inhibs maximum health In my opinion this would enchance Ziggs siege ability enouge to make him worth picking up again. Q'ing a tower, ulting a tower, auto'ing a tower, it would just give him so much more options to work with. He might not be the forever stall type of champion anymore. If you need a champion that can assist the splitpusher you have your guy. A splitpusher for example could get the tower low and than Ziggs ults the wave with the tower to finish it off while the splitpusher moves to safety.
wow man thats really accurate, thank you! Maybe this change can help a little and increment pick rate
: I dunno, they haven't said anything about it yet, plus Ziggs is really good at one thing at least : tower taking
thats why im thinking about playing top splitpusher... maybe ziggs tank? Viktor actually worked XD I dont wanna be considered as a troll haha
: U can rather play xerath he has better hit box range damage wave clear. less mana cost. And he carries a long stun and some slows. Ziggs has a little bit better Aow damage and is more mobile and can take turrets better but thats it. His Q hitbox should be bigger just like it was 5 years ago
is {{champion:115}} still playable in other roles then? top as I said or maybe supp?
: Another sad case of ''hey look, cool champion! , too bad there are others that do almost the same thing but better'' syndrome :/
so is a rework possible?
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Ah ok, thank you :)
PRoxy oQ (EUNE)
Imo you can counter him in lots of ways. He cant win all match-ups and early game is not that good as you're describing.
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