gianniskws (EUNE)
: They dont get banned ;/
feeders dont get banned bc riot thinks its "just a bad game" literally then can go 1/17 and riot goes "no he just had a bad game" 0 iqed company
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: Firstly I think your getting confused, Riot never removed 5 movement speed off of riven... that was irelia. Secondly riven isn’t without counterplay. She lacks range so harass can severely hurt her Controlling the distance between her and you is pretty important and powerful She doesn’t have sustain so if you hit her it will stick Her cooldowns are very big early game (12 10 14 and 120 respectively) so she can be punished for using them When she uses R just disengage if you can Her execute starts as a small AoE and gets large, familerise yourself with the animation and when she tries to use it flash to the side to dodge. I could do it semi reliably back when I was silver on a crappy Mac so it’s fully possible. Later on she falls off... unless she has a flank she has to go straight through a team to get anywhere, cc locks can completely ruin her so use it She is gonna buy deaths dance so grevious wounds later is an idea. ___ She’s strong but I think people tend to panic when they fight her from how fast she moves... if you familerise yourself with her movements and stay calm you can actually find weaknesses (I’ve not actually lost to too many riven’s in lane for a while, mainly cause I’ve got picks I know I will win with). Maybe play her some time... the best way to learn how to beat a champion is to play as them, find out what stops you and do that in your own games against her.
are u mental? there is literally 0 counter play to riven, if u are range she can just E and Q then W and R and u are ded nice counter play to that huh %%%%ing i
riot is %%%%ing shit %%%%%%ed company they will never get better
Xalin (EUW)
: So when I say report for afk I get punished by chat restriction and my honor drops to 1 lvl but when they go afk they get punished with that ? Nice system.
fully deserved ban, you obv abuse the "report" word, so u get punished.
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: PERMABANNED FOR PRIVATE CHAT - Update and conclusion
fully deserved permabanned, stop talking crap and get on with u life
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Lucsean99 (EUW)
: I'm 100% done with League!
ur just bad at the game, learn how to play and flame good then u can play. or u just go troll urself in matches
: my account has been stolen
hahahhah how u even get hacked ???
MissJJess (EUW)
: Thresh
i have tip, get good at game before u play thresh

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