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: I'm main support so i know what do you mean, but for climb you have to carry them, you need to be the best of your team and destroy the person in front of you, in the s9 the bot got an very big impact so it's not that hard to carry or to messed up an game,so you need to be an ultra carry, that's why usual support arent very efficient. I dont know what's your pullchamps but mine for ranked is composed of 2 champs, Velkoz and morgana, with velkoz you can 1vs9 and with morgana you can hundle the bot pretty well. Of course you all time got some games that you cant win but most of the time you can do something to win it. And if you want to improve your self you should try to play with and against better players, you dont improve yourself because you want, you are improving yourself because you need it. That's how i get to diamond, i played against and with player who's diamond, master and now challenger
i am able to handle bot.. but the other lanes are feeding and loosing what can a velkoz do against a fed kha / LB/ kayn etc.. you get oneshoted.. what can you do when at minute 15 they already destroyed 4 turrets top and mid ? .. :(
Aceyami (EUW)
: the difference between a good and a bad lulu is massive, and the amount of damage and dual functionality she has actually makes for a really solid support who is able to carry to some extent, not just an adc boost. im so tired of everyone having this idea that a champ like leona or braum takes more skill than lulu. or that support champions in general dont take skill. yes not all champs have skillshots but theres plenty of other skills that are needed. climbing as support is hard, regardless of what you play. and if you play leona and you go in and no one follows up youre just as screwed as a lulu who used all her abilities right but your teammates dont prioritise the right target etc. unless you play a mage support, or a support like thresh, hard carrying as support is near impossible unless you're literally several ranks above the elo you're playing in.
i play leona too... i ping 100times for engage, they are all ready, i ult i go in and no one follows... :') Actually i main lulu and nami, and with the buff of support items, they are just beasts.. you have no idea about the impact of a good ult and all those shields/heals and the w of lulu/ the q of nami.. i am the one given cc and keeping the team alive.. i'm complaining about the bad teammates that i get to play with.. i don't know how can they be gold and don't put a single ward all gamelong, make bad calls, fall in obvious traps, don't follow engages etc...
: The Devil doesn't like cute things then he gives you that rofl xD
: where have you been the last 5 seasons?
i started playing since the end of season7, i got lvl30 at the end of the ranked season.. was b3 xD preseason got silver last season i was gold
Erarrion (EUNE)
: Search for "So yeah ! I Have Finally Made it !"....
no tips to help me :')
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Brokenhz (EUW)
: Looking for support player
i main supp.. but elo silver ?
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