: 17 days later and you still dont understand his post. Telling him to write in english when you fail to understand 2 very simple sentences. For comparison, my 6yr old cousin understands the first paragraph and english is his 3rd language. Stop making a fool out of yourself lol
No, what the first sentence means IN ENGLISH, is that the chat ban turns into a perma, which is incorrect. Are you sure i'm the one embarrassing myself?
: Actually. riot can ban you at any time with or without notification. Money spend means nothing.
You make a very good point, aside from the fact that they do have to notify you, it's in their legal stuff bit. XP
: riot should consider to patch pro play and normal lol on different builds... it doesnt really make always sense to go for the pros ... they are only 0.1% of the playerbase
At the same time its what brings in riots revenue, so you have to keep in mind that they want to keep their main source of income fun to watch (because surprisingly its not microtransactions)
: ?
You don't get a chat ban after a 14 day ban, it is already elevated due to your previous punishments
: No... you see, after the 14 day ban, you actually got a chat ban. But at your level of punishments, it became a perma. You weren't issued a perma for your offenses, no. You got chat banned basically, but a TIER 3 punishment, which translates into a permaban. It's the same as in real life. Think "parole". You get caught with some light drugs (self use ofc - small quantity), if you're a first time offender, most likely nothing big will happen. If you got to prison, get out on parole and get caught under the same circumstances, buddy you're in deep shit. This is what happened to you. You broke parole. After the 14 days ban you're far from clean. You gotta keep that attitude up for 18-24 months, before you "CAN" do something "funny" again. Hope this helps :)
As much as I think his ban was warranted, the information here is entirely false, please don't provide incredibly inacurate information when you obviously have no clue what you're talking about
Just from reading this message, I garuntee your perma was warranted
King Lego (EUNE)
: Aren't Assassins supposed to focus the ADC? ADC is the role that melts turrets, not mages. And with the bot lane problem, it's a struggle for Assassins and even for Mages too! Even i'm disgusted by the shield non-sense, even though this was coming from my own team!
Janna right now is disgusting, the recent nerfs are an insult to the community. When im a 28/2 Katarina, i expect to be able to one shot through janna shield when their adc is 0/6
: > [{quoted}](name=Suicidal Maniac,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=TTYVmvEA,comment-id=000400000000,timestamp=2018-05-18T13:37:20.368+0000) > > Lets say you get a troll that wants to play disco nunu support, I want to have the option to ban that, ah, i see but in actuality you aren't supposed to use your ban pick to "limit" a troll.. you should use them for countering enemies because, even if you ban your troll nunu support, he will just pick another offmeta dummy champion, if he's committed to trolling >and while aside from that its a relatively good idea, I don't feel like it's worth riots effort i think implementing this will be quite easy to develop, though
As a guy that codes and develops myself, I can tell you, the implementation is easy, however they have to run tests through each region, probing the feature for bugs before they release it. And in relation to the troll thing, I want to have the option there tbh.
: what i don't get is he's saying dumb idea, you saying he's not thought it through but why don't you all state **why**, so we can share ideas, confrontate each other, you know, do what we should be doing on a board? :) because i still don't get why number 2) is a bad idea... ( 1) is dumb, i agree)
Lets say you get a troll that wants to play disco nunu support, I want to have the option to ban that, and while aside from that its a relatively good idea, I don't feel like it's worth riots effort
: how to solve the issue of trollers banning your champs
I like the intention behind the ideas, you just haven't thought it through well enough
: At what Elo do players NOT feed Shaco?
Tip for you, before he ults ping him, the ping stays on the real shaco, helps to shut down his kit, im a lee one trick and this helps to kill him mid game a lot
Antenora (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Whiskery Ninja,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=tM1ZBv9U,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-05-18T12:47:08.913+0000) > > Across four statistical websites, Rengar has an average winrate of 50.2%. Seems pretty balanced to me. Win rate is not an indicator of champion strength. Galio keeps getting nerfed and his win rate is crap. Sejuani kept getting nerfed and her win rate was also crap.
There is a direct corolation between win rate and champion power, Galio and Sejuani get nerfed purely because of pro play, not because of solo queue, if you like at the changes, they always have a counter buff that makes them stay balanced in solo, but nerf their strong points in lcs
King Lego (EUNE)
: Mages vs Assassin...IS THIS EVEN FAIR?
To be fair, as much as i agree assassins are strong, its really hard to balance something like that (talking as an assassin main). You have to make sure they do enough damage to stay viable, without being broken
: > [{quoted}](name=Suicidal Maniac,realm=EUW,application-id=WtAasNBw,discussion-id=2mXnPuPN,comment-id=000500000000,timestamp=2018-05-14T14:09:12.564+0000) > > I understand that to a point, but there is a point where you take 1 person saying 1 word online to seriously. I get its not nice, but at the same time i GUARANTEE you have said something derogatory towards someone else before No, no. This is about a huge part of the community using a word very lightly on a daily basis that is in fact derogatory and how something like that becomes acceptable and how as a girl you can't "opt out of it". I ignore it on a daily basis and I'm aware that a big portion of people using the word don't mean offence by it or don't understand the meaning of it (they're just simply pulled into the hype). So no, I don't take it too seriously. I do however want to have the choice of people not using this word on me as it gets annoying hearing it over and over. Someone calling you a %%%%head everyday I'm sure wouldn't necessarily bother you at first however would probably become annoying after a while.
I get that, as a guy that was bullied a lot through high school, I'm not huge on name calling, but you're never going to get to choose what people call you, thats just the unfortunate reality
ArkàDaTa (EUNE)
: Banned 14 days ( first ban attempt )
I mean, you dont exactly do well yourself, I don't see where your right to flame comes from. And just for future reference, Jungles are entitled to tax if they come top and get nothing personally out of it, or if you're back, because it denies ur enemy a ton of cs cuz ur waves being killed by their tower instead of them
: > [{quoted}](name=Suicidal Maniac,realm=EUW,application-id=WtAasNBw,discussion-id=2mXnPuPN,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-05-14T09:13:27.038+0000) > > Why do people get so triggered over this word, It's a word, slightly insulting, sure, whatever, there are much bigger problems than someone calling you a name on an online game. Get over yourselves People should live up to better standards than talking about people as sluts though. That's the point that's trying to be made here.
I understand that to a point, but there is a point where you take 1 person saying 1 word online to seriously. I get its not nice, but at the same time i GUARANTEE you have said something derogatory towards someone else before
: Announcer Voice packs
Tobias Fate for announcer 2018
: ***
You can.... there's literally an option in the settings lmao
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: But I like my horse, but I do wish he smoked less weed. Really ruins visibility.
You, are my favourite human. Unless you're a frying pan, in that case I apologise for assuming your race ;)
: Looking for egirls to play aram with
Why do people get so triggered over this word, It's a word, slightly insulting, sure, whatever, there are much bigger problems than someone calling you a name on an online game. Get over yourselves
Valkyrié (EUW)
: Looking for a Bronze-Silver Jungler!
You still need someone?? I'm a lee/kha main, relatively good for my elo, Your discord friend request isn't working :P
Naniup (EUW)
: 1.As apdo says and apdo is god "if a champ have a big winrate there is a huge reason for that"."if the champ have less winrate then the champ is not that good anymore". LEARN. 2.Youre not higher elo then me neither on this 2 account...Sorry. No matter who plays it his winrate is bad and it will stay bad.If you atack him more obviously. 3.My friend...they already nerfed lee and lee dmg dealer...trust me is useless.He dies instantly and if you cant 1 shot the enemy adc...you with your build cant do nothing. Its just truth but whatever.Believe what you want..I play this game for a while now i understand how the game works.. And dude dont dream lee winrate gets high lel....From 48% he got to 47% after they deleted the item...Look yourself...
You're obviously not listening to me, as i'm a better and more experienced player, you'll learn eventually
: I always get too/to mixed up.
Naniup (EUW)
: sorry..if you 1 trick..im chalenger rank 1 apdo LOL. He got nerf..he cant 1 shot anymore.His plays are for teamfights especially lategame that youre useless as hell. His winrate less then 49%....its something...If a champ have that winrate then is a reason for that. And no is impossible his winrate goes up when he was 49% winrate with that item...And that item was really good on him..IMMAGINE NOW.Lee is not the best jgl and doesnt need another nerf.Even with that ward item.His winrate drops youll see. 1.Youre trolling. 2.You just dont know how the game works simple.
Let me explain something again, i'll go over each of your points one by one, making this plain and simple for ya :D. First off, Lee can easily one shot at any time in the game with the correct build, his damage is incredibly strong currently. His plays are actually more for making picks, or having a good mid game and getting someone else fed to carry the late, or you can just end early. His winrate, as i've explained is because of new players playing him. He has the second highest pick rate currently, but one of the lowest main rates. With the jungle item gone, less people will want to play a "one off" game with him, which will actually bring up his win rate. On you're other two points, i'm not only a higher elo than you, i'm also taking this a lot less personally, you need to realise that league is just a game and stop taking everything people say as an insult :D
: I'm not forgetting anything. Lethality Lee Sin can still 100-0 squishies lategame, and tank Lee Sin can make a teamfight with one good ult. He is far from useless lategame. Not the best, but that doesn't matter.
But thats the thing, he takes an incredibly high skill cap to make him useful late game. He shouldn't be able to burst squishies if they build right as well. You're forgetting a lot mate, and I think you need to see this from an unbiased point of view, from what it sounds like a good lee ruined your game because he was simply better, and now you think he's broken because of it.
Sharkastic (EUNE)
: nah, It's fine XD I got some RP in my acc I don't want to leave them alone lmao thanks for being interested tho :)
You can have multiple accounts, so you can keep an eune and have an euw, just sayin
: Thank you so much riot!
Lee Sin is still a strong champion (don't say i can't speak on this, i've one tricked him for over a year), you just need to remember to buy control wards now
Sharkastic (EUNE)
: who wants to duo?
I'm happy to help you out, however you would have to make an EUW account, up to you :D
Naniup (EUW)
: lee is doom.Thats the truth.Whats the point of his early game champ when he cant abuse his q????You must have always flash to make a play on the map.Lee winrate was lower then 48% without that item will be even worst.
Okay, i'm going to dismember your comment right now, apologies in advance. As a one trick i understand almost everything about lee, and you can already abuse his q, it does 8% max health damage, and in my opinion needs a nerf. You don't always need flash to make a play, you need flash to make a kick flash play, but only if you screw up another combo. If you go in expecting to flash, you're doing something wrong, only on occasion should that be the case. And his 48% win rate is simply because people who main other lanes and champions want a fun game, and lee is incredibly flashy, his win rate should actually go up with this, because a lot less new people will be inclined to play him and one tricks like me can get the win rate up a little.
: About time.
Honestly I have come to the conclusion that trackers knife did need at least a rework, but not because of lee, lee was unfortunately as was said above, collateral damage. But I still think he's in a good spot currently, though not being able to ward jump that much anymore is saddening.
: I think being a good pick across almost every meta since his release is pretty good innings. Besides, Lee wasn't being played an abundant amount in the pro leagues this meta except for the LPL. Here's a few reasons to justify this change: Tracker's knife needing to be removed for pro play, how it gives Lee room to be worked on, and why a lot of doomsaying is pretty over the top. 1. Tracker's knife and pro play Tracker's knife was pretty much an essential pick. One of the biggest aspects of pro play is vision control to create and negate chances for the Jungler to create map pressure. Even duelists like Kha'zix who would benefit greatly from Skirmishers would have to take Tracker's to keep up with the other Jungler, thus dulling what little build diversity junglers have even further. That's not the main issue though. With the two free wards gained on every back, a team could coordinate their vision very effectively ensure that the opposing jungler couldn't interfere with their lane if it was going well unless the opposing team sunk a lot of resources into a play that couldn't be avoided IE 5 man dive in bottom lane. Add control wards into the mix and BAM; slow early game, with most games lasting around 40 minutes. 2. Why it could be good for Lee in the long run Lee is considered to be an early game champion and rightly so. Powerful gank tools, high mobility even at level 3 and decent base damage with poor scaling. However, even in the mid game on a behind team, a well-timed ward hop flash ult could completely turn a game around. The flexibility offered by his ward hop not just as an escape tool, but a means to extend every other ability of his kit rewards high tier players for using it effectively. It also means though that low tier scrubs like us probably aren't using it is as effectively as possible. If he performs poorly in solo queue while performing fantastically in pro play, it makes it difficult for Rito to please either side. By removing Tracker's knife, it reduces how often he can use his W for plays. While both solo queue and pro play may feel this, it could be that's a good thing. It means that Rito has less factors to juggle when balancing Lee, so now if they want to buff Lee for solo queue, they now don't have to worry as much about highly mechanical plays occurring as often in pro play. 3. Control wards exist Yes, they cost 75 gold but when you consider he's an early game jungler with a window of opportunity that's extended by gold into stats, but not enough to close a game out most of the time, 75 gold isn't a massive lost. Besides, 75 gold for a kill, avoiding a death, or setting up a game winning play is pretty damn valuable.
Thanks for this huge comment man! Took me a while to read ;). I completely agree with a lot of your points, however I think completely removing the item isn't riots plan, according to the patch notes, which i'm happy about. And yeah lee has a bad late, but if you're any good at building his late can actually be pretty disgusting, and yeah, my average control wards a game are about 8, so i get ya ;).
: It's about time he got nerfed. The dude is too strong.
I think you need to realise, that if you ward early game and don't die to him, he falls off so hard and becomes so useless. I guarantee that by 8.10 Lee will have a buff, I don't think its needed, but it'll definitely happen. I like the way lee is right now, and I snowball 90% of my games as it is. Losing against one good lee does not make him to strong. and btw your grammar on too is wrong :D
Astagos (EUW)
: It has been years since he was released and yet I still ban him in every single ranked match, and someone ragequits and Im sent back to Queu {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Honestly until you're around d4+ lee isn't a necessary ban, under 20% of lee mains in plat and below in EUW have a positive winrate, and only 8% with above a 60% winrate (me being one of them ;)). Most of the time if he's picked its good to have him there, he's useless unless he's good.
: > Lee Sin has always been in the meta, And that's actually an issue. Why is he allowed to be always viable when some champs have to wait years in between being actually able to jungle? > even though he's not particularly strong Wut. Check them early base damages, mobility and safety
Yeah lee sin will be in meta, no matter what, he's got incredible early damage and is very flashy. However what you forget is that he then lacks a late game, and considering the average game lasts for 35 minutes, i'm actually surprised he's still got such a high pick rate in pro play and the higher elo's. I do agree that he's strong early, considering his q does max health damage. I hate people who just straight up say lee's bad, he's definitely not, and i like to keep an unbiased opinion, even as a one trick
: You can bet that Riot is aware that this is a nerf for Lee Sin but he is the outlier with this change so they will probably wait how he developes before they take action. Actually it's a good thing that he needs to sacrifice vision, it's an important choice that can seperate good from bad players. Spamming wards and then still having reserves to jump doesn't really take skill.
I agree with that, i was playing him yesterday and he's not that much worse off tbh, as long as you're sensible enough to buy control wards. However trackers knife is coming back i found out, they simply removed it while they balance and rework it
iSneez (EUNE)
: Lee doesn't have an ward jump as an main SKILL, that skill is a shield which also ward jump its' not called ward jump. Was just abused by players. Now the arrogance of Lee players that invade with 0 risk the enemy jungle then make fun of enemy with cocky chats when they free escape every bad invade constantly jumping over walls on wards is OVER. Now you need little more planning to plan the Cd of trinket + wich camps are on so you can q on them to escape, or depend of allies to come and help you use W on them and to not waste wards constant spamming ward+w and invade with no planning or logic because you had out of bad situation free escape. Now that you need more planing and you need more risk if you want to invade or gank, you need more skills and logic not mindless ward+w spam, you are not so arrogant anymore don't you ? when you actually need to think and manage your resources and invading and ganking.
I don't get your thought process here. Lee Sin has to W when he ward hops, sacrificing his shield and life steal/spell vamp. Lee Sin's kit revolved around being mobile, as after he's used all his abilities he is just a sitting duck. If we go off your other comments, you seem to lack a lot of game knowledge, and you take arguments personally, so I honestly doubt your opinion is even valid, but i thought i would give it a reply to simply address how the issues you brought up aren't actual issues.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Hehe i just got my friend to gift it to me so i could get the chroma ;)
Smerk (EUW)
: Lee is just a collateral damage in this and he will probably get compensation buff later. But tracker's knife removal was needed
Yeah I understand it, i think they should bring back trackers, but have it like the normal wards, doesn't refresh on back and instead has a cooldown, it wouldn't hurt lee so much and would still be a huge nerf to the pro players, making jungle a lot more interesting
: What have they done...
Well the poll won't be exactly right, as i miss clicked and voted yes, but its not that big a deal, i'll get the general gist of if I'm over reacting or not.
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