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: Please fix this shit fast
i agree its aids for us social people, what is a maintainace on chat and friends list, its all one client ?
: When is next urf?
why is it down voted , its a question lmao
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Suidox (EUW)
: I hate this champ
any tips apart from banning him ( cuz that never gonna happen noone plays him)
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: Because I have to attend a wedding this weekend and I don't want anyone else to have fun either
: 30th - it's in the patch notes man
30th really , when so late , feelsbadman
Skull00 (EUW)
: Grinding Mastery in Flex. LF people doing the same!
aram is better for it faster games and more random ass champs, im at 400 mastery on champs and i only ever play liek 3 champs in ranked, all of that is from aram xD
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: Shaco's state.
i liked old shaco , i like new shaco , no matter what they do shaco will not die ( and lethality is op with triforce on shaco so dunno why your saying is bad ) im one of those people carrying the wr on him got 65% xD , i loe this guy dont change him but if you do i shall adapit . ( nerfing him would be stupid tho as his job is literally to kill people so how can he have too much damage lol)
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=Giojun,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=8xrNyoiX,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-02-10T20:58:53.068+0000) > > I've had it happen to me before. They block you for 24 hours to prevent buying shit too much in one day. this is help, not that garbage you posted
Giojun (EUW)
: I've had it happen to me before. They block you for 24 hours to prevent buying shit too much in one day.
hmmm if that is the case darn. cheers tho
: ***
wtf is this jibberish and this is in the support board i posted it in lol, a wrenchman can probs tell me why , am here for help not whatever the fk you on about, if this is flame i bet you dont play ranked lol, this is mild frustration at most
Suidox (EUW)
: meh not too bothered about being fired, get bonus at end of month from it so happy days. more annoyed i cant buy skins # sadlife
also its not bank as i went to try other methods like paypal and mobile but blocked too
Shukr4n (EUW)
: u will regret the expense when anger will go away. well, it s the same as ATM limit of money daily i suppose. so i think it should be a mechanism of protection of your bank mor ethan riot's
meh not too bothered about being fired, get bonus at end of month from it so happy days. more annoyed i cant buy skins # sadlife
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Cheini (EUNE)
: it might not be the client, we got thrown out of our game just ago as well (not just me i mean).. rito has spilt some soda again i guess
interesting thought it was just my end
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Hinito (EUW)
: Disconnections going on in euw servers on patch 7.5
Eveninn (EUW)
: Haven't seen much of him, did he get his D back? :o
Yes, he got 2 Ds now, both pretty strong. he's like a hentai King now, and he said hi
: I know that Shaclone might be a little crybaby, but i am sure he is a better Shaco lol
no he build's tank shaco so he can gtfo
: All hail the mighty Bukachu ♤♡◇♧
he plays on dif account now and he is a jew
: people trolling and afk is really annoying when it happens in rank game
: Autofill is just 2 much.
just pick a ap champ and go bot, support is overrated
Aderyn4 (EUW)
: Owned skins list
i think this would be nice as i got over 300 skins and i even forget i have skins for some champs, mke it like how champions one is in sotre , with filters too between date bought/ type(legacys , legendary etc) and most used. that would be awsome
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: The earth bender
feels liek she has no burst even when you land combo, might be good as a supp tho for peeling
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: I play between 5- 10 games a day sometimes more and i havent gotten a Key Fragment in 10+ days
just buy the skin you want lol crafting is so niche , buy keys - skins shard 125 rp buy keys champ shard 125 rp , 250 rp enough to get a skin in sale lol (not a good one though) you can see where im going with this lol .
LegendCZ (EUNE)
: "Sell Skin" - To all of you people who say this kind of stuff ...
i havent heard anyone say that in a long time, mind you there busy whining about my ap shaco jungle :P
Kollery (EUNE)
: personally, revrt the e quality of life change and voila: no more whining about lux.
did anything change i never see much lux pre s6 now they all over place , im not complaining as i play lee / shaco so i can dodge easy but when she lands it almost 1 hit
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Suidox (EUW)
: Any Advice Stuck in g5 was g1 last season
thanks for the advice thus far.
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Cypherous (EUW)
: " Total experience required to reach summoner level 30 reduced by half"
i think that is a good idea as the lvl 30 grind is awful, but on the other hand they must make it so you CAN ONLY! play ranked after like 300 games in normals not AI!
IAmWoralo (EUW)
: My wife doesn't like League anymore
No way in hell is this season as toxic as last, the riot crackdown has worked tremendously . i dont know what you class as toxic but i rarely see it.
: why my post got taken down because i name the trols
i agree name and shame should be a thing .
andrys (EUNE)
lol server lags and no loss prevented fk sake after i jsut spent a tenner on rp too, fkn riot
poustray (EUW)
indeed dynamic queue is fkn garbage
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: Servers will be offline for about 4 hours so 9am.
unless they change it again was 2 then 3 now 4 hours xD
Black Baron (EUNE)
: Spoiling Star Wars Reportable?
its a instant ban on reddit so why not lol
: Surrendering at 20 is valid option. Because it sucks to be forced to play a game that was lost before 20 minute mark and lasts for 25 to 30 minutes
indeed nothing more fun than playing a definitely lost game for 35 mins.... i dont get why people dont surr more and stop wasting time
: Which Skins did you get!?
only 1 i liked :P
: {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Get rekt by riot.
:P i sure did but even a collector needs to have the worse and the best
LZ Flame (EUW)
: haha you cant get Pax tf anymore and i have him xD
Well kick a guy when hes down, :P well i shall live but it will haunt me forever
Smerk (EUW)
: It is one of the first legendary skins in game, back then it was worth it, but now compared to other legendary skins it looks like simple 520 RP recolor skin. And yeah, like Stell said, there is no way to get Pax TF skin. It is limited skin that was given at Pax events
Well Dang, my collection will never be complete :P
RiCaR1 (EUW)
: Maybe another skin price adjustion is required. Many of the new 1350 skin are way better than the old ones and the legendary too. Not to mention that some of the legendary ones are like 520 skins even worse. Red Baron Corki is same. Just compare them with Dunk Master Darius or even with Dragon Slayer Braum which at least has different spell animations. I know some of the players purchased these skins when they were best of their time, but if this is the way of thinking Riot should make something to honor its players that are part of this since the start.
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