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: Great technique to pay back players
From your match history, it is hard to decide whether you troll every single game or are simply a hopelessly reckless player.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: The original summoner icons should be updated or removed
They are an enjoyable trinket of the past; some players still use them, and it doesn't really impact the company to retain them as an option. The aesthetics of them are irrelevant; they are not like outdated character models, which can impact a players enjoyment and immersiveness of the game. Just because you don't like how they look, why should they be removed?
DenizEN (EUNE)
Just because you are connected by ethernet,doesn't mean that there is not an issue with your connection. I suggest you go [here](, and follow all connection toubleshooting steps. You have such a vague issue that it could be many things.
: Does normal games affect MMR
Hi there, normal games will affect your MMR, but not in the way in which you are proposing. Your account has separate MMRs for each queue. For example, according to ; mr ranked MMR is 1728, normal 1716, amd aram 1866. Don't forget that your MMR may remain static, but the MMR of those around you may warp slightly (despite the MMR thresholds being reasonably static), and that they are all estimations, there can be some margin of error, especially if you are inactive on the ranked ladders for a period of time; the calculation has fewer recently played games to use.
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