: It is one of the trouble with adcs going afk, as supports can't farm (it applies to all supp quests) before earning 500G from it. If you farm, it slows down the tribute and I guess 1 minion=15s slow; since you farmed from 5-10 mins with the quest item, I guess it slowed down a lot and eventually settled at 0. You can see a thin line moving slowly in the icon of the supp item in these cases.
Thank you, didn't know about 15sec slow. I did see the thin line moving, but after it did the circle, it was 0 again, but i suppose that it's the case that I farmed.
: There was a known bug, on zyra 's plants. maybe that's what you are referring. [Click here to view the full post](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-report/IMm5r5B3-zyras-plants-dont-proc-spellthiefs-edge-after-96)
No, the item stayed as 0 (usually it goes up to 3 i think and then u can hit 3 times and get money, then it reload again etc - that reloading didn't happen at all). No tower hitting, AA enemies, nothing worked.
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