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Mythbone (EUNE)
: Out of range persists
Seems that riot doesn't give a shit about 30% of their population who has this problem :)
: Looking for duo q/Dynamic
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Mini Baws (EUW)
: That champion you HATE
{{champion:67}} As an OTP sion i pray for her not get picked, even ban her when i can. so basically if she gets any kind of lead, i'm useless , feels like Mikasa from fking Attack on titan is turning around me and kiting me to death, she can cancel my Q with her E , has a 2 sec base cooldown dodge , and all my skills can't hit her. it's the ONLY champion that can kill me effectively however i play it.
: Oh, I thought this was about actual cheese. I have to admit that I am slightly disappointed :(
Clickbait is kinda of a cheese too :D
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: "Poppy counters all tanks." I won't learn to play another champion just because it counters tanks. "Blade of the Ruined King." It's viable just on a few champions. "That new jungle item." What if I'm not jungler? "Liandry's." Again, viable on a few champions.
Champions: Fiora , Vayne , All champions with armor pen builds most bruisers (jax / yasuo) do well against tanks , they're only good against burst and squishies. (Yes picking champions that do well in certain composition is a basic skill of playing lol , you can't expect to play only one type of champions and be good at everything). and if you did the role of getting the carries you did your job. maybe your team didn't play good enough in that regard. and you were pretty much all physical damage , only you dealt magic damage and it was burst, not sustained damage. Items : literally Any item with lifesteal , you can lifesteal of them , blade of the ruined king , void staff , armor pen items, you can do A LOT against tanks really, i play tanky champions and i feel like getting melted when i'm facing smart opponents who chose to play according to my items. they're doing what i am doing essentially , picking items to counter me , a tank does that , he takes items that reduces the ennemy damage in order to effectively have more sustained damage. the best raw stat against tanks tho is lifesteal, since it's scales with AD , and tanks can't afford to build it since it's not good with their kit / ratios. tbh unless you fall behind ( which you kinda did seeing your team scores) against a tank, he shouldn't be much of a problem to deal with
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