: come, cry in the corner with us, Mundo mains.
: Generally speaking when a change, specifically item changes, is likely to affect some champions more than others riot keep an eye on them... So like crit changes they keep an eye on yasuo as he gets affected more than anyone else... when grievous wounds gets changes high sustain champions like aatrox get watched. So if this does negatively affect him he will get compensated...
I rather not wait 2 weeks to be able to play my champ. Its not just the grievious wound that makes the item strong, it also give 35 armor and reflect 20 magic damage. 35 armor is alot considering Chain vest cost 800 gold and only gives 40 armor.
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: And why would you be talking about 1v1? Who cares about 1v1, it's about game balance. Kassadins strength is not the 1v1 pick, it's the teamfights. You gotta realize that not every assassin should be able to 100-0, some should be good at just picking kills (Ekko was supposed to be like that, but they kinda messed up LOL). If you can't play Kassadin properly (NOT like LeBlanc), I suggest YOU shouldn't play Kassadin. I've had good success with him, so why should I change my playstyle? Also, regarding his slow: in teamfights he is able to spam it. The slow is really powerful. And last but not least, stop underestimating. 'every one with an escape is very safe'. Implying ANY champion has as much mobility as Kassadin. Blinks are the strongest form of mobility. Kassa has 1.7 CD blinks in lategame, nobody is able to contest that (and Mana are not even an issue up to 800). Just take a look at his kit: ranged Q that shields him, E is AOE CC with decent range. Use both of this to peel until someone of them gets low. Then go and pick him up with Ult + W and go back. Literally 0 risk, while having more chase potential than LeBlanc.
If they are fed they should be able to 100-0 a squishy and even if malphite ults in a teamfight deleting a squishy making it 5v4 is worth it. Who cares about blinks if you get cced i never had troubles with chasing a kassadin because i could just burst him down. His sghield is only usefull vs ap damage. Just because you play kassasin differently doesnt mean its the right way if i see a champ tagged as an assasin i expect them to be able to delete a squishy if fed. "Picking up kills" if i have someone like you that is sitting back just to ks i will give up teamfights and split "decent range" you have to be in their face to get it off it has no range at all. What im asking is not a 100-0 squishy all game but when he is fed he should be able to do atleast that much. I have seen fighters do a better job deleting a squishy then kassadin
: > [{quoted}](name=SupaHotFire666,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=5ZozjAm6,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-06-07T17:06:26.627+0000) I was very fed in most in my games but I still couldn't kill an enemy in a full rotation even in lane I couldn't kill anyone at 25% hp without using ignite. Before you say he shouldn't be able to 100-0 a squishy well full ap Malphite can do it, Lissandra can do it, twisted fate can do it Viktor can do it i can name some more but i think my point is clear. Well, is Malphite able to ult back? Honestly, don't buff Kassa pls. I love to play him, it's incredibly easy to trade for me (I suck with mid) and cleaning up kills is easier than with any other champion. Usually I do mistakes like going too ham and such. With Kassadin I don't. I just don't need to. Rather than doing mindless engages I peel for my AD, CC them and pick up what I am able to pick up. No idea how, but I always get a lot of feed, only few champions are as good with following ganks up. He is easy to play, very safe and extremely rewarding. No buffs please, I want to keep my new midlane main.
I dont think you understand what i ment. I was talking 1v1 why should malphite ult back if he can go back walking if the target is dead? You realize Kassadin is an assassin the job of an assasin is to kill someone not too peel for an adc if you are satisfied by peeling for an adc i suggest go play tank champ. And for who are you gonna peel if your adc gets deleted by a leblanc? He has nothing to offer in teamfights other then a 1second slow. Easy to follow up a gank? Every champ with a gapcloser can follow up a gank which is nothing special in midlane. Very safe? Every one with an escape is very safe easy to play yes he might be but satisfying to play atm? No if he is an assasin he should do his job as an assasin not as a blinking slow machine that does no damage at all
AutoQAuto (EUW)
: This is like, an alternate dimension or some dystopian future where someone desires Kassadin strength!!? YOU BLEW IT UP!!
Rayz019 (EUNE)
: {{champion:238}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:91}} 9 VIable mid lane assassins (not sure about nida)
If there are 9 viable mid lane assassins why not make it 10 with Kassadin and what do all these champ have in common? they can all 100-0 a champion and if fed they can do even more.
Rayz019 (EUNE)
: A fed kassadin can barely 100-0 people, BARELY, a Kassadin doing ok can hardly even 50-0 people, meanwhile a Zed doing ok can 100-0 people, and a fed Zed can 100-0 3 people
Yes not only that most mages are range and can farm safely vs most champs
Watermeat (EUW)
: Oh god please no. Were you playing a couple seasons ago? He was LITERALLY 100% pick/ban. In fact, he had OVER a 100% pick/ban rate because in blind pick he was often picked TWICE in one game. When he wasn't banned, he was almost ALWAYS first picked. It was revolting. When riot gave him a mini-rework they wanted to specifically avoid making him be able to 100-0 anyone, because in his kit it's insanely toxic (less so now he doesn't have a silence, but even so). The champions you mentioned all need their ults to 100-0 someone, so they're gated. Malphite one shots you? Okay, now he has no mobility and is useless till his ult is back up. Viktor one shots you? Okay, but he has LESS mobility than Malph, is sort of low range compared to other mages, and after using it once he can't do it again for almost 2 minutes. Lissandra one shots you? She's in the middle of the team, and doesn't really have any tankiness if she went 'burst liss', so she'll get oneshot... also 80 seconds on her ult. Kassadin's ult is on a 2 second cooldown. If Kass could 100-0 people, he could literally jump in, murder someone, jump out, and repeat 9 seconds later (due to his cooldowns... BEFORE CDR). That's... not a fun experience for anyone. At all. Leblanc is one of the only champions who can do that now, but her ult even has a 24 second cooldown, so you have SOME sort of window... I hate her design anyway. Kat's the same, but her design is WORSE and she has no cooldowns. I permaban her. Please don't make Kassadin 100% pick/ban again.
he wont be able to jump out because of cd his ult has a 2 sec cd thats enough to kill him with leblanc you can blink back immediatly. Also i dont want to make him 100% pick/ban but i want him to be able to do something if he is fed other then deal 500 damage then die. You can say thats not a fun experience but thats an assasin job which he is tagged as in the shop. if riot wanted to makes kassadin an anti mage they should make his passive scale better. Also rift walk has a smaller range then leblanc w kassadin has to be in an adc range to damage him since most adc have dashes he can be killed supereasy
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