Pega (EUW)
: Aha ok. Yeah, i almost thought you had some secret formula i didn't know of. Hmmm.. pyke :') i don't play that champ :(
I'm sure you can think of some others like him :D
Pega (EUW)
: What on earth did you do, to get from Gold 1 into Diamond 4 in this short amount of time... i mean 37W 22L? Can i ask you how many of your Placements did you win? (what were you placed at)? What is the highest counter pick for Vel Koz/threat?
my winrate was much better... I had a 9 loss streak when I hit diamond lel so I pretty much stopped playing since. Also, I climbed to plat 1 93lp in preseason so it's not actually from gold to diamond. I placed plat 4 after placements but dont remember how much I won in them. Vel'koz is a sitting duck once he has used his only hard cc (E) if you play something that can dodge that and you play agro velkoz gets rekt. I permaban pyke when I play velkoz.
: Please give me advice how to escape Low elo.
Also, you have very good scores on vel'koz so maybe just keep playing and you will climb naturally.
: Please give me advice how to escape Low elo.
I started playing velkoz last season and reached diamond playing him this season. Maybe I can help you, spectate you playing and write down some advice for you. We could also play some normals together, some where you go vel'koz and some where I play vel'koz. Maybe that will show you some new things as well. Btw I'm Dutch, and I assume you are too judging by your name :p Just add me in-game (Super Fantastic) if you are interested.
: Who are the best support champions right now?
: on my friends account it shows he was diamond 5 last season
: People trolling in champ select to make you dodge and lose LP.
you play support vel? wanna play sometime? I'll go adc.
Anubis Ra (EUW)
: Did not earn LP after Ranked Game
Yeah, everything seems to be delayed. Same happened to me but with the missions. Also stuck in waiting for stats screen.
Rioter Comments
: Help me cuz I'm trash
Do you have bad farm compared to your enemy? Because honestly in soloQ, at some point a midlane ARAM will happen almost always even in ploughin' diamond. Which means that everyone has to try to get some of those 6 minions walking down the lane every 30 seconds while the outer lane minions die with nobody to farm them. But oh no, you can't leave your team to 5v4 aram and farm the sidelanes! they will instantly die.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: You are unranked ... So im assuming you're talking about another acc of yours, that you dont post from for whatever reason... But it's pretty normal for someone coming from a losestreak to gain less LP when he wins than he gains when he loses. Rank needs to catch up with MMR and ur MMR might took a considerable larger hit from your lose streak than your rank. Its the opposite for winstreaks. Basically rank tries to shield you from these fluctuations in MMR by putting promotion series and demotion protection in place.
yep I got a loss streak when I got to diamond of a whopping 9 games. But it didn't demote me. But %%%%ed my mmr gains nonetheless. What is even the point of playing now, do you have an answer?
: i lost like 8 games in a row when i was D4 0 lp and i never get demoted
I got to diamond like a week ago with a 69% winrate over 60 games. I got +25lp per win in plat 1, then my first win in diamond only gave me 16lp. Then I get an awesome 9 loss streak which believe it or not was really %%%%ing out of my control and I call it my biggest bad luck streak since I started playing league many years ago. Then I finally win a game and got +13lp. So I am probably in the same boat as you in terms of lp gains/losses. What is the point of even trying now?
Rekkon (EUNE)
: I have a 12 defeat streak in ranked without even deserving it
I recently lost 9 games in a row where it felt out of my control as well. I am always looking to make myself a better player and obviously I understand that I did not play perfectly in all those 9 matches. But damn, I had really unlucky teammates. I've said it in my own topic and as a response to some people already but this is still mindblowing to me and worthy of a mention: In all 9 of those games my solo laners lost the lane and the enemy just snowballed out of my control. I've played league for many years and never have I had such a loss streak let alone such an unlucky one. It destroyed my mmr as I just promoted to diamond, so now I might as well quit playing for this year.
: Climbing in low elo is impossible.
I had the same thing soon as I reached diamond, a 9 loss streak where literally every solo laner on my team lost lane in all those games. What are the odds of 18 solo laners on one team losing the game in a row? If we assume that it's 50/50 on who will win the lane, there is only a chance of 0.5^18=0.00000381469 that all my solo laners will lose in all 9 games. And it STILL happened.
: Who else feels the urge to keep creating new accounts?
I have smurfs but I play on my main mostly
Ryuukaze (EUW)
: I'm a support main and I love the idea of being a slave not sure what the issue is here :3 {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
that sounds dirty for some reason
Mykon01 (EUW)
: 1/No, if you try your hardest and dont grief the game doesnt matter how bad u are you wont get banned 2/ dont blame counters because they dont exist in what ever rank your in 3/ just mute your team and keep trying to improve best of luck ㄱㄱ
counters work in every elo mate. A teemo is a counter to Darius for instance, even more so in lower elo. Because the Darius will just continue to fight when blinded and lose every trade.
: Why do i have to stand these kids every single game every single day? just why?
You aren't master mate, stop lying to yourself. Also, just ignore negative people.
: at least you are over gold why are you still playing ;
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: Need opinions about Dota
Paper1 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Super Fantastic,realm=EUW,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=OlHbEbsk,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-02-11T12:11:42.984+0000) > > I just think it's so unfair. Just look at my match history. You will see the evidence of all solo laners losing. > > You can also see if you look at the death heatmap that I rarely die in the lane, I always go even or win. But I don't hard stomp. > > This means that while I am ahead by a small margin, the enemy solo laners and jungle are already in the next plane of existence in terms of their lead, and I just can't do anything. I don't know what to suggest as I am pretty much in the same boat as a support main and I do my best to follow the advice of others that supposedly is proof that you can climb. For instance, I know that if somebody looked at your opgg they might point out that your rune page might not be "correct", but it wont be the thing that is causing you to lose all these games. For the record, according to lolaytics the most picked rune page for velkoz support is to go into sorcery with arcane comet, manaflow band, transcendence and scorch, then inspiration tree with biscuit delivery and cosmic insight, then double adaptive force and health per level for the stat mods. Your choice on whether you want to try that or not, I guarantee it won't fix terrible teammates though.
Yeah thanks, I have my own runes and they work. I always use the most used builds but after getting more comfortable on the champion I will make my own build. And this worked. I had a 69% winrate on him into diamond after I switched to my rune setup and build :p
Paper1 (EUW)
: Well you're a support main, so assuming the teams are fair matchmaking wise and that the jungler doesn't count as a solo lane and that all the lanes/jungler don't affect the outcome of each other, there is a 50% chance of mid losing their lane and 50% chance of top losing their lane. So, the probability of them both losing their lane is 0.5 x 0.5 = 0.25 , or 25% , and the chance of this happen 9 games in a row is (0.25)^9 = 0.00000381469, so in other worlds a 0.000381469 % chance. So you sir are very unlucky... just kidding. As we all know, losing streaks like this happen all the time and the calculation isn't representative of this because the assumptions dont apply: matchmaking is often unfair and of course other lanes affect the outcome of each other. In my opinion, they shouldn't code you to get bad teammates into matchmaking if you do well, and they shouldn't code you to get good teammates if you do poorly. The strength of the team should always be level regardless of current form, but who are we kidding they'll never do that.
I just think it's so unfair. Just look at my match history. You will see the evidence of all solo laners losing. You can also see if you look at the death heatmap that I rarely die in the lane, I always go even or win. But I don't hard stomp. This means that while I am ahead by a small margin, the enemy solo laners and jungle are already in the next plane of existence in terms of their lead, and I just can't do anything.
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SepharU (EUNE)
: What i learned from League!
what I learned is that as soon I as reached diamond and thus my goal the game became insanely boring and I realised I was just an addict.
: Is saying k y s bannable
it should be. I got a 14 day ban for the word f a g in a game where I barely spoke otherwise. What the guy in the game said is worse imo.
: Already 2250 masters, 2 weeks in season 9
they did say it would be easier to reach master tier which would mean anyone normally hardstuck in D1-D2 should get there no problem. They also said they wanted more players in master tier.
Káneki Kun (EUNE)
: Low lp and I'm not sure if it's my bad gameplay or nah
I had the same although I won my first game in diamond and I also gained 16lp. Even though I got like +25lp in platinum 1
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Garda23 (EUNE)
: nearly impossible since most mages have almost 0 aa damage, you gotta be faker to get that last hit when the minion has exactly 1 hp
Grendel G (EUW)
: The sad reality is that MOBAs in general are a shadow of what they used to be. I've been around scene since dota allstars and it's never looked this bad. Dota 2 is now a completely unrecognizable game, League is something else entirely as well, HotS is quite literally dead, smite is something I've not heard from in a looong time. Some of these games died because they never caught on but Dota and League specifically just... left. It's insane how the more successful a game is the more soulless it becomes.
: Play an actual support. (: As Velkoz you're just a damage dealer in botlane with delayed itemization due to the fact you're not getting any cs and you should be in fact sharing the kills with your adc. So in essnce you're playing a gimped mid laner in bot
well I did make it to diamond now though! gg
: how real is the promo series curse?
well, now I played bad. Pretty darn bad. And we win? thanks to our midlaner. There is no logic.
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zazaxus (EUNE)
: I got chat restriction for this game, please tell me, what was wrong.
MoiraiFfO (EUW)
: 3vs3 Dia Rush
Does 3v3 have ranked decay?
: Riot's banning system is interesting.
I also recently reported a guy and send a ticket to riot about him literally inting and holding the team hostage by saying stuff like ''if you dont say sorry I will run it down'' And he did run it down, over and over again and confirming it in chat, yet the guy didn't get banned. Personally I find trolling like this to make your team lose a worse offence than flaming, since you can at least mute flame.
: My first suspension, yikes.
That word is an instant 14 day ban. Happened to me too, even though I only wrote the word once. And since I got banned literally right after while I was in champ select, I assume it's a bot that just auto-bans when it sees that word. Also, be extremely careful now. Even if you are negative a little bit, even if you say something that would normally only get you a chat restriction, you will get a permaban instead.
Mοca (EUNE)
: About the random loot envelopes...
I also only got 10 tokens out of each one but I think most people did.
Fortis (EUW)
: I'd love to hear why this is the case for you!
probably because velkoz OP
Wolfbain (EUW)
: Ranked gradings? is there any logic to it?
unfortunate you don't include the match time in the second screenshot.
Hexwater (EUNE)
: LGBT characters
It does not have to be official. You have your imagination!
Fortis (EUW)
: Support in Solo Ranked
I switched to support this season because it is easy to climb with in ranked for me. Already in promos to diamond never did that so quickly.
: Just answer to a post.
A very negative one when I am just sharing a positive experience. Uncalled for and just plain mean but ok.
: > Best teammates I've had yet, kept cool in the face of a troll. Do we care? If you still think at that game then is your faul. We really don't care how your team (more Draven) troll in a game.
Rioter Comments
: thing is i don't have a credit card because i live in lebanon and i personally asked my brother to gift me the rp, i just didnt expect so much
In the end im not judging, just my opinion. Do whatever you want :D
Kohrim (EUW)
: Buff the Tier 3 Support Items to make them relevant
I dont think they are weak. They let you put down an extra ward and vision is overpowered. Perhaps the item becomes more useless the lower your elo, because your team does not look at the minimap. But even then wards are overpowered, since if you yourself ward well and watch the minimap you can warn all lanes from ganks by pinging them
: What's the most beautiful or best skin on League?
I like Demon Vi. But that's probably just because I like Vi and the skin's splashart a lot. Recall effect is pretty cool too.
: i get perma ban on my acount
Perma is perma. But you can always make a new account.
: i already have pretty much everything i'd ever want so yeah
whoever gifted you 300 euro's worth of rp doesn't know you very well then. I bet the least someone like you wants is more useless online currency. Perhaps he should have donated it to a charity instead!
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