: unable to connect
%%%% you riot games
: ¿Is this question toxic?
Man just disable the chat it's useless AF. League community is full of butthurt snowflakes that gets offended by the smalest thing. Don't type just spam ping "?" when you see something wrong, the guy will understand enough (not toxic btw :)))
: This is Ridiculous...How League became so bad?
Don’t worry even for top 1% the game is shit and unbalanced. It’s actually worst the higher you go. Only D2 but my games feels like silver with the amount of 4fun or griefers
Atlas (EUNE)
: "Your rank doesn't matter because I said so"
Yes anything bellow mid diamond is trash. Yes diamond in eune isn’t equivalent to euw because of the lower skilled population on the server. Sorry to break the truth for you. I’ve met countless “challenger” EUNE and they all hardstuck in D2-D1. Just go ahead and bless us with a transfer with a boosted MMR (by riot) so you can appreciate euw soloQ. I’ve never seen a good transfer, they literally are lower skilled than euw
: I don't understand upvotes and downvotes sometimes
I hate league of legends.
Blakex13x (EUW)
: to all the people complaining about this game.
Kabs (EUNE)
D E S E R V E D. Cheh. Bye bye see you on a smurf in 2weeks hehe xd
: Dia1+ over Looking for French players
Why French if you’re Turk ?
simbak13 (EUW)
: Looking for D3+ players to eventually join a league, compete etc.
: ~~make an alt. account and use it when you can't hold it anymore~~
~~make an alt account to int your frustration out~~
: Can Riot not break the game every goddamn patch?
Backstard (EUNE)
: https://i.postimg.cc/NMknfb7B/Capture.jpg Every single team i get is like this one....Why? Cause im in here sharing the truth with the community. Do i care? NO.. Does this team reflect to my skill level? NO. So is the MMR system Fair? NOPE Pay to win trash game.
Show the end game stats please ;). Damage dealt, taken, vision, CC etc ;))))
Backstard (EUNE)
: If Riot wanted a fair and balanced game they would make a system that collects your personal stats and based on those stats you would get the appropriate MMR. But in a fair and balanced system there is no money milking. Paying customers would get what they actually deserve based on their skill which means if they are bad they would also get bad teams and if they get bad teams they would probably stop paying... This is bad for business so Riot made the system this way that MMR has NOTHING to do with your personal skill MMR is only related to your win/lose ratio which means as a paying customer you get decent teams carrying you so you get high MMR and you get boosted..... It's that simple
Or maybe because you’ve bad stats, you’re a bad player so you play with bad teammates because you’re all bad so you play in a low level game ? Exactly like you mister bronze 4 hardstuck I play for my kda with 0 contribution to the game
Backstard (EUNE)
: MMR is a joke excuse of a sold ranked system.... Let me give you an example, you just started playing ranked and you play goo but for 10+ games in a row you get ragequiters and feeding trolls, so you can't do much but lose. What happens to MMR ? It gets down to the ground ? Why? Is it your fault people ragequit or feed or troll? The MMR system should ONLY be related to player's individual skill this is why it's called SOLO/DUO queue..... But the system was made this way to milking money.....Divisions are sold to customers giving them decent teams and high MMR the end.
that's why you're hardstuck BRONZE 4 and we're DIAMOND hahahahaaha
: Why do people look for any other reason but themselves when they lose?
So, - First, it's a team game in which one player can most likely make you loose. - Yes if you're doing well and tried your best, but the others didn't care becausse of ego/brain, that leads to frustration at some point. - No, you shouldn't only blame others there's always room for improvement on your side. - No you're not supposed to 1v9 every game if you're at your elo. - Yes if you get inted you should be allowed to report and flame that idiot Yes you're hardstuck low gold so what.
Lari (EUNE)
: Low elo smurf problem, Higher elo boosted acc prob
I’ve stopped after you said platinum was high elo.
Shadon (EUNE)
: Toxic players in TFT
What’s so chocking about what they said ? {{champion:119}}
Backstard (EUNE)
: Just got demoted to bronze
Guys he’s actually down to bronze 4 right now hahahahaa
: with my main account i've been playing in Gold 4 and in my other account i've been playing in Silver 1/2 that has nothing too do with how my main is getting changed. Plus since you have seen my matches. You can tell me if i deserve Gold or Silver. In OP.gg you can see Ward Score and everything you go tell me. The Normals im just wathicng vids and playing yummi with 0 effort
Man silver and low gold (you’re gold4) is literally the same... You’ve 350 games on your account, 48% winrate and gold4 0LP : no you don’t deserve gold, yes you deserve silver. On such a large scale of game you can stop being delusional and accept that you’re hardstuck and you need to improve. No the system is not against you, you need to step up and be more consistent, carry more and transfer your lead to the rest of the map. Yes you can dm me for a boost (nobanrito)
: League is bad for my mental health
Blitzz (EUNE)
: What. the. %%%%.
You have the standard riot inspiration page. Happened to me too. Be careful when you change rune pages that it’s well selected. Tip : only use 1 eune page that you change every game so you don’t “switch page” and causes the bug
: can we have +15 -16 in master + elo ?
I’m D2 and I’ve +17 -15. Feels normal to me, you can climb but you’re not boosted by the system. I don’t see where is the problem
: A message to Riot.
Too long didn’t read
: the hard stuck experience
: I know this isn’t the right place to put it but I need advice
Get challenger and you’ll have all the e-boi you want ! Grinder works too. You need to move on, obsessing on one person is not healthy, unless it’s irelia then it’s fine {{champion:39}}
: I agree with you on that one. I mean if I could choose a system w/o autofill but it would match me in 15 minutes instead of 3 i would pick that option in a heartbeat. 30% of my recent games i got auto supp with mid/top q :D i got support more than top
imagine spending 15min to get a bronze match XDDDDDDDDDD
Backstard (EUNE)
: BROKEN MMR, SOLD RANKED system...Paying customers get high MMR and decent teams while the rest gets trolled.... Search "League of Pay to Win" on facebook...all the info is there.
: Ranked matchmaking is severely unbalanced
I'm so triggered by (all the insultive name i could call you) player like you. You literraly have 13 games on your fkin account. Imagine that the basic MMR for a fresh account is silver 1. The game still thinks you're at this (low) standard (but actually you're not, you're far far far under that), so yes for now you get matched with people of S3 elo. But dont worry man, keep up with your 30% winrate and you'll soon drop to the depth of bronze 4 where you belong. Don't get me wrong, in 2 month you'll come back on the board to cry about "Q.Q bRonZZE iS so baAAaaD - ELO HELL Q.Q" and trigger people like me with your non sense. **PLAY ENOUGH GAMES AND YOU'LL BE WHERE YOU BELONG, FROM THAT CARRY YOURSELF UP**
Neeko (EUNE)
: Is there any way to get prestige Kai'sa?
i'm pretty sure you can buy any Prestige edition skin with any of theToken event of the month no ? It's like the gems thing, you can buy any gems skin with them.
GT omg (EUNE)
: Looking for a good adc
Good and gold in the same sentence LuL
: Life of a toplaner
: tahm kench is really problem!
Just don't feed him and accept the coinflip game
: I mainly play in ranked flex but this shouldn't be an issue cause the highest guy i queue with is silver 2 and the lowest is bronze 1
Doesn't matter, flexQ is random. Dont expect that to be a true Q. It never has never will. Play solo/duo or don't complain about MMR. I'm D2 in soloQ but silver 2 in flex, do you think i play like a silver ?
: LoLSkin has been banned on Tr servers, what about euW?
Seems normal to me, like it’s litteraly forgery
: Fixing Ranked Matchmaking
I’m pretty sure it’s virtualy impossible for a low silver to be matched with a high plat. Link your match history to support what you Say. Like literally if you’re hardstuck low silver, you can only play with bronze or bad mmr low gold, literally. If you play soloQ of course, otherwise it’s meaningless
PIue (EUW)
: games like this are why I think honour levels are too hard to achieve
: For the general toxicity in the game, you just need to do one thing : mute all. Say one nice thing in the chat like « don’t worry we can win, just play safe » then mute all. Maybe it won’t have effect and hour team will still run down, maybe it’ll calm 1 or 2. When people are toxic or giving up its because of a fail in the early game, which doesn’t mean the end of the game. Thing is that in low elo, you can’t rely on your team to not feed or carry. The biggest advice I’ve for you is to pick a strong carry champ that can impact all the map. If you want consistent winrate (70+) then you need to be the carry every game. And of course you’ll loose some, just don’t let that affect you.
And man, I just checked your opgg... If you have 44% in gold4, maybe you need to accept that it’s your true elo.. Focus on improving more than climbing and the climbing will be done by itself. If you focus more on the LP than the good/bad things you’ve done in games, you’ll be hardstuck frustrated in a circle of coinflip games
: As I answered in the comment above this. I mostly blew off Steam with that. And yes I agree with you. I already got convinced. But Since you are a D2 player... What can I do to Improve? especially if People flame or give up.
For the general toxicity in the game, you just need to do one thing : mute all. Say one nice thing in the chat like « don’t worry we can win, just play safe » then mute all. Maybe it won’t have effect and hour team will still run down, maybe it’ll calm 1 or 2. When people are toxic or giving up its because of a fail in the early game, which doesn’t mean the end of the game. Thing is that in low elo, you can’t rely on your team to not feed or carry. The biggest advice I’ve for you is to pick a strong carry champ that can impact all the map. If you want consistent winrate (70+) then you need to be the carry every game. And of course you’ll loose some, just don’t let that affect you.
66Blaster (EUW)
: Freezing frame in game between in about 6-11 min about 3 times in periodes of about 30 sec.
I had the same last year and it was duo to my internet provider (Bouygues) I had to activate an option in the firmware of my router
Vertinhol (EUW)
: Gold IV or Iron IV ?
Dont focus on a small samples of games, if you play enough tryharding you’ll get where you belong. I, currently in promo to D1, find myself so much less toxic and more positive since I’m out of D4 (most frustrating elo). I took me like 150 games to get pass D4 MMR but now I enjoy every game
: The f*ed up Matchmaking system
If you knew how MMR worked you wouldn’t be talking about visible rank. If you’re G4 with a S3 MMR, then that means that you’ll play with player of S3 MMR. They could have the visible rank of a bronze 2 (80% smurfing) or a G1 (boosted kind). Nevertheless you’d still be matched together. To take back my example, would you rather have a smurf on bronze account or a boosted hardstuck gold ? I’m D2 and whenever I’ve a D4 in my game I’m actually quite happy because that means he’s real elo is higher than mine. Otherwise the MMR system would’t Push him up like that. Just look at the bronze player average mmr games, if it’s the same as yours then you’re equally skilled for the system. Tldr : visible rank =/ MMR rank.
: why for people like you, asking is crying?, im not allowed to ask? and how do you win when your team feed everyone? i don't think you, faker etc can win 1 vs 9, where your team is able only to feed and die from minions
Well, yes you can't so just moove on ! Unwinnable games happens but not most of the time. Don't cry over that, it happens to all of us (even faker )
: People losing their minds over the smallest things.
Don't worry it doesn't get better the higher elo.
: so im hard stuck at silver 2 and i can't get to silver 1 because this game is complete trash like the riot company?
the game is not completely trash : YOU ARE COMPLETELY TRASH AT THE GAME This is the only reason you're hardstuck silver, DM me for coaching (10E/H)
570 Scythe (EUNE)
: 14 day ban for dis???
Permanent vacation soon :))
: Jesus, I can't think of a comeback Wp
You welcome bro <3
: I Want A chat Restriction
I suggest that you'd just uninstal.. Negative winrate in low plat should be a bannable offense (HEHE XD)
: Why do People have the need to smurf?
The true purpose of smurfing is to get a higher elo than your main one. Because you've learned so much during the journey to get you at your true elo, all the lower elo will be really easy to go through. Therefore, you've a sick 80% winrate until like D4 (if you're master level for example). Your MMR is really strong (as it detects you deserve much higher) aka you win a lot of LP and loose few making the climb to a further rank easier. After 500 games in a defined elo, your MMR will stagnate and it'll be hard to get out of. Other reason may be to stomp noobs or feel good about yourself... i guess.. Personaly, i don't like smurfing so idk
: #FreeNubrac
NB3 is a douche, that's general knowledge, not defending him or his team afk behavior. Nevertheless, this guy Nubrac shouldn't force his "own strategic vision" to the rest of his team, that's just an abusive behavior. Imagine it happened in real life, in a democraty, one people wants something but the rest doesn't... Just to clarify things because low-elo players seems to be very supportive toward Nubrac : - There is a difference between playing an **off-meta champ** (as long as you're trying to win and that you're not obviously trolling, i'm sorry nunu mid disco running down to get turrets is not a viable strategy) and playing an **off meta strat **. - The first only impact you as in you're the one forced to play off-meta. The later forces ALL your team to play off meta. If they don't agree to that, then you're griefing. And please, for the love of god, stop the non-sense about how teemo denied TF and how sivir could 1v2. ADC's are matched with support for a reason (they need help to go through early game and need items before being relevant). That's not the case for mid/top champs who often have more powerplay potential during the early mid. Levels are so freaking important in this game and being down 2 level because the sup took your exp is a game over for irelia. I wouldn't like to play with him or against him since it's just a cheesy annoying strat (that doesn't even work since he has negative winrate). It's just not fun to play with trolls in ranked, the so called visionary who's gonna "re-invent the meta" wtf. In any case : - He denied TF AND IRELIA (soaking its EXP) - He denied Sivir by forcing her to 1v2 (you're not supposed to 1v2), what if the ennemy freeze her and she can't even get close the wave for exp ???? - By the way, if he wanted to duo top (swap lane) then it'd be fair and it'd be to the ennemy team to react accordingly.
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