: My mind after reading this:{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: Why are leavers votes in a surrender still required?
to surrender you need more than a half of players to vote, so 3 has to be enough, but it isn't for lol, when half of team wants to surrender, and 2 trolls feeders want to waste their time, our time and still lose
Dinhu (EUW)
: dont please delete bronze gauntelt
what you mean with bronze gauntelt
: It is the same arguing which was used in times of DFG.
ye, there is game, called SMITE, earlier you could build every item what you want, on every god, but now, they removed ap items for physicals, and physical items for ap, lol needs same, no hybrids and etc
Kashiro (EUNE)
: Don't you need level 30 to ranked ? *thinking* Also i would argue that if you want to play rankeds, you don't want to "learn" champions on normals, bots or any other mode.
ye, you need 30, but i was angry to think before writing, it was normal game, but i played few rankeds, i mixed
: Simply remove Lich Bane from game, because it totally screws your champion balance
every champion which doesn't have ap scaling, can go ap because of lich bane xD (+nashor's tooth for some champs)
Dwrc (EUNE)
: Dodgeing in promos
problem in this game is their client, better we login in browser and join game, than this bugged client which doesn't even connect sometimes or stucks in loading screen
: So why league does need to refresh its Shit mmr
ranked is only for unskilled players, to be carried. Then they are ruining our games and saying (ahahha you are low rank noob) rank is only to have something to show, because most of the players with high ranks have 0 skill and can't even 1v1 anyone, i saw even lee sin with 500k mastery and diamond rank whcih couldn't 1v1 support janna
: Hold left-click on it and drag it away (yes, it can move).
: I'm almost sure there's no shiled that can save your adc from mage with 6 items.
karma ult which has 10s cooldown+her passive which makes no cooldown on ult
: [V9.15] Bug report yuumi + mordekaiser (all by myself in ARAM map)
hmm, i thought they fixed it, there was even patch with that
: should be called free win rune instead
if it was free win rune, everyone would pick that
: > [{quoted}](name=SuperJunk,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=7EsOqxlk,comment-id=0003000000000000,timestamp=2019-08-07T10:07:21.609+0000) > > frontline ? kha zix, rengar and other things which can oneshot, can jump on you from one kilometer, and oneshot you, and why do i have to build tanky items (which you showed) because riot can't balance damage ? even bard at level 1+electrocute, does half of your health with basic-Q-basic, maybe i want to play full ap without getting oneshoted You are talking about riot's balance but you want to "play full ap without getting oneshoted". Buddy, what we are talking about? If you want to play like that then go in bronze and u can play with that playstyle w/o problems. Yes, build tanky items if you won't get oneshotted, because rengar/khazix are assasins and they are supposed to oneshot squishy champions. If you can't play with tanky items, then don't play that champ or practise more. Normal player will always focus soraka because it heals a lot, something that you can do even if you are full tank, but if you play full ap it's normal to get oneshotted. Don't blame riot or others for your own mistake. Change your behavior and way that you take things otherwise u'll be gold 4ever.
rank and skill are not same thing, you can be diamond but still be worse than some bronze players, if you got carried by someone and got rank, it doesn't give skill to you, and building that trash items on soraka or any support is useless
: To be fair though, that's just what the assassins like rengar are supposed to do. Easily kill squishies, especially sorakas who go full ap. That's not a balancing issue but your refusal to build accordingly to the situation.
do you know any other game, where someone can oneshot you with one ability or basic attack ? for example SMITE, is moba game too, who can oneshot you there. Assassin or no, damage is not balanced
Rios160 (EUNE)
: silver but play with platinum
same with me, sometimes i play even with diamonds, it's annoying, and problem isn't in skill, some diamonds are worse than tutorial bots, but when my team has lower ranks than enemy team, it isn't cool
: > [{quoted}](name=GonahtanuGepardi,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=7EsOqxlk,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-08-07T09:52:51.931+0000) > > It looks like you have much to learn if you think soraka or bard should get a maw. As soraka/bard support you should not be in frontline, so again buddy, you have to learn so much about this game. {{item:2055}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3905}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3050}} {{item:2065}} {{item:3364}} Thank me later.
frontline ? kha zix, rengar and other things which can oneshot, can jump on you from one kilometer, and oneshot you, and why do i have to build tanky items (which you showed) because riot can't balance damage ? even bard at level 1+electrocute, does half of your health with basic-Q-basic, maybe i want to play full ap without getting oneshoted
: Hi there 700k Yi main here. Yi's build path is mainly On-Hit right now. The runes i take are Lethal tempo Triumph Legend: Tenacity (or the attack speed one if no cc on enemy team) Coup de grace Domination Sudden impact Ravernous hunter Core items: Red smite: Bloodrazor Rageblade 3rd item: Wits end (if ap heavy) or deaths dance (if burst heavy) Then your last two items can be out of these: Steraks gage Wits end or deaths dance (whichever one you didn't buy Mercurial scimitar Black cleaver Blade of the Ruined king Spear of shojin One item cowsep has been building everygame is Zhonyas hourglass. The item is super broken and can save you from being bursted. It's like having a second meditate.
700k mastery points=nothing, i saw some players with more than 1,5m mastery points which can't hit abilities or 1v1 anyone
: Old Aatrox W
aatrox has enough heal, one basic attack=full hp with death's dance and some lifesteal runes
: Verbal abuse
you are not allowed to show names in boards, only when you send tickets, but not here
: Can I get banned for picking MF?
you can play adc zilean with full ad items and you won't get banned, only thing you have to do, is play and don't feed or troll
: No Flash on W
that is what galio needed, time to nerf gragas with his damage reduction and oneshots
: You could have logged in with your main account, riot employee.
ye, even that name looks like so
Lxixlxy (EUW)
: Unbalanced!
it won't help you, because of smurfs, i had level 30 draven who had 0 mastery points on draven, but wasn't playing as it was his first game, smurfs must be blocked to balance game, when new player plays with someone who made new account because can't win games in his rank
Gabresol (EUW)
: Botlaners should loose more LP and gain less
bot lane isn't always terrible, i had game where me and my adc died 0 times, while my adc was 17-0 and i was 3-0, and similar games
Létí (EUW)
: I ban yasuo because most of them are feeders, unless they are on the enemy team, then they go 20/1.
same, but every time yasuo plays vs my full tank karma mid, they won't be 20-1, otherwise they will
utherrev (EUNE)
: Elise's spiderlings in tft dmg HP is a bad passive!
elise damage is only from basic attacks and spiderlings
jacktjong (EUW)
: Lulu or Bard in solo lanes is more for memes than any actual advantage. They're weak solo laners, so why make them completely unplayable in them? Let some people enjoy the memes.
because they don't need farm, you can pick lulu or bard mid, and give all your farm to jungler
graabbuu (EUW)
: Toxicity
toxicity is single thing what can be easy proofed (by chat logs), that is why people get banned for it more than for inting, griefing and etc
bfwdjhuh (EUW)
: An Ultimate skin for Amumu?
before making skin for amumu, they have to make at least visual update of that chewed bubble gum with big head, come on- it is mummy, at least they could make it scary or like real mummy which walks like zombie or etc
: How is it bugged, do enemies not get rooted anymore?
it isn't stun, i think it was root )
: Patch 9.14 - Bug Thread
this game has only one bug, TFT, they can't make balance between that mode and normal modes
: Annie permanent stun
annie is disabled, and instead of sending your match history, make a video or find video in youtube
: Will event-specific gamemodes ever make a return?
there will be only this bugged and useless TFT xD, every other mode is better than TFT which ruined all game
: This boards is so toxic,you get what you want from riot and again you complain about something
Angst Two (EUW)
: This patch is most broken ive ever seen (rengar, morde, camille bugs, maybe more?)
in tft i put rapid firecannon on my tristana, and tristana got all passives from all items which have attack speed in it, like hurricane, statik and etc, she was randomly hitting all enemies instead of 1-2 of hurricane, even though she had no hurricane
JustClone (EUNE)
: What you do not like about amumu skills?
lets be honest mummy could have better abilities and even some fear, not crying, even though (he has no friends)
N o (EUW)
: Massive Twisted Treeling Bot Problem
that is why twisted treelane can be deleted, because there are no enough players to delete bots
: teamfight tactics more champions on the field than player level.
it is bug, they can abuse force of nature to have even 2x more champs than their levels
: The real question here is: why does GG Miss Fortune look like Vi?
why does firecrack vayne look like lux ?
C4libur (EUNE)
: That a lot of negativity!
: > [{quoted}](name=PaG VentusKing,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Rg6j8h3N,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2019-07-12T16:24:51.893+0000) > > Harsh words for someone who doesnt want pyke to get nerfed... But Pyke doesn't have 58% winrate, Lux does. Pyke isn't a mage, Lux is Pyke doesn't deal burst AOE, Lux does
pyke got buff, he can oneshot with ult
: Next patch
17 july
Εlin (EUW)
: People have scores like this and then tell me not to surrender.
: Making runes in champ selecet
I've never had a problem with runes, i can make it in a few seconds for every champ
Blakex13x (EUW)
: its ok i will run it down mid from now on screw you riot.
riot bans only for flaming, because they can see chat logs, but feeders, inters won't be banned, even if you report them every game, that's why i'm reporting by sending a ticket, where i can proof that he ruined my game
Backstard (EUNE)
: Just got demoted to bronze
when i got 1 win and lost 2 games, i got a message (your next game will be free win) and i lost that game too, what does free win even mean, i lost game and lost *free win* because of my team which can't group up even though i say it whole game
True Sight (EUNE)
: Aatrox without a revive isn't Aatrox
i like it, at least he can die, not kill everyone and still be full hp, or dive tower and ult to revive
: Why are smurfs allowed?
last game i had draven with 0 pts and who just unlocked ranked, and he wasn't playing like a player who tries draven first time, even first year
: Very good point actually. Its impossible for a system to learn without proper feedback. But since people dont understand the reportsystem and still think that reporting someone for dying often will get them banned nothing will change...
Εlin (EUW)
: i like the fact that we can claim icons from TFT without playing it.
for what do we need that much icons, i can choose new icon every day already
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