: Last we heard fiddle is nearing completion, we will probably see him some time in February or March. And amumu shouldn’t be scary, he litterally is a kid having a temper tantrum he should be a sympathetic character not a horror one
he is mummy, he could look at least a little bit better, not teemo body with cho gath head
: Nerf Heimerdinger turrets
for fidl, master and etc champs his turrets are free target to hit him, and his turret tank that much turret shots only in late game, he is made to push, nothing to wonder
Vulpis (EUW)
: Its time to nerf Ekko.
doesn't he get skin next patch?
AkØr (EUW)
: Problems with Urf
if they were smart, they would delete exhaust, some op items and op champs from urf or other fun modes, but no, lets just give them 80% cooldown, earlier sona and ryze were blocked in urf (if i remember right)
Tuumajuzz (EUW)
: you dodge too late. I bet you waiting for some1 else to dodge before you....
i dodged even at 40 seconds, but game still started, today we played game where other guy dodged, but game didn't cancel/end, then i dodged and nothing happened, i reopened game to see if the game was really dodged, but no, i played 4v5 game (won) and the guy who dodged before me wasn't even in the game
: Se is : - A mage. Nuff said, she deservers to be OP as every mage in this game. Whever you guys relize that all mages are broken and it's not becouse of the champions the sooner you will be happy. Watch how overnerf Sett in the next patch becouse he's doing fine and he is not a mage
but mages need at least to hit skillshots xD all what diana does is hitting Q then you know what happens
Rioter Comments
suppDK (EUW)
: Bring back 3v3
their client already sucks, imagine if dominion and twisted treeline weren't removed, 6 different modes, client would explode
: Ekko has been dominant for over 4 months now as the best jungler and one of the best midlaners.
: Season 10 is a joke
i'm not playing ranked anyways, i play this game only when there is urf, nexus blitz or other limited time modes
: Can you, please nerf EKKO?
he need triple R cooldown
: The color of Shaco‘s ult clone for his allies.
it can have some fog aura or like neeko clone but they just changed color xD
Valbo (EUW)
: Does reporting someone even work?
reports work only for verbal abuse and harassment, never seen someone get ban for afk, trolling, inting, ruining your game and etc reasons
Wolity (EUW)
: More than one Honor
earlier you could honor your whole team+ all enemy team, but now it is one player, and it is better than the old one, people were honoring enemies for making someone from their team mad
Morrhen (EUW)
: Yup, healer can't oneshot people, however certain champions can't be oneshotted. Like for example Leona x Nami/Yuumi Or Garen x Yuumi. Plus you have such champions like Sona who can deny the oneshot by stunning them... which results in allies oneshotting the one who was trying to do the same. For example, when normal URF was up last year, me and my friend went for Leona x Yuumi. We managed to win every single lane there was. With exception of Maokai being present in certain games. Leona stuns people and does little damage, since she has full tank items. Yuumi heals her up to full. With this comp, rarely anyone beats you. Now imagine if heals were effective even more so. In the end, everyone has their own concept of fun.
i mean if you oneshot someone, how can he be healed, even if healing is buffed by 1000%, they can't heal oneshot, and sona can't stun rengar, talon, kha zix and etc things, they always have edge of night, and do damage even while stunned or out of range
Morrhen (EUW)
: Support heals are nerfed because certain champions... like Nami or Yuumi can spam them for eternity. If healing wasnt nerfed every game, any team comp with a healer who isn't Soraka would win. Also... Vladimir says hello. Only reason why Vladimir isn't stomping everyone early game in URF is because of healing reduction. After that... good luck. ARURF is about randomness. Whoever highrolls champions, wins. Yup, absolutely unfair but... if you're not there to have just fun and kill time, you probably shouldn't play ARURF. That being said - I prefer regular URF, where I can get to pick Leona or Illaoi and demolish everyone xD
i don't think any teamcomp would win, they can't heal oneshot, and yuumi even with heal decrease heals full hp in few seconds, and single thing what i like in ARURF is 80% cdr
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1von (EUNE)
: 1.Honestly for two weeks of reporting trolls in silver/gold elo in ranked I got Instant feedback message twice. 2.Riot system mostly ban for flame. 3.Everyone is whining about feeders and trolls (including me) yet no one have idea how to deal with them.. Also read this post : I opened this problem and there are good solutions in the comment section: https://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/ocyE9E9X-please-guys-give-me-advice-please So...Any ideas? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
they ban for flame, because it is automatic, you report them for harass/hate speech, and bot finds the words in their chat history and bans, but for feeders and trolls they have to do it manually (i think)
: I cant dodge : )
once i dodged game, then opened client to check did game start or no (because it happened a lot, that game started) and guess what, game started, but i was fast enough to play with them from the start, they just spawned in fountain
: Games are to short, and champions deals to much damage.
i know some moba games, where they couldn't do anything to nerf these oneshots, and they added +10-20% base hp, hp per level, hp from items and etc which gives hp
: i had to change my name aswell its for a guy who is level 5
did you just add 17 in your name?
: Still waiting for an {{champion:34}} rework.
Kurfíx (EUNE)
: Block list
client is bugged, it isn't single issue in the game
: Which part of it is the said reference?
i gifted 1 downvote to each of your comment and 1 upvote to his comment {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Morrhen (EUW)
: Cool. Now thanks to you, people will want to replicate this with Qiyana and let her step on them.
this bug is in youtube from the first day of sett's release (in PBE)
: Renekton Avatar Picture?
{{champion:32}} is better than renekton? mummy, which looks like dirty halloween costume made of toilet paper
: Does League need a kick function?
not a good idea for MOBA game, it isn't rpg to kick and wait until someone else joins dungeon
: Disconnect?
i had same problem, had to restart computer to be able to open client, i joined, game was already done
: Client is insanely bugged and broken atm
does NA server have same problems? or it is like always only for eu servers
: What's wrong with post game chat?
same problem, almost 2 weeks
: Feels like a prank!
morde passive does damage from max health, and E gives him passive penetration, tank or no, if he gets liandry+ryla he will melt you
Rioter Comments
Shaebadu (EUW)
: Pyke is disgusting
before the release they said (true support)
: Why I don't enjoy winning anymore.
because you can't fight now, there is only 1 player in the game who 1v5, every time, it isn't old league anymore, when it was 5v5 fights and nobody could oneshot with these scalings
Rioter Comments
: Then don’t try to fight her in the shroud. Your assuming you’ve gotta stand there and fight just walk out of the shroud and she has to come to you. And these abilities can be used to supplement your support or make it harder for her to stay in the shroud (she has to reveal herself to heal)... for example draven can knock her out of the shroud with his E then hit her with an auto attack before she gets back in, that will put her revealing herself to kill him much much more riskier
i'm not even playing ranked or SR, i'm playing lol only when there is limited time mode, with these unbalanced champs is impossible to play anything else
Luciferrx (EUNE)
: LOL??You know adc need skill to survive more then anyone else yet..they got nerfed to the ground.
skill to dodge? all what adc can do is get oneshoted or get help from tank-support
: Why "An S" is correct? S is not consonant!
for example Username, you say a Username, because you ready it as consonant
ToriTori (EUNE)
at least mages need skill to hit (not every mage tho) but assassins just build full lethality and oneshot with targeted abilities, and lethality items are cheaper
: Add more bans
wait for fidl and volibear rework, you will have new champs to ban {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: I think that idea would have been neat if you pitted cheaters against cheaters. The problem with having toxics against each other is that there are some decent people among them willing to reform and the fact that they'd be surrounded by bad influences would completely contradict the point of punishing toxicity, because it would only thrive more.
Xaveria (EUW)
: Literally every game has a smurf or someone going AFK - why isn't Riot taking any action?
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Just want to give credit to Riot Support
league support is better than balance team, matchmaking and etc things
: Counters against the combo ult+dmg from the top of my head: {{champion:103}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:7}} cc him if he goes in and do not stand in his short range. He cannot use his ult if he is silenced or immobilized. I mean he has to be in meelee range at least after one e. It should be possible to catch him * when he rolls with his e skill, * when he is walking closer to proc e and passive and * After the proc if he used e and is unable to tumble and flash. Careful though, the proc gives him high movement speed. Also poke him slow with longer range spells or burst him quickly down. Ekko bets on fast burst because this allows him to heal the most by turning back time. Slow burn>burst. Otherwise you can buy items against the heal from ekko's ult{{summoner:14}}
he needs 0,1s and spammed R, i don't think you can control him whole time
: His ultimate CD at 45% CDR ( which is piss easy to get in the current meta) is an absolute joke . Jump in , slash the enemy team for shit ton of damage and jump out , do the same again in 30 seconds . Hahahah %%%ing joke of a game
don't forget cloud drakes (if i am right it gives 10% ult cdr for each dragon)
Kian987 (EUW)
: Shen smells
when i saw shen first time (few million years ago, when dinosaurs were alive), i thought it is ninja, it has to be an assassin
: Please, give me some tips
tbh now in lol you can play every champ in every lane, i've seen a lot janna mid, karma top, adc annie/heimer/ziggs with ap builds, play that what you can good enough, to win games
Çhip (EUW)
: First kayn ult didnt do damage so its only visual bug. (I think)
i had a game where kayn ulted twice and both did damage
: Leaque of bought accounts
that's why i don't play ranked, every game or smurf, or 0-15 (in every lane) tbh i don't even care about my rank, i just play league of legends when there is ARURF, URF, Nexus Blitz, poro king and etc fun modes, not ranked or SR
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