: Ban system suck : is this behaviour acceptable in ranked game ?
I know for a fact the ban system does nothing because my toxic acquaintance has still not been punished at all for years of flaming, racist comments and trolling.
: Plug-in or Wireless Internet?
Archiive (EUW)
: Do you report "ez" and if so, what as?
I assure you your reports for "ez" do nothing.
Grimtm (EUNE)
: Tribunal Back PLS!!!!
I know for a fact the system doesnt work because my very toxic friend has never been punished even once.
TJ04 (EUW)
: Rotating Game Modes
I miss hexakill and being able to choose my champ in one for all
: Does Riot expect us to buy the emotes? (450 RP)
: ARURF rly sucks... I'm tired.
Its a game mode that is horrible when u get the shit champs.
: ARURF rly sucks... I'm tired.
yup its just who ever gets the op champs now and i hate that. Game is won at champ select.
xephio67 (EUW)
: Basically...Urf
Its like playing aram, ARURF is just won at champ select most of the time. Ive had games which are just unwinnable and thats not fun.
: Guys wtf ? The whole point of URF is to unbalance the game ... Also its not better when you could pick your champ because everybody picks the most op and tries to win every game like where is the fun in that ? Everybody is just hard trying. The only thing that would be good is to actually be able to ban even if its random. The "real" URF was shit ... The second urf was also shit, now this urf is pretty much the best that we had. Would be awesome if the next urf has bans and is random. AND PLEASE STOP SPAMMING ABOUT IT BEING UNBALANCED. IT IS MEANT TO BE UNBALANCED TO SOME EXTEND. Have a nice day everybody ! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Except its not fun at all to be on the recieving end of the op champs
: > [{quoted}](name=Superslimface,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Q8ojobKP,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2017-06-18T15:20:18.135+0000) > > Yeh draven is so op thats why he gets so much pro play....oh wait he has loads of counter play. Maybe do some research before you post, draven was picked in lck summer split 2017 despite korean adcs claiming that catching axes requires too much effort compared to other adcs. And they still picked him this split. Obviously he got an indirect buff and is on another level
wow he got picked so have many meh champs
Eratos (EUW)
: DRAVEN broken as hell
Yeh draven is so op thats why he gets so much pro play....oh wait he has loads of counter play.
Eratos (EUW)
Snaggle (EUW)
: Login issues again?!
Gasburger (EUW)
: Thanks Riot
Yeh about time, to me hes felt weak for ages....no where near the damage pre rework. I think people dont like him just because hes a bit annoying to play against( dogs in your face and shield)
AstralDream (EUNE)
: Why intentional feeders are not banned?
Because there is a difference between being bad and inting
Rioter Comments
Scythe389 (EUW)
: What to do about Yasuo's critical damage?
Completely disagree, Having someone dc or not connect at the beginning is not fun and having to wait till 20mins to surrender a already lost game is very annoying. Getting your ass kicked just because you lost a player is just pointless. I dont wanna play a game where its a 4v5 and i have next to no chance of winning.
saibot420 (EUNE)
: There is a reason you play with them because u are the same rank, and as bad as them. It's hard to admit but the rank you are in is what you deserve, so don't blame your team for being feeders etc.
Not really rank demonstrates your ablilty to carry more than anything else. Everyone gets bad teams it just happens and some games are impossible to carry.
House x33 (EUW)
: High CPU usage after Patch 7.3
alot of people have been having cpu issues with the new client as of the new patch
Farce (EUNE)
: Cooling pads for Mac's are rather passive coolers too afaik. But yeah those can be bought and fix the problem to some extent. Does that make me to any extent more positive towards buying a computer for outrageous amounts of money and be forced to buy additional gear to play a game from 2009? No. But that's a matter of preference.
Thats what it comes down to then really that you personally dont want a mac book because it doesnt do what you want. Do i think macs are a rip off money wise? Ofc they are. However no one buys one for high end gaming but that doesnt mean they arent completely capable of gaming too.
Farce (EUNE)
: The topic is about Macbooks. I have a laptop with dedicated cooling to both cpu and gpu, never did I mention desktops.
regardless, laptops are well known for their overheating issues. Its not hard to buy a fan addon either.
Farce (EUNE)
: If PC's were the most known for having issues with overheating? Yes.
Pcs and laptops overheat too you know ;)
Farce (EUNE)
: I can run games on my computer without cooling fans too. Can it be used for gaming? Yes. Will that end well for that PC? I don't think so.
Yet macs do have cooling systems
Farce (EUNE)
: How is having no significant cooling mechanism the same limitation?
You are comparing mac laptops to pcs ;) Mac desktops do have cooling systems ;)
Farce (EUNE)
: Then it's not client's problem to that - still blaming the machine.
Difference is now you are blaming that mac specifically and not macs in general. Before you put the blame on all macs by saying " I have a macbook Here, I've found the issue. Please fix." What about this? "I have a pc Here, I've found the issue. Please fix." If i did this would it make it true?
Farce (EUNE)
: The difference is - some Windows machines vs. ALL Mac machines. I totally understand, that some people get one machine and play on it too. However, >can't afford >buy Mac doesn't go together. If i didn't want to spend too much money, i wouldnt burn my pc to play a game.
Yet its not ALL mac machines at all. Question: Can you run games on a mac? Answer: Yes Hence macs can be used for gaming.
Farce (EUNE)
: Well, good for you. Maybe it won't kill your machine. Still, if something works on a Windows machine with the same CPU, while Apple machine is going to go crazy, I'm gonna blame it on Mac. And optimisation of the game - but that's also a disadvantage of Mac, however indirect.
Blaming it on macs in general tho without any actual evidence that its a problem with mac while using the "macs arent meant for gaming"as a reason for it is a bit close minded. I mean there are bugs and problems all the time on pc( from poor optimisation to bugs/crashes etc) yet I wouldnt blame pcs in general for whatever random thing it is thats gone wrong. I mean its like me saying laptops arent for gaming when clearly they are just not for high end gaming, thing is you kinda talk as if gaming is forbidden on macs and cant be done at all yet clearly it can and pretty easily too they just have the same cpu/gpu limitations that pcs have.
Farce (EUNE)
: But OP mentioned having i7 inside his Mac.
ive also got an i7 in my mac so and that as of 5 mins ago runs the client no problems.....
Farce (EUNE)
: Well yeah, I might have been a bit off with the weight, didn't check that up before posting. The point still stands, though. Second part - yes. I agree, that they CAN run League. I just stated, that it's not good for the health of the computer, especially when run for longer periods of time. And league isn't a game to launch for 10 min and quit.
I played league on my mac for years and never had any issues tho.
Farce (EUNE)
: Yeah, it drains resources like crazy. Still doesn't make my i7 slowly turn into coal tho, what seems to be happening on Macs.
ofc not but macs and low end pcs are ofc gonna have problems. It doesnt make my i7 on pc have any problems either but people with old cpus probabaly will have issues both pcs and macs.
Farce (EUNE)
: Compatibile != designed for There are many games runnable on Mac. That doesn't mean prolonged usage of such applications isn't going to cause harm to the machine. Especially if those, for some reason, drain "400%" (kek) resources.
Same thing could be said for pcs and laptops.......oh and reports about the same issue op is having have been coming in for a while now including from pc users. Seems like the client just takes more cpu power to run than the actual game.
XHorology (EUW)
: Giving up...
In the words of rocky "it aint over till its over" and this is completly true in league.
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: Hey man. The new client is still on beta. you can use the old client. as you did so far. a lot of people having problems with the new client even on windows.
I dont even like the new client and would rather use the old one.
Farce (EUNE)
: It's true tho. I mean, no offense against Apple device users, Mac machines are not a gaming gear. Useful for business stuff or graphic design due to portability and range of software tools - but please. Games are not Apple's speciality. How the hell do you expect there to be any resonable cooling in a 300-400g machine that slim. A reasonable fan wouln't even fit in there. Yeah, radiators. Radiators won't handle excess usage, especially if there is such a small surface area to dissipate the heat. http://www.apple.com/euro/macbook-air/c/generic/images/overview_wireless_hero_enhanced.png
lol except its not true in the case of low end games like league, wow etc. many of these have been mac compatible for aggggegssssssssssssssss and work perfectly fine I run the new client no problems on mine. If he had said hey my mac wont run crysis then you could have said "haha lol mac pc master race jajajaja". You pretty much just saw mac and a problem and thought im just gonna take this moment to blame the product rather than his mac maybe just having a fault. Yes we all get it macs are expensive as hell and dont have the best parts in them for gaming, that doesnt mean they cant easily run low end games.
: New client taking way too much CPU on Mac
: Galio and Athene's unholy grail
Hes next on the rework list.
nigusha (EUNE)
: guys sorry really sorry but i mist write it FUCK YOU RIOT
: Too much magic resist too little magic pen
{{item:3020}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3001}}
KokalePoika (EUNE)
: Ramous IS OP! nerf please
: <------As a long time main malzahar, and i mean season 1 player here, Faker CANT play malzahar ! I said it
yup faker simply doesnt really play malz
: Hard cc ? Yasuo buys qss. Believe me, once he gets 1 defensive item hes unkillable, from my personal adventures. and if he gets 1/2 kills in the laning phase you can surrender ... I played annie often this season, stomped yasuo to death. He bought phantom dancer, mr boots and hexdrinker, guess what.. i couldnt touch him anymore..
Hence it being a team game, you see a yasuo you need some cc. As said by swampert you team should have a fair amount of cc. In low elo hard cc wins games. Part of the game is played in the champ select screen and the win/loss can be determined alot of the time just there.
: Every game i have ever been in, hes been in, i personally think hes OP as hell, never seen a real counter to a Yasuo who knows what they are doing.
: How do I get a S class????
Play very well in a game, so high cs,damage and kills.
: I hate yasuo
: Remove Void Staff and Last Whisper Items
If u build full mr as a tank against magic damage champs they cant do anything to you.
kubgjakob02 (EUNE)
it is very long but has a ton of counter play
Pookyl (EUW)
: Banned ... !!!
another player who blames others for his behaviour jajajajaja
Rismosch (EUW)
: But unless League, Overwatch isn't a free game.
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