Luciα (EUW)
: Where to find High Rank replays of Champs i want to practice?
: Kalista main LF Support main (Thresh, Leona, Morgana...)
pain1331 (EUNE)
: Is gangplank op
: The completely forgotten skin line
The reason for that are probably the other Skinlines related to snow/ice like snowday and winter wonder
Drda (EUNE)
: Is it not gonna give me an option to change my name?
Try contact the support. I had the same problem, except that I hadn't played for a while, so my name became available for pick-up again and my was changed to some random one. I asked them nicely and they changed my name for me.
Krzesia (EUNE)
: New champion
{{champion:145}} and {{champion:67}} are the only ones I can think of that are SOMEHWAT similiar to akali and ranged.
Jaxson1 (EUW)
: Honor Level Reset
Already happened at the start of the season
Thornhub (EUW)
: what is a sett mysterious card? and why is it so mysterious if the obvious outcome of the loot is going to be sett? xDDD
Ikr, so mysterious. Not like they already announced it in their dev blog today xD
: Inst sett suppose to be on live servers today? if so what time in eu
Shaebadu (EUW)
: Your permabans
{{champion:38}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:89}} I don't know when the last time was that I lost against Pyke, but it's just so frustrating to play against him
: sett release time
Nihun (EUNE)
: Lost Nightringer (Yasuo) skin in Night and Dawn event
What you bought for Night & Dawn tokens isn't a skin. It's a chroma for the Nightbringer Yasuo skin, which you still have to buy in order to be able to use it.
1von (EUNE)
: do you have something to say smart boy?
Ohh yeah, you did THAT much better than your "brainless" teammates. This just proves my point.
1von (EUNE)
: Dude I'm literally trying to carry my game. What more I can do when my teammates get destroyed? I'm not God. I don't even use chat. How my attitude lose games? How?
If you were good enough to carry you wouldn't have any problems climbing. But instead you're creating a highly offensive forum post insulting your teammates and blaming your inability to climb on them. That ain't an attitude that will get you anywhere.
1von (EUNE)
: Give me specific reason.
Because if you're anything like this ingame people desereve better teammates than you. Attitudes like yours cause more losses than anything else.
1von (EUNE)
: Quick question
People like you should just stop playing tbh
: Do you have any special reason as to why you think so?
I wouldn't mind if they became permanent, but the 2 weeks they're supposed to last as of now are just a joke. Especially since the trophies say when they were earned, making them the equivalent of season reward icons. I'm also curious to see how the whole Clash thing is going to work now that it's officially starting
: Clash Trophies and Banners should be permanent and not temporary!
Maybe not permanent, but they should definitely last longer than they do now
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: I don't think you need 10 first bloods for sett's card
People asked the support. At first I was thinking the same, but as a support main you get first blood rather often. I'm just not paying attention to it.
Karhast (EUW)
: Probably going to wait out for people to do their promotions, just impossible... ashe support??? Thought I learned a lot how to hard carry, I end up almost winning games with having 70% of team's kills, but as I do minor mistakes such as attempting to save my foolish team mates from overextending consequences (respawned fed enemy team vs 3 levels behind maggots) - I die for 60 seconds as well and game is done for.
I can assure you that the champ isn't the problem. It's about the player and the matchup. Because Ashe support works like a charm if done right. But yeah, dying while trying to save someone is a mistake I do often myself.
: did not get my daily reward
Yes, the new player reward missions last for 7 days. If you got the day 7 reward already you won't be getting any more
: ***
As a new player you get a bunch of rewards, including 2 daily missions that get you champs, blue essence, hextech chests and keys, icons and skin shards.
darnar360 (EUW)
: Need help
If anything you should get a duo ADC. I'd also recommend you limit your champion pool a little bit. I'm seeing some really nice picks in your history, but they aren't really suited for your elo. And your builds are very questionable from time to time. The main reason you aren't climbing are youself, no matter at which level you're playing. Just by having a brief look at some of your recent games I can tell that there is a lot of basic stuff you need to improve on. 1. No vision control. No wards placed, no sweeper bought, no control wards. Your teammates may not utilize the vision you can provide, but you should 2. No damage. Doesn't matter which champ you play, you should be dealing damage, even if it's not your main duty. 3. Your items, like I mentioned already. You won't be getting a lot of money (unless you play pyke) so you should spend it on items that are affordable. Trinity Force is certainly not one of them. And Thornmail isn't a good item on Sona. Yes, I just picked a couple games from your matchhistory, but there are many examples of faulty builds. 4. Runes. They actually have a big impact on your performance and you should start looking up rune pages, it will help you a lot. 5. Summoners. Don't always go flash + exhaust. It's a pretty standard setup for a support, but it may not always be the smartest choice. 6. Champion pool. Try to learn 1 or 2 champs and stick with them for a while. Don't play enchanters only to complain that you can't carry. Those champs rely on someone else to carry. So pick play-making champs or poke. Leona and Nautilus are both insanely strong right now. Pick Blitzcrank if you like him. Any AP support can get shit done by themselves. And stick to easy champs. No Orianna/Lee Sin/Syndra/Shaco. Try some of this and you should see imidiate results.
: A few issues I am having, any ideas what is causing this ?
Nah, the client is just a mess right now. I hope it gets fixed soon
: How much of ARAM carries over to SR ?
Some basic mechanics carry over, thats about it But you shouldn't be afraid. Just start practicing in normal games or look for a couple nice people to play with.
Sefiroz (EUW)
: Sounds more like in that situation your co-laner should be countering on his/her end but simply isn't {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
Yeah, except there being 2 people on both sides and if you go for the support you lose.
Sejer2000 (EUNE)
: Give me your biggest problems as a gamer!
Not having a PC and not having the money to buy one or any new games
Sefiroz (EUW)
: If you say so {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Yeah, because he's right. I used to have no problems against Namis, but her new E is just way too strong. Imagine Xayah Q slowing you for a guaranteed root. Or her running at you with E - AA - W - AA. That combo chunks about 50% Hp out of your adc/you if you're nota tank. You can't really fight back either because she can easily Q you if you try.
ChampZone (EUW)
: U mean why doesnt because blitz goes through walls :(
No he means exactly what he wrote. Naut Q hitbox is so big that it can hit you through walls. But there are many more skills that have completely broken hitboxes and vfx
: Try to change my mind?
Championship Skins are for Worlds not season rewards^^
: ABUSE THE META. Full Lethality Varus Mid.
I had already forgotten that you can activate Varus W now :D
: Gaining no lp in placements
Yeah I don't get it either. I was 6-2 and only got like 37 LP for every win. I ended 6-4 so nothing really changed about it, And now I get like +20-25 per win. At the start of the season. It's so bs. Instantly killed my motivation to climb any further. Meanwhile my firend, who ended last season in gold and then climbed to plat in preseason, just like I did went 2-8 and ended up higher than me. Does't feel rewarding at all
: Why am I banned?
Can you get banned for constanly horassing people with unnecessary pings?
pretzel2000 (EUNE)
: Will it be possible to earn Night & Dawn tokens?
You have 2 more days to earn those 200 by playing games.
CJXander (EUNE)
: What's the skin you desire the most in league?
: The Yuumi nerf has butchered her gameplay
Her mana costs are completely fine. The only problem is that the 5 second penalty on W always stays at 5 seconds. It should either scale down with your CDR or every point you put into your W.
Ilovemobas (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Bananenschnder,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=rs4hUFgX,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2020-01-11T00:52:43.996+0000) > > How does she apply her CC? It's pretty much melee ranged. That sounds super useless to me. She has four dashes in total?
Which all together cover less distance than 1 Leona E. And you gotta remember that theres a Support in the enemy team too. I doubt they'd just watch you slowly dash your way too the enemy ADC.
Ilovemobas (EUNE)
: Why not riven support? A riven who knows the champ can provide a lot of CC and pressure
She'd just get poked down all the time and never be able to reach the enemy ADC without flash. Pre-6 you'd pretty much guaranteed lose every single matchup. But by the time you get there you'd probably too far behind to even do anything. Mid-Late game you'd be useless because pretty much everyone can just oneshot you, you won't be able to get anywhere near the enemies and even if you managed there's still be champs that do what she does but better. {{champion:555}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:412}} to name a few
COderbot (EUW)
: Can't edit runes
No, you can only edit those 2 runepages, until you buy more. The preset ones stay uneditable
: Season 10 countdown images I hope thats good enough EDIT: ~~might re-do the Azir one later, that's the only one where the edit is rather visible~~ Done
: Both Kaisa passive and Fiora w interact with immobilizing effects. But they behave differently with POlymorph. That is the problem bro.
Idk, guess I should have read it more carefully and not wrote an answer on my phone while walking home. In this case the correct answer would be: Spaghetti Code
: Actually who has made that rank system???
So you're telling us that you only played a single placement game?
: Lulu Polymorph and Kaisa passive and Fiora w
Because Fiora only stuns if she ripostes an immobilizing spell, which Lulu's Polymorph isn't.
: New Season - 1 Game - Enaugh for this Year.
Neither of those are smurfs/boosters. They just played 2 pretty strong champs and snowballed. I mean you were lvl 5 after 15 min, thats 2 levels behind the afk Veigar. Doesn't take a smurf to win a game like that. And Iron I is your temporary placement after your first game. Placement games give a shit ton of LP, so you'd probably end up in high bronze/low silver depending on how your next 9 games turn out.
: Champion nicknames!
I just name them by champion name so I can find them faster If I use multiple pages for one champ I add the keystone
: ***
He didn't flame one bit despite my Yuumi pick essentially losing him the game. He didn't even react to his team blaming him for it, so I'd argue that he's indeed a very good Duo partner that doesn't tilt imidiately and won't blame you for every mistake you make.
: The feeling of being support
: Placements in League
Back then you wouldn't know were you were at until you finished all your placement games. Now you can see your current rank despite still being unranked.
Killmore (EUNE)
: Supports
If you're talking about the filter in champ select then you should hover over it next time. It will tell you that those are champions that were frequently played in the support role last patch. So WE the players decide which champions are listed where and thats why Aphelios is still not listed as ADC. Because there was no Aphelios last patch. And the damage they deal depends on what items you buy.
covens (EUW)
: When does it get better so I can play Bard in soloq without regretting my decision? _~~Or should I just go full on, Lich Bane, Nashor's, RFC, etc. like I've seen people on the Bard Mains subreddit do? ~~_
I haven't had problems in gold. I don't recommend buying any damage oriented items since you should be dealing more than enough damage already. Get a Mejais when ahead and you should be able to 1v1 any squishy enemy.
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