: Are you honor locked?
it doesnt matter i was lv 0 and still recieved chests
Pengwings1 (EUNE)
: Not getting a chest after getting S or S-
sumbit ticker for faster response
: The ranked system + MMR formula was changed so op.gg need to be fixed. Op.gg don't show your actual MMR so they need to guess the math behing your games to show you a value closer to your actual MMR. For this they will gonna need time to check the evolution in ranked from some players and see if the math they did is quite correct.
so somewhere after 1st split they will have it all calculated and data gathered
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: I sugested to change my and i main thresh , miss fortune and vayne can u give me any name for them
you have champuon list in game and you can see their skills i dont see the point of asking here
SenseiSai (EUW)
: What were the most dumbest things you thought as a new player?
i tried kata jg without jg items and smite so i was furious that gromp kills me and broke my mouse,i also remember going darius but not understanding lanes but luckily i did fine even tho i was brainless i was playing good for a begginer but now that i remember it lel so stupid
jOhNýP (EUW)
: i am banned for being new player????
while i do agree the report system isnt all that fair,why not playing some bot games 1st instead of playing PvP,i get it the normals are to learn and test out but come one while i want to test out some builds or champs i dont want to get destroyed by a guy who was fed by my teammate who 1st time played whatever champ and thus ending the game before i get to buy 3rd item
: i don't understand
its clearly stated in the game,videos,you had leaks on yt for it i mean you play the game and just see the play button in client its only for the NA and KR for the 1st 3 months like a test before global release
Kurotsu (EUW)
: You'll get the standard 20-25, but you'll lose only 15-16 I think Everyone got placed almost an entire league below their previous rank. Just have fun climbing back up. If your real skill level is around Silver 4, then you'll be back in Silver 4 in no time.
i got to s2 before i got perma banned xD.I believe i can go higher then S4 simply because my overall gameplay,mechanics,decision making improved so i believe i belong to high gold-low platinum but we all think we belong higher which is fine some do really but i say this because i see improvement in my games not from one game where i went 15/0 but from multiple game i played in the last 10 months where i went 15/0 and lost 0/15,if i went 1v1 as me now vs like every month before this i win ez,i guess practice and patience is the key to be successful at this game
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malécy (EUW)
: non of those streamers play support... Lohpally is a Challenger support main on NA
i only read the 1st part and assumed it whaterver role sorry
: I don't get hextech chests.
maybe bug try restarting the game it works for me when i dont get lvl up capsule
Arrcros (EUNE)
: they say nasus is fine.kite him,pick this into him pick that
Lazrin (EUW)
: Pro Streamers
Tyler1,ImaQtipie,LLStylish,TF Blade,Solo Renekton Only(he is a good streamer and funny be he treats fans like shit) umm there is ton of them but these are the ones i used to watch the most
Hansiman (EUW)
: After playing one game of autofill, you're autofilled protected for the next few games.
Shamose (EUW)
: I was mad at first, but now I'm actually quite happy.
agree the role system is completly stupid and unnecessary,imagine being jungle main,and you get autofilled to support,then maybe top,then mid,so you basically played 3 games,with each game counting as one provisional and you still havent played junlge,and also with five roles and each having the provisional games its total of 50 games,so i have to waste time on playing the role im bad at and that which will result in feed and game loss,either make 5 provisional games for all roles or remove the system entirely,by far the worst idea they ever had,and since only 2 servers got it does that mean we will have to play provisional games again or will it calculate how much and what roles we played and rank us,see its dumb
Vzxaw (EUW)
: Akali nerfs
if you havent noticed or dont watch yt on NA boards Aatrox,Akali and Irelia are mentioned for changes where with Akali they are thinking or removing it or making it not true stealth
: Lunar Rever Chromas
: > why dont they test the stuff before it comes out They do but it’s impossible to find all bugs before launch some only become apparent with live levels of population... but the pbe gets the absolute worst bugs sorted first. > why do they release things weekly instead of every 2,3 day So that they have time to test it to get rid of most of the bugs... if they released things every 2,3 day’s the game would be a mess. > whats next everyone loses thei account? An example of w bug which would have been dealt with before launch... no way a bug that large physically can get past the pbe. It’s the smaller insignificant ones that do and even then only 1-5% of the bugs get that far.
1. i know they test it but this patch is a mess 2.i meant to say why dont they release things weekly instead of every 2,3 days 3.i didnt mean literally that
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it will
: After alienating ADC Players now Riot wants to alienate Junglers
leveling is so slow to the point i was thinking that im doing something wrong and after remembering that i see enemy jg whenever close to the lane picks up some minions for exp and im like oh right i forgot less exp damn
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boxxybot (EUW)
: so.... when can we remove or nerf Sylas?
you do realise Warwick can CC you for almost 3s making you unable to use spells,at least with Sylas you can dash away,blink or fight actually unlike with Warwick where you are oh he ulted me and feared me ok add those 3 s to the respawn timer as thats the amout of time you wont be ablo to do anything so chillax about champion removal
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: "Show offline" to some players in friend list
man up and tell them or delete them from the list
Hansiman (EUW)
: Your initial placement is based on the MMR you have after the soft reset, and will in most cases be lower than what you ended in last season. A new season means you climb the ranked ladder once again. --- > and opponents with higher mmr Both teams will have roughly even distributed MMR between its players. There's no place for you to check player MMR, and any site that claims they can show you it is simply guessing.
i didnt play ranked on that account in S8
Lari (EUNE)
: My season 9 so far :)
you got to G3 and you complain lol currently im at 4W 4L and still in bronze, B2 because i keep getting trolls in team and opponents with higher mmr so when i win i get less lp i saw some people with 4 wins almost gold 4 so
: No he can't see it.
: how long will that stay and ty for anwer{{sticker:sg-kiko}}
are some people that ignorant or what? you can clearly see that splits lasts for 90 days and that you need 150 points for the 1st reward,everything is in the game
: well i based my judgment on a practice tool without a leash, i tried him in a bot match and he has a decent clear (going Q-aa-E-aa-E-aa) but i don't know if it was because i'm new with him or anything but i only managed to do 68 CS in 15 minutes :\
he needs a leash up until the last basic attack that would kill the buff and having support tankin at least 2 shots so solo clear almost kills him but like i said after lv 3 and 1st jg item 650gold he clears with losing only 50 hp per camp and he life steals it back so with sacrificing 10 ad from the small rune i gove him attack speed one so i can survive,and this is all from countless bot games and some pvp
: What illness do people have in this game?
when i type in chat dont go there/go there,start baron/dont start,dont fight its 3v1/fight its 3v3 we can win...and i end up right tho i flame them for the rest of the game hahaha i feel proud of myself and of my decision making which show how much ive grown and improved since game 1 and it makes me happy so yeah dont feel bad if they dont listen too it costs you the game but it shows hwo good you are and try to incorporate it in the next game/s
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wolf jade (EUNE)
: yo ivern mains!
Lari (EUNE)
: I m never picking a champ for someone else again
if you put your hand in fire and burn yourself do you do it again?
: i tried him top (with recommended items) but i ended up against Riven so i can't judge him yet. he looks too weak to go jungle in this meta as his clearing looks too slow. I can't really play mid so i'll try top again but this time i'm going tank
i alredy said he has great clear as you dont have to use every spell and waste mana unless if oyu have blue buff i usually go Q-AA.then normal aa till Q on cd and kite camp and Q-AA again and camp is dead,tho i am a bit worried about pre 6 fight,ganks are fine but agains enemy jg i think you lose pretty much always early on
Mitsigun24 (EUNE)
: My game is laaging while everything is normal
if its fps that is dropping its probably your pc that does somethnig,maybe backgroup app takes too much ram or whatever,i have anywhere between 100-120,while i fight the dragon it gets to between 50-70,and sometimes from the start my fps is 30-60,i wouldnt mind 60 as i played before tweaking my pc to 100+ but it drops every second so its probably pc but that rarely happnes now,maybe check memory,clean it,i even factory resseted my pc and if you do that dont forget to backup files
brutąl (EUNE)
: just a random post
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Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: I play Xerath, and to me he is painfull...
because he has 0 mobility while Sylas has dash.blink and pull with knockup
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Hansiman (EUW)
: It's a known bug, and should be fixed soon enough. Your progress isn't lost.
thank you,and that 0-3 shook me good to try not to flame again in games
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