Suptra (EUW)
: Error code 3l
nice games wasent loss prevented...
Suptra (EUW)
: Error code 3l
Tbh this is not so bad it dosent happen often if you want to see a company which have shitty patch days feel free to check out Guild wars 2, game is unplayable first day or 2 after major patch because of constant dcs
Luskebusk (EUW)
: Just won a game at 69 LP and didnt recive any lp, relogged and now i got that error and it says im unranked in league client....
i just lost a game at 68 lp hope its loss prevented still says im 68lp on :D thank %%%% for that had an afker top lane and yuumi support..
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Shamose (EUW)
: Just ban it yourself.
banning your teams pick are you actually stupid you know thats also a guaranteed loss right?
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: Report them. The system can detect negative communications that don’t involve swears. It even usually knows peoples “creative” ways around it (as much as everyone these days seems to be convinced it only activates when swears are said). Edit: phone typing means phone typos
oh i admit i been toxic i dont care at all and i deserved to get chat restricted but punishment system is just a joke they dont do anything about the dozens of trolls in the game who blatantly refuse to play a game guess my new way of being toxic will be by doing exactly that:)
Truma (EUW)
: This is why many players get punished "for no reason"
yup just got chat restricted for a game where a lux actually refused to do anything for 29 min she had 10 vision score and she didnt wanna help out in teamfights even though we could easy win them worst thing is the worst word i used towards her was "use your %%%%ing abilities please" lol
JesRect (EUW)
: Can I retain my account till March 19, I quit after that. Please.
: So I played in the russian server a bit.
or you can go onto league of legends folder then go into Config subfolder Open LeagueClientSettings with Word pad change locale to en_GB and region to RU and you will be on Russian server with English client :) coming from someone who spent a whole season in RU
its not your OS i got Ryzen 5 2600x gtx 1060 6 gb 16 gb DDR4 Ram and my fps go from 300 to 60 randomly especially at start of game
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Ooo really? Damn my bad then.
garena is not only 1 server in singapore its pretty much all asian servers
: Im stupid. What happened?
for 15 min or so the Bloodmoon capsules costed 1 Be so a lot of people bought it and earned Thousands of Orange essence and free skins and riot aint removing them
DutchPro (EUW)
: Maybe this is a good thing, to make your realise that spending over 3k on a game is actually insane, and you should probably find someone to help you with money management
well the thing is you dont know if i can afford to do it or not (hint if i couldent i probably wouldent) so you should most likely not comment on my financial situation :)
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Lari (EUNE)
: 3453€ !? {{sticker:sg-zephyr}} i m having a heart-attack. Good bye world. I think a good solution would be to gift a capsule or two to those who have already spent their money on them
yep well my bad i guess for supporting a low indie company with shitty morals xD
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: RIOT not reverting the 1 BE Capsules bug is a slap in the face to everyone else who pays for content
i will never spend any money on RP again in this game, i've been supporting the game over the past few years with more money than the usual person and this just piss me off, riot is a small indie company which apparently prioritize the abusers over the legitimate supporters of the game i used to spend a lot of RP on my own account but also i bought a lot of Rp for my girlfriend here is proof that i spended 3453 euros since i started (if you convert all the valutas together it is 3453 euros) im sure riot lose a lot of ign Whales on this error which they will have to make up for in RP cost of the average player:)
: Can't pick the Prestige Aatrox skin
it depends if you abused the 1 BE BLood moon chests? because if you did they removed it
nikigot333 (EUNE)
: League of legends doesn't exist anymore
you need to remember this people still smoke even though cancer exist Riot is following the same concept ;)
Infernape (EUW)
: Here's to hoping your expensive RTX card doesn't die on you.
a lot of RTX cards did thats why people buy second hand 1080 ti's xD
BereInBurta (EUNE)
: bronze 2 in plat 2 rank game :D
yesterday i had 2 iron 4 people in gold 1+ game
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Miss B (EUW)
: This is getting out of control, I dont even care saying anything, but I write to them for many hours ago about this issues in super nice way. Nobody answer, do they even care about their players? IF this was any other shop where you contact the support, they will be answering by now. I feel maybe they dont even know that we are customers -.- Im really getting tilted now, and I'm not easy to get tilted. I feel this is just disrespect. Btw is possible to tag them on this post?
you cant tag them and yea its is %%%%ing disrespectful especially since riot never compensate when needed or who needed they cannot just compensate the people who experienced these bugs nop if they compensate everyone even people who had no issues get it aswell... %%%% this small indie company tencent is garbage
: I just bought a pass and had no problems? What's the bug about?
well thanks to the people who bought it yesterday you dont have to worry about the bug you welcome now go away
ZeroLife (EUW)
: You get a daily first win of the day 20 tokens, so we're actually losing "free" tokens. Hope they'll compensate this somehow, looking at how we actually spent money for the damn pass, but can't even use it. Oh, nevermind, it's riot, not getting anything..
yea its ridiculous really... bought it as soon as it went live on the server and then all they replied in the ticket is that " because of me and my gf reporting the problem we helped solve the problem for others" like im sorry to say but idgaf if others will have the problem later or not they should have fixed this shit before it went live on server now its nearly 18 hours or so since it was purchased and all they said is that they are working on a fix and it can take up to 48 hours
ZeroLife (EUW)
: Did anyone get rp back? Or pass activated? Or anything? My ticket isn't getting an answer and I feel like I've wasted 10 bucks. GG. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
nop bought the pass for me and my gf since its her birthday today and still didnt get shit :S
Suptra (EUW)
: Winter pass
well small update atleast my gf made a ticket and got respond that riot cannot go back in time and fix her problem but they will do the next best thing which is refund rp which may take up to 48 hours... gg 48 hours wasted
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: Oh okey, thanks for the info man! :) <3
just got mine :)
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: Victorious Orianna
no you will get it between december 13 and January 22 i believe
blunk (EUW)
: You cant, it's disabled..
its not disabled tho
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: I am by no means a good player etc, but this champ is broken. Maybe one day il be lucky and they will rework Diana so she gets broken. il be plat then in no time.
i reached plat one tricking her you must be doing something wrong
xNeoSeoul (EUW)
: 2 weeks ✓ 100+ games played ✓ Chat not used ✓ A single Honor checkpoint X
wasent impossible for me to rank up i was toxic af got 10 game chat restrict and reduced my honor to level 1 within 1.5 month i was back to honor level 2 :)
BadrØ (EUW)
: critical error
im also getting it on Windows 10 most like if i Alt + f4 after a game end it pops up with a critical error no other game beside League does it
paeddym (EUW)
: Divine Sword Irelia not Available
most likely to release monday or tuesday
Hydnoras (EUW)
: >So, the problem is that everytime i try to start a normal for fun i find platinum/gold players that tryhards the hell out of them. Or maybe they don't tryhard but they are just better. There are people (like me for example), that can beat a clear majority of players with ease without even concentrating on the game because the skill is so integrated into their brains that they can do most of the stuff subconsciously. The amount of times people call me a tryhard when i beat them is unreal even though i actually just watched a stream and talked to friends while my hands danced on the keyboard on their own. So they aren't even as good as my subconscious level of playing when they are trying their hardest. Thus they want to blame their lack of skill on me. Sorry i just hate the "tryhard" insult because it doesn't make any sense. >My question is: why do i have to find ppl who play better than me in NORMAL? I just want to play for fun, i dont want to play a ranked against skilled people! Your rank is bronze 1. There are no skilled people there. If you want more fair matches, maybe you should give ranked a go then? It does have way better matchmaking than normals do. >I'm literally starting to think on leaving LoL (like most of the people are doing). You can just leave the "like most of the people are doing" part out. It's not based on any factual statistics and it's not even true. If you want to leave then leave. Just don't make up bs like that to try to validate your points. > if you consider yourself a really funny person and you want to start writing things about elo/skills or something, i ask you to stop right now, cause i dont care about your opinions Then don't write on a community forum. The only reason you would want to write here is to get opinions from the community. No other reason exists.
Majorty of players? really as Gold 3 you are saying you can beat most players xD
: I report anyone that deserves it, as should everyone else, and it's worth pointing out that I have no extra power to do so than anyone else in the game - being a Riot employee lets me have a red name on boards (optionally, lots don't do it) and a Riot prefix (again optional), but that's it. When it comes to reporting people or being the victims of feeders or griefers we are all in the same boat. In terms of AFK, I had a few (at one point I had 3 consecutive remakes IIRC, which was very frustrating when you have limited play time) but in the last few weeks I have either been lucky or the number has gone down overall. Can't remember the last AFK I had in fact. As for int-ing - I have been accused of it when I have a bad game, or even when my play style just doesn't mesh with my ADC. I can guarantee that I wasn't intentionally feeding. When I point out that I work at Riot, why would I be feeding in a game? usually that makes people think a little and reconsider, but not always. From what I have seen, people jump to this conclusion way too quickly and ascribe motivations to players that just aren't true. It's hard to default to believing the best about random people in a game, but I try to give the benefit of the doubt and believe people that get DC'ed or have bad ping, or even just have a bad game. It's happened to me, after all, and flaming someone when that happens and accusing them of inting and feeding just doesn't help, so I don't do it. Now, that's not to say I didn't see intentional feeding actually happening - I definitely benefited from some int-ing (and I reported them nonetheless) on the other team as well as suffered from it once or twice but it was pretty rare. When it did happen on my team, it was really obvious, and we all reported but I saw others being incorrectly (IMO) accused of it too.
well maybe its just the fact that no matter how hard i try recently i cannot win any games hell even in silver games i tend to lose thats how pissed off i am, it dosent help either than i just had a game in flex where 4 peopled inted then they decided to leave so i was legit the only 1 person left at 20 min :)
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themynx1 (EUW)
: **2/28/0, lvl10 @ 27m, 21cs** With stats like that it's no wonder you got perma banned... especially looking at the kill map - it seems like inting to me; the death at the fountain gives it away. If you really didn't int, you're only level 13, just start a new account and you'll be back at that level in no time, not much has been lost EDIT: If you want a chance of being unbanned, send a support ticket to Riot, and you should probably give us the replay to understand whether or not you're actually a new player or an old player on a smurf trying to make other's games shitty. > And i didnt feed anyone Hun, 28 deaths is feeding. Opposing Ahri had 37 kills. EDIT 2: Another thing.. no level 48 on your team. I'm convinced you're just a shitty smurf trying to ruin new player games.
to be fair, i wish there was more people like him who ruin low level peoples games so they would stop playing this game so it could die out
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
its not people are monkeys and deserve to be treated as such undtil they prove they are not, since late june til now has been a %%%% fest in ranked, inters afkers trolls on both teams and today i happend to finish my grace period from rito and i had shit like that whole day so but of course for a person like yourself who just play Arams its not a big deal because you only have to deal with bots amirite?
: Update: Finally out of Bronze V
nice now you managed to climb out of bronze do you actually plan on doing something about all the inters or afkers there? im sure you must have encountered a few or did your "riot" tag scare them from afking?
Lari (EUNE)
: At last I made it!
good luck i was p4 dropped to p5 75 lp and then i took a break now im scared i lost what it takes to continue to climb :(
: Quitting lol and here's why
you are silver and you honestly think its hard to get out of it? like really? all you need to do is find a good champ and stomp the shit out of enemy team. your main problem is that YOU are feeding
lil Pepsi (EUNE)
: Get out of Silver :(
don't listen to the people who say you need more farm, this season you just need to rotate better in order to be able to solo carry, if you play mid you push your own lane and you go roam bot help them get first turret, if they refuse to help you need to make them work for it even if they refuse(by that i mean force your team mates into situations) which forces them into doing something) you push bot suddenly your wave is under their turret your team can do 2 things here they can follow you or they can back off. if they follow you, and you are around lvl 6 means enemy bot should barely have reached lvl 5 and you can dive them with ultimate advantage, if they dont follow you, you can do the dragon and get a free objectives... i might make a few spelling mistakes here and there but i just woke up and my head is cloudy af also i went from silver to plat doing this strategy with 71-73% winrate in 80+ games as Diana
Brokenhz (EUW)
: Plat players have the worst mentality-but riot what you doing???
Feign Decay (EUNE)
: i know right, i had same thing, none of them had any issues.. i really won 9 lp instead 18 but hey, let's be grateful riot gave us half of lp instead none since they consider it's fair
yep am super sour was destroying them hard ( previous game i got destroyed due to same reason i destroyed these people, 2-12 singed lol) and i lost full pts for my loss but gained half for a win xD
Suptra (EUW)
: i dont think you understand what i meant lol, there wasent any issues in our team or before rito discovered there was issues at all, so why give people a free loss? they didnt even stop the match and give everyone 0 lp but its not fair when the game is a super hard stomp you get awarded half pts
10 min earlier than that i also had a game which i lost, shit happens but it might aswell have been enabled there since the time difference is only 10 min (which im a bit sour about tbf xD )
Delenior1 (EUNE)
: Wait, Riot disabled ranked for a reason as there were issues, i don't understand, it probably isn't fair, but you gotta accept it, they can't stop all the other games and just let your go on, and btw it's better to disable it on time and fix it than to make the situation even worse
i dont think you understand what i meant lol, there wasent any issues in our team or before rito discovered there was issues at all, so why give people a free loss? they didnt even stop the match and give everyone 0 lp but its not fair when the game is a super hard stomp you get awarded half pts
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