: time for riot to clean their game
Time for my mirror move attack!!!!! Your last 30 games while you "inted" Brand 1/9 Kayn 2/11 Kayn 4/9 Alistar 2/11 Kayn 0/4 Kayn 2/15 Kayn 0/1 Miss fortune 1/13 Like you i did not take assists into account.
: Racist Abuse gone creative!
MissJJess (EUW)
: I found it really annoying to the point of where I was unable to sleep! I even told him before we played I am not very good and kept saying sorry for mistakes almost all game! Onwards and upwards I suppose :)
Unable to sleep... because of what someone said to you online....
: Loving this April Fool's idea; can we make it permanent please?

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