: It is not, and those will get banned for it as well, that doesn’t mean u should follow up on those. Imagine a scene when u were a kid and someone insulted you, your favorite, and any person favorite thing to do is to insult back, but the smartest thing to do is ignore, like you never cared about them.
Except they dont. I looked it up several times. Even people that disco nunu sometimes for like a weeks dont get banned but i do for negative attitude (???)
: u are ( / were) clearly doing something wrong when: >people threaten my family and verbally abuse me ***every second game*** is true
Yes, i picked jungle as my main role.
: The ff (that I believe was early), the report calls and the "boosted" and the "I'm superior because I'm higher level than u all" is probably what got u banned If you start another account, u should really try writing less in chat, use pings to communicate more.
My point is that those are the worst logs of a player within 0.06%(or we the percentage is) of the most toxic players of the server. And there is not a single verbal abuse. Like... what ?? Every other game i was being verbally abused or flamed. How is this perma ban worthy? Its ridiculus. Not to mention inters, trolls and afkers. I never did that.
: Perma banned for being objective???
no constructive criticizm at all from comments go que in another league game to flame your teammates while people like me are getting banned seems ok edit: words hurt, only when they are true and objective right? its fine when people threaten my family and verbally abuse me every second game but calling someone out when they are flaming you and have lower rank (which doesnt make much sense) is the worst am i right?
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: master/chall level jungle/top looking for duo d3+
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