: Something wrong with the client?
Sub Spice (EUW)
: Stuck in Ghost game
SAME omg I thought it was just me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
: actually happened to me too :/ ( was yesterday )
if you want this issue addressed then upvote my post in NA https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-report/ZdWcXMzK-rune-pages-reset-twice it gets more attention then here
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: actually happened to me too :/ ( was yesterday )
happened to me twice now this is absurd I remade all 9 pages just to get reset again!
: Yep, so it should not be that hard
it is for riot, why would they go out of their way to make our life's easier. The more time we spend opening all these chests they profit.
LiNerCi (EUW)
: BE champion purchase refund
Why are you even complaining about that dude you get to keep Kayn and the blue essence. its a win, win.
: Hextech Crafting Quality of Life
That's actually a good idea why didn't riot think of that.
Shanî (EUW)
: Somebody tell me why Jhin exists like that
I cant play a game without my runes so I wont play at all until I get my runes back
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: Why do people surrender so easily in normals?
because they can. what u gonna do force someone to play who doesn't want to anymore
: UK -> EUW Ping Issues
i dont know what you guys complaining about I play with 200 ping average lmao
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: Riot, I want my money back. Your client is broken.
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=SvenDeSlayer,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=KZEToFYm,comment-id=000c,timestamp=2019-03-14T16:47:23.563+0000) > > I couldn't login before now, the play button isn't working it says error code 2b Can you try a relog once again - does this error persist?
I relogged, I can confirm play button still working. Still not confident enough go into a normal game tho lol
: to keep us playing ... i wont mention other games compensating the trouble they cause with free stuff when they fk up :)
yes that is other games besides how can they compensate, they will probably have this fixed within the hour and half the player base wont even know it happened. does this mean everyone gets compensated for it, or the people only it happened to? they cant indentify it so just don't give anyone anything then no one can complain. when people do get compensated lets say even 100 blue essence they will still complain and say really 100 essence is that it
: Can we finally get some free stuff to compensate all the trouble u cause to us ?
HAHAH riot give us anything? good joke its a free to play game why would they compensate us for their servers being down they have no obligation to keep us playing 24/7.
: cant log in
I couldn't login before now, the play button isn't working it says error code 2b
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: I wish we had a simpler Client that isn't just eye candy :)
I agree I have a high end gaming laptop and make no mistake the client is buggy as hell. I have an intel i7 8th gen processor and a GTX 1070 and the client still bugs about I normally enable low spec mode but it still messes about most of the time. Yes my game runs way smoother than the actual client itself how crazy is that!
Eambo (EUW)
: The loss of a great community member
so sad news I used to talk to xcillion sometimes as I had him on my friends list, once I posted a bug about my account and he added me in league and talked to me about my problem even tho it was a kinda minor and was a misunderstanding he kept me on his friends list as I did with him. what an honor
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 22
{{champion:92}} Riven is love, and life. she is the most fun champ ever! {{champion:133}} Cause I can fly around with op movement speed, and explore the entire map! {{champion:81}} Ap ezreal is underrated omg, GODZREAL so op !
: Riot might prefer NA over EUW, but..
: Riot might prefer NA over EUW, but..
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: The new draft mode experience....
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xCillion (EUW)
: Stell, ofcourse you are greedy. Why else have i not recieved any christmas gift? Or invitation to a dinner? Free Stuff and whatnot from your Store? Cmon.. you are like the King of Greed!
don't give him your address, he could possibly send a bomb and blow you up for calling him greedy.
: How did you feel in your first ranked game ever ? What were your experiences ?
: The time I sacrificed myself for a greater cause
Now this only makes me want to turn into a flamer so I can meet someone like you in game. lol
: why to people say TOP OR FEED
lol iv only used that once in my entire league lifetime and that was back at the start of season 5 when I found out people actually use it. obviously it didn't end well for me the first time so I never did it again
: [POLL] When did you start playing League of Legends?
ZartarUK (EUW)
: thats not her getting nerfed though, thats her falling out of the meta last change to her was actually a buff
lol that was a minor buff on health regen it barely has any effect on the indirect nerf that put her down to the 43% winrate m8 besides just before the health regen buff they nerfed her ulti.
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xCillion (EUW)
: Hey, can you try relogging? And starting a new Queue? Also, what Queue/Gamemode/Map etc are you trying to play there?
i have done that a few times the que just seems to be going on forever and I am joining the poro king que
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: Dont drink energy drinks EVER!
lol energy drinks are nothing for me now adays I drink 500 ml of rockstar everday its my fav drink so yaknw never get bored of it also i rarely ever get headaches
MiIan (EUW)
: Would you like to answer some questions? :)
Gender: Male Age range : 16 How many hours per day do you play LoL: 2-4 hours depends if I got nuff time to play Which music do you like: trap nation and pretty much anything that sounds good enough to me Which division are you: silver 5 Do you think eSports will replace sports in the future: no idea probably not because our world is fked up and people think esports is for fat kids behind there computers and people will just say and argue how its not a sport and all that bs
iNeedRope (EUW)
: #no regrets
what ? I don't get it?
: Open Letter to Parents of League Of Legends Players
Its funny how this same thing happened to me today while I just recently joined a game with my friend and I was facing my same match up and I told everyone that I would carry them because it was my main I was facing and playing so id snowball really hard (obviously) so then my dad comes upstairs and starts an argument to go and check online because he wants to buy a car. I told him wait he stood there for 10 mins its clear that the game wasn't going to finish anytime soon so I had to leave it and give it him. he threaten to kick me out of the house he made excuses like who will feed you and all that bullshit when theres 4 other children in the house he always picks on me so everytime I see him I cant stand him I swear to god I feel like putting a knife through him and he is probably like the only person in the would do that to im not a hateful person or doesn't get angry easily but if I just see my dad and he questions me I will go crazy as in have a HUGE argument everytime he looks for execuses to start an arugement with me today I told him I have to go to work im 16 btw not some 12 year old and im very mature he said he will kick me out of the house so I thought why not kick me id rather live on the street than see your face everyday I think im really distressted as my parents have caused me so much pain I cant smile anymore in primary school the teachers tell me I never smile and so does everyone else even my friends but they have accepted that and they know I don't smile they think its just because I don't but the truth is when I was 7 years old I was getting knocked out by my dad almost everyday he used to use the charger and get me to take my cloths off and whack me until it made marks all over my body it happened until I was 10 years old I just couldn't take but then I thought it was normal probably every other kid gets beaten up so I thought it was normal until I grew older until I hit around 12-16 I never really talk about or MENTIONED it to anyone because I don't like talking about the past and people tell me why don't I talk much they think im shy but im really not its just that I think iv lost the will to talk anymore as im fucked up thanks to my parents now. everytime I see my dad I can remember myself crying and getting battered the fuck out with blood marks all over my body they still haven't healed its still on my back and im 16
Light Show (EUNE)
: 70 - 100 ping o_O????????? That sounds unplayable to me already. I always get around 10 - 30 ping. Seriously can someone here tell me what the average ping per player is?
ping 20-40 ms if my ping goes over 100 I freak out :/ sometimes it goes to 3k ping or 1k and the lag spikes I get in games makes me go crazy especially while in team fights
Dara Ara (EUW)
: I think Riot just fuking broke his game, it's ridiculous, I played a game, enemy Yasuo started 0/3, he got Statikk Shiv, we lost the game, that easily, with 1 object he almost oneshoted me as Lulu with ultimate, (playing support, we were wrecking botlane hard) Riot needs to fix his shit, do they really thinks this game is sustainable? Do they know about what balance means? One more thing, as a mage midlaner I need to say that u just made me re--think about playing LOL anymore, took mana potions from game, making Malz, Anivia and some others champs unviable at early... Just think of it for a moment, an average mana eater mage champ without potions now is forced to take MANA ITEMS to actually do something, the real problem is, if the enemy laner is Yasuo (or Zed ) and they take dmg items, who think is gonna have more impact in early and a clear advantage? I don't know if Riot's thinking is doing a good job or something... Im refusing to play till they learn what balance is and DO FUKING SOMETHING ABOUT YASUO.~~
ikr wow the masteries and the items on yasuo I just had a game vs yasuo as riven I normally stomp yasuo in lane but holy hell when he bought his shiv.. I couldn't even go next to him
: I went 1/10/1 on my main champ.... As if I had never played him before... shit is weird.
Same I normally STOMP all over my lane with my main but after the patch 3 games in with my main fed and lost all games :/
: well i main {{champion:55}} but since she get banned in ranked i play support and in that i main {{champion:223}} . and most of the game people say me best {{champion:223}} support
Well theres 6 champs and at this moment theres too many champs that are over powered in the current meta with the reworks and kindred..........................e<__e kappa quit lyfe
: After years of doing my best and helping my fellow players
Good luck keeping it mate. I've had 4 honour badges yellow, green, yellow, green and iv also had chat restrictions and ranked bans its ugly, that was before they reset it.
: Investigation of the lagspikes occurred on 16/10/2015
•ISP: Sky •Location: UK, London •http://pastebin.com/GLyFThx0 •http://pastebin.com/2PjBw8Qb RITOOOOOOOOOOOOO SUXXXXXXXXXXX JK
: Hi SvenDeSlayer, this doesn't necessarily mean the server is down just that there are a high number of logins. You can check the service status on the boards (directly under Help and Support.) Possibly there was a server-side issue which caused people to disconnect a bunch of people logged out of the client to restart in the hopes that that would fix it. In these cases Riot often posts an alert in the client asking people not to log off and relogin as it doesn't fix the issue.
yea i know bruh calm yo tits u knw just over exaggerating
: EUW Down?
http://prntscr.com/8qxjbb ^^^^^^
: Disconnection
http://prntscr.com/8qxjbb same here I cant even log in
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