Morrhen (EUW)
: Hope Riot support won't give you one of their moronic responses as ''You are responsible for your own security. Got hacked? Too bad. Your ban remains.'' Even though it's been 10 years. Still no two-factor authentication. I don't care if they're working on it. I don't care if the client previously was too old. Security of user accounts SHOULD be the top priority.
thanks to them not having two step authentification I can create 99 accounts with trashmails to have as stash when I get permabanned again
Morrhen (EUW)
: Inexcusable botting in normals
I only saw bots when starting a new account, but they get lost at around level 10. I play throughout random times of the day, and never encounter them in normals tbh
MssFortune (EUNE)
after TFT Ranked we might get some Riot Games - Slot Machine Ranked too RNG!
Radu Dan (EUNE)
: League of legends is not fun anymore
Same. I remember playing at least 5-6 hrs a day when I still was in school years ago and now I only play like few games a day, if friends are online. why play league when there's so many good games out there.
Luciferrx (EUNE)
: Adc need more nerf ?LOL.When adc got wasnt only their stats but their runes too and even infinity edge got destroyed at the begin.They deleted evrything related to adc. But when you nerf a shit champ like {{champion:38}} ..oh -5 movement speed.RIOT LOGIC.Balance team is brain dead.
Kassadin has 19! Base armor now at level one, they literally made him a oneshot for all those filthy zed, yasuo and talon players out there
: Green tag's don't mean Rioters - we're volunteers, we don't work for Riot. >I wish that one day any of you rioters gets to enjoy the average games we have. and then stay friendly and nice throughout all of them. I've been playing since season 2, I play a hefty amount and almost exclusively ranked - so yeah I experience the bad games too. But at the end of the day, that's just what it is. A game. Treating it as such and looking at it in that way typically results in getting less angry or frustrated and resulting in flaming etc. On top of that, contributing to flaming etc. means that you're actually now part of the problem - this is part of why I typically don't respond or just kinda tune it out - otherwise you're now just wasting time responding to it. Same way you don't yell and rage and scream at people if you were playing a saturday morning football/soccer game with friends if someone makes a mistake or isn't playing their best - just because there's a computer screen between you and the other person now doesn't make either of you any less human :(. I've held this mentality and I've never had so much as a restriction - it's not difficult.
> [{quoted}](name=A Snarky Cyclone,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=2TdF9P3n,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2020-01-14T12:18:13.059+0000) > Same way you don't yell and rage and scream at people if you were playing a saturday morning football/soccer game with friends if someone makes a mistake or isn't playing their best - just because there's a computer screen between you and the other person now doesn't make either of you any less human :(. That's different, because they don't intentionally play against you and then prevent you from leaving the field all while trying to offend you and then after the game the enemy team comes at you and says ez. If one or multiple of your teammates told you before a soccer game they are gonna score own goals, you wouldn't even play the game. In league that's different because you get punished for dodging and then cannot surrender because guess what, they won't let you. It's nice that you can stay cool throughout all of this, other's can't anymore after 90 games. Logging off and coming back again a week later won't change the community either. So it's not solely my mentality if I go through the same experience 90% of the games.
: >I challenge any of you, idc who. Challenge accepted and... done?! As Snarky said, we play the same games you do. We get the same frustrating moments, and see similar teammates in our games. Why do you believe we have different experiences than you? You seem to believe it's impossible to stay friendly when faced with the situation you are in. --- I get the frustration, I've gotten unreasonably mad at the game and I have flamed and blamed my teammates in the past. It was stupid though. I realised that flaming is only feeding ignorance. It's a result of cognitive dissonance, and it's far from rational behavior. ---- I learned to control myself and understand my emotions in the game. That is the sole reason I can stay calm and nice and don't rage anymore. It's not because I somehow only get amazing teammates, or play on a secret Riot server where only nice people exist.
ofc it is stupid, but part of the game nevertheless. and I'm not tilted easily either. All I'm saying is that "just don't be mad anymore" isn't a good advice. that's like saying "don't be sad" to depressed people. if you constantly play in the ****hole that Bronze - Platinum is, you just can't.
: thats y we need better balancing on every part of league dont you think? .. not playing at first weeks is like not opening your new year present for 2 weeks imo.. and if every1 does what u are saying(not playing a while ) dont you think this situation ll drag itself out not for only 2 weeks but monts
if you think ranked season is a gift, then I can't help you anyway ^^
BloB3rt (EUW)
haven't you figured out, that afkers are a feature of this game? since season 1. at least you can remake nowadays.
ninula (EUW)
: I am tired of smurfs.
I don't get smurfing anyway, for what? you get stomped on your rank so now you harass low ranks?
: Hey, it's good to hear that you've learned something from that suspension. It takes some guts to realise that maybe your mentality or approach to the game was a bit off. Many people aren't able to realise that, and instead flame even more... ---- It's easy to develop an unhealthy mentality in League. People who flame and blame others clearly aren't having fun, they often ruin it for themselves by getting mad as soon as something minor goes wrong. I get why they do it, but it's an extremely harmful mentality. Mostly for themselves. ---- Hopefully you can be a bit more relaxed in your games from now on. GL HF
I wish that one day any of you rioters gets to enjoy the average games we have. and then stay friendly and nice throughout all of them. I challenge any of you, idc who.
Kaluchii (EUW)
: Worst experience SOLOQ so far in 10 years.
that's why you don't play ranked immediately after season start. wait a week or two until all people lower and higher than you are placed in their elo and then start playing. simple.
: Ye, realised this on my first ban when no one cared about the ban, I just stopped caring about skins since they lost value to me, they legit have negative value because you can lose them for calling someone a dumbass. I am currently on my 16th, 17th and 18th account since yeah I keep backups hah
yeah man, every punishment you rotate to the next account till it's over. that way they help you getting your backup accounts up :D
: but with backup account you have to unlock champs all over again, isn't that a punishment?
Nah not really. Not since they give you free champs at level ups. At level 10 on a new account I already had 9K blue essence and 5 or 6 champs + free rotation
: 1) There is attack move on cursor box - to make it on entity near cursor. 2) There is a hold-button to make you target champions only - [ ` ] by default.
thanks man, I've lost games to this. cheers
Bonesaw (EUW)
: Look how Riot treats their players. Not everyone gets punished and loses Honor levels like you do!
as someone who has been perma banned and punished multiple times I can tell you: it's only a punishment if it hits you. Who gives a %%%% about honor rewards? keep that %%%% skin, thanks. I couldn't care less about not getting cosmetic content, what a punishment. if you never spent a single dime on this game what's the punishment? 90% of the players are below platinum rank so nothing is lost here either. if you get banned in GTA, 50 bucks are gone but what's their gain in banning your account in a F2P game? nothing unless you spend and keep spending money on this account. if you are unhappy with this game/or the company stop/never start putting money in it or stop playing it at all. riot is indeed a %%%% company but I still enjoy playing the game with friends. I just don't shove my money up their %%%% and if more people did it like me maybe something would change as they can't generate free money that easily anymore. greetings and create backup accounts. Edit: this season's honor reward was a %%%%% "honor level 3" emote like who needs that %%%%? I tell you you didn't miss anything.
Rioter Comments
: TFT luck
that's what you get for playing RNG. it's absolute garbage and you get what you're supposed to, for playing it :D
ShotsLord (EUW)
: The new Ocean Drake is pretty strong tbh
and yet doesn't balance out anything. we just know riot-balancing too good, but this is a joke
: Disable Report function in preseason to stop toxicity and report calls
remember when you could report people for "unskilled player" ? XD
Morrhen (EUW)
: I'm glad Ocean drake is useful. Unlike certain Mountain drake before Rise of the Elements. Oh cool! You now do more damage to turrets. HOW USEFUL! You know... who cares if you can move faster, regen health and mana or have increased combat stats. Damage to turrets, YAY. Leave Ocean drake be. More, replace the unfair Elder dragon buff with something which can be played around.
I never said anything about mountain drake, but I still don't get the "balancing" behind taking away the mana regen and buffing the heal very much, which gives mana-less champs even bigger advantages/sustain.
: Actually there are strong doubts if Mundo can be killed at all.
yeah, nice, mundo is another champ that uses mana... you can be glad that they took this huge disadvantage from him, by removing the ocean mana regen.
pXHoney (EUNE)
: the ocean soul is fkn broken dude.. that heal is OP..
I didn't talk about the heal tho. what's the point in saying "we take away the mana regen, because it's too OP, while having champs that don't use mana, energy or life cost at all?
: Are you aware that Ocean drake is twice as strong as Infernal now ? His healing rate is twice as powerful as Infernal's damage output. In fact, by statistics, Infernal is the worst drake of all 4. My comment is based on statistics chart.
nice. for all I care it can give me 5000 HP regen per second and still I'd have no mana, while a garen is dancing with or without ocean drake. like it wasn't even close to any OP mana regen amount. but yet they removed it to "balance out" either champions that regen 2,5% of their resource each second or don't need any resource at all. a taric Q costs 110 mana but hey np, he has twice as powerful healing rate as infernal's damage output.
Rioter Comments
Ehhhh (EUW)
: Playing someone who only gets to deal 90% of their damage vs someone who gets to do 120% of their damage gets annoying
yeah play with 90% dmg output but take 105% while there is LB with 112% dmg out xD stoner riot
Ehhhh (EUW)
: I love urf
the only thing I complain about is that Riot touched the champs damage out/input like they did in ARAM (which is also horse****)
: Depends on the champions... something like a vlad can probably hold vs two champions pretty easily, not to mention with urf cooldowns you can do a full clear then head to the 2v1 to help in good time. Also good for champions who need level breakpoints to be useful.
meh haven't seen this as everyone will clear camps regardless of the team. also everyone will rush drakes and barons anyway, while all the time top gets pushed in/molested.
Rioter Comments
Drda (EUNE)
: We dont want urf anymore
they regulated it soo much that it isn't fun anymore. back when the first urf was here, every champ was broken, and now, it's like aram but with pick and cdr ^^
: Can we atleast start a game without any problems?
my game often doesn't get out of the loading screen, and then crashes, meanwhile they remade the game. -18 lp
: keep all slots available on your field stashed with champs (even the ones you don't want/need) to have them out of the rolls. you can sell them at each round if you then get something you need.
also TFT is trash, and I don't understand how they added ranked for a RNG.
bartvader (EUW)
: How does TFT RNG works, because recent TFT games tilted me for life
keep all slots available on your field stashed with champs (even the ones you don't want/need) to have them out of the rolls. you can sell them at each round if you then get something you need.
: i cant understand their balance team either. First, they gave lux an OP shield. Second, they nerf her Q and R (early) because shes op. i mean... cmon.
they nerfed her Q ? it has the most fked up hitbox in the game...
Trilink (EUW)
: I think you were playing with the premade I had, I got autofilled in adc so I picked a safe Ezreal and my braum left bot unprovoked and started pushing mid and top at 8 minutes while afking for a minute each time he backed, his premade yasuo kept coming bot while the enemy team were gone and taking farm "you don't need it stfu" while complaining about how useless I am, enemy team felt sympathy for me though and reported the braum at least for abuse, the yasuo continued to do it even while he had all his items then "gg report ez" by the braum at the end summed up how frustrated I was. I'm pretty proud of myself for not arguing back since I've never been so frustrated in a game begging irl for a surrender.
probably, I never check ppl before a game but 2 of them were gold and 2 were silver 2. I'm silver one so it would make sense.
TheRaluxu (EUW)
: "so I went afk because they signaled they don't need me and don't want me but on the other hand said no to a surrender vote. and ofc after the game they cried about losing and reported me. I don't fear any ban because I have backup accounts" "What's up with this community?" You start with yourself.
I usually not do this. but if I get flamed by 4 ppl that never helped me a single time throughout the game and then say no to /ff, I go afk. it's still a team game and as I said they didn't want to win with this attitude anyway. Edit: I just looked through the replay. the "afk" was me dancing in the base for 20 seconds then went back to defend
Maedhoros (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Swagglightner,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=IUVgEE4j,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-07-12T00:30:52.367+0000) > > People are toxic af but not by swearing but by crying and shouting "report pls" and "enjoy your ban". > Last game I had a team that told me I was useless and didn't let me catch up by farming, not even talking about how they didn't help me and let me die. so I went afk because they signaled they don't need me and don't want me but on the other hand said no to a surrender vote. and ofc after the game they cried about losing and reported me. I don't fear any ban because I have backup accounts but my question is: is this peak lol-community now or isn't it? > they kept flaming but never helped, 0 jungler ganks, support saying "you suck I'll leave you die" > they deserved to lose with that attitude anyway. > welcome to the league of legends. Let me guess, you died in lane and then kept trying to push wave (despite being behind) and continued to feed. Your supp tried to save you once or twice, then wrote messages asking you not to feed and put yourself in bad positions, but you ignored it. During mid-game you were well behind, and needed to farm, but when in lane with the champions (who weren't behind, but needed to farm themselves to stay relevant and try to carry you) they didn't let you last hit all the minions. So you ran to a side lane, solo, but instead of freezing the wave close to a remaining tower - you pushed it again, and once you pushed the wave out, the enemy team saw you, collapsed on you and you died. Then you blamed the rest of your team for not helping you survive when you were, once again, badly positioned. Then they got tilted with you and told you to just AFK because you were hard feeding - at this point, you actually DID go AFK, instead of just defending base for your team, helping them by stopping the waves crashing into inhibitor turrets. Sound anyway familiar to anyone? People get tilted in this game because the ELO ranking system is NOT designed for team-based games, but noone smart enough has developed a ranking system that suits team based play where players join games solo/duo - also smurf accounts break it all anyway. So you probably found yourself playing against a lane that was much higher skill than you - it sounds like the rest of your team could see you had poor mechanics/positional awareness and got angry with you for repeatedly making mistakes and then started venting their frustration in chat. If you die more than 3-4 times in lane, that's all on you - until level 7-8 you should be able to use vision and game knowledge to avoid most ganks. Its only when champions that can tank the tower can dive behind the tower to kill you that it is acceptable. If you die more than 8 times in a full game, you've been feeding (or you're a matyr support than just gives it all for the team ;)). IRT toxicity - yea the game is super toxic, some people are toxic instantly (because they are starting a game when already tilted!) or because they are simply a-holes. If someone starts gabbing off at me, i give them one warning that i'll mute them and then i just do it, and focus on playing my game. If people spam pings or 'SS' me over and over because i got caught in a bad position (i'm only silver so this happens more than i'd like - the getting caught i mean) then I tell them i'll mute pings if they carry on. A lot of the time people don't start games toxic, but when they see someone in their game that is clearly playing outside their ELO and thus constantly feeding and not adapting to their mistakes, then they get tilted - because you become the reason they are going to lose the game. Losing lane is actually fine (so long as all 3 lanes don't lose it badly) but constantly dying in the process is just stupidity. It feeds up the enemy champions making the game impossible for the rest of your team unless you have a comp designed to survive fed carries.
nope. I defended the base while they went to chase 1 enemy in the jungle. ofc a hecarim came and towerdived me under 3 towers. what you are saying is that it's exactely my fault when it's not. ALL lanes lost. I just lost mine because a yuumi isn't going well with jhin i.e no escapes and we were playing against a vayne that became level 6 before me because I helped our jungler in the river and in return he never ganked. I know you feel like you know everything but pls stop assuming/making up stuff. thanks. ps: here's the match history edit: if you want, I can drop you the replay file so you can analyse it with your expertises
RogueDek (EUW)
: just do /mute all not like you need comms to win anyways
the mute didn't help anymore, they left me alone to die when I got tower dived and they constantly stole farm when I tried to catch up while my support left me alone after 8 minutes or so. there was no point in continuing this clown fiesta ^^
Rioter Comments
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: I honestly think Riot should revert all the ARAM-specific percentage changes. It is quite silly to put players into a position where they need to think, "Oh, it is ARAM. Now I need 20% more damage than in SR in order to kill a target, because reasons." It messes up the feel of champions players already have. The only balance change I'd make: Make the average ability/AA range of the teams similar with the first random champions. (Obviously re-rolls could and would change the balance).
well they put in specific nerfs to champions AND then you take less damage from a certain distance. Now I had a game where I played lux against xerath. cool. Lux deals 90% dmg and takes 110%. enemy team had a xerath which deals 95% dmg and take normal amount. guess who constantly survived with 50 hp while killing me. they can keep the specific changes for less dmg. but dmg shouldn't exceed 100% as well as dmg taken shouldn't that's all it would need.
Rioter Comments
: Do you pay for the servers? Where they go to ask for money to get the servers? They download free RAM from to get more space for the players? I don't see math at all here. Not even basic logic.
basically all players that are dumb enough to put money into this game do.
Enchant5 (EUW)
: The TFT Experience
I played 3 games and already hate it. you NEVER get what you need after 15 rerolls while the enemies have half their team on level 3 already.
: Nasus' W...
yeah and then a riven appears, jumping 5000 times... they haven't nerfed that because there are plenty of champs with counterplay. garen, gp, anyone that has a dash/leap/jump whatever. just pick right, that's all. or ban him if you think he's the worst on top.
nippes (EUNE)
: Can't complete "Watch and Learn 1: Watch 2 MSI Games" mission
why would you even want to complete that? 150 BE lel.
Zedant (EUW)
: Isnt this a bit too much UNFUN/unfair in ARAM?
tbh the worst part is that they started tweaking with damage. like one champ deals 102% and the other only 89 or something. that kinda ruined everything because now you stomp with a kassadin and similar champs dealing >100% percent damage and only receive 90% it was fine that they reduced ranged damage and give melee champs a little extra mr but the individual damage should've been untouched. old aram worked fine
JustClone (EUNE)
: People forget quickly that the IP grind was not different. Get your first win of the day often and you are fine. There is no much use to play the same day 10 games, when you can play 5 days 2 games each, and get higher amount of BE in magnitudes...
you know, %%%% all the blue essence amount if only you wouldn't get champ shards of champs you already own. then you'd have all champs quick. or at least reroll 3 shards into a random permanent, but they won't allow that {{summoner:3}} ^^
Zanador (EUNE)
: But we get tons of champ shards now which act essentially like a 40-60% price reduction, so that can potentially boost the value of BE by a lot. That being said, i think the problem is the obvious one here: the random nature of the rewards. Riot is probably correct when they say that as a whole, unlocking every champion is faster with the current system than it was with the old one. However if you want to unlock a specific champion, or a specific few, then you either have to grind more or pray to RNGsus for the shards. I have all the champions and BE to spare for years now, but when i got my 3rd lvl7 token for Brand as my first champ to lvl up, i said that i'd unlock it when i get the shard. To this day that didn't happen, so i'm waiting. Players shouldn't have to know advanced risk analysis just to plan their game account. My other problem is that new players can seriously regret their choices if they scrap the shard of a champion they later get to love. Then instead of the ~60% price they can start the longer grind.
yes but shards of champs you already own too and that makes it less value
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: Now, now, OP. You get at least 810 BE per level up total. That includes shards and flat BE.
today I even got 900 BE out of it and still I would've had more with IP.
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