: A big thank you to the LCS pro's who are making a mockery of Dynamic Queue on NA Server
Ohshit, premades (LCS 5stacks in this case) are actually a problem? Validation for all your premade fears right here! Free of charge!
: Your Season 6 Goals?!
Ehh, actually finishing my placement matches this season, I guess?
Larry (EUNE)
: Fantasy is fantasy but cigar on graves promotes smoking which is bad for health. But you can never have a mutant cow in real life to torture so its okay :P
Well, Gragas' entire kit revolves around drinking wine. The only superpowers I've ever noticed while intoxicated is turning alcohol into bad decisions and regret. Far as I'm aware, Graves' cigar was removed to avoid a bump in age rating in China, since smoking (and skeletal remains) are apparently big taboos there.
: {{champion:4}} should only be allowed 52 basic attacks, Q takes away 3 cards, before he cannot do anything besides ult the whole game. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} (lets not do this to tf)
I just realized... "Nobody touches the hat." He has spare decks in his hat.
: New team builder might get rid of those motherfckers but what about ingame? I would really appreciate vote to kick option like in CSGO
Can't keep track of the amount of times I've been vote-kicked by Russians in that game for no other reason than not playing like I was Global Elite. Don't see why it would work better in LoL.
: Gender influences your main character?
25 year old guy, and while I don't really have mains the champs I play regularly run the gamut from macho-men(crocs?) like Renekton to cutesy little girls like Lulu.
Oshaman (EUNE)
: This was not a post saying the old system is better than the new, i never said that. What i was trying to say is that neither has been enough and that more needs to be done. That being said I'm sorry about naming this guy in the post. I didn't know, and that's on me. I'll remove the post and maybe re-post and rephrase. Ty again for reading
You can just edit the post, can't you? Won't lose any replies that way. And yeah, I'd be inclined to agree that more needs to be done, but I'm drawing a blank as to how Riot would go about that.
Oshaman (EUNE)
: My point exactly. And it's not okay. Some might say you have a damn responsibility. Kids play this game for gods sake.
You saw the old Tribunal and how slow it was? Not to mention how prone it was to troll-voting. Many cases were up to half a year old, and a there were more than a few offenders pardoned simply because voters felt like trolling. The current system is faster, and it doesn't randomly decide to pardon people. Oh, and you may wanna remove the name from your original post. Posting names is against the rules. This guy is obviously a dick, but the answer isn't to name them on the forums because we can't really do jack shit. Take screen-caps and send a ticket to Riot Support instead.
Kauski (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=swampert919,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=3qp40vNA,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2016-01-10T11:39:23.293+0000) > > People tend to automatically try to find a scapegoat when they get beaten very badly, which is where the whole blaming the champion or blaming their team comes from... they can't admit that they got beaten fair and square so they generate excuses. Do explain why most banned and played champions instantly swap when they patch the game? everyone playing on perfectly balanced champs only? oh wait, everyone just abuses the sh1t out of everything they can with op champs. its bronze logic for "game balanced, its skill that matters" only skill is to be first one to find out what is broken.
So, by that logic a Bronze player on Renekton will beat a Master player on Poppy, because Renekton is the stronger champ?
PauIo (EUW)
: I'd like to promote positive behaviour, but I honestly don't think changing your Summoner Icon really 'means' something.
Uh-huh. Rather be positive to those you play with. A simple "gl hf" in /all chat at the start of a game goes a long way, I've noticed.
: That's why when me and my friends want to do something "fun" of the sort you describe, like all of us playing supports, we do it during a bot game. Then we don't ruin things for anyone. Bot games can be won blindfolded, so it's not a problem. And if there's a fifth non-premade person there we don't ask him to do the same or mess around with his game play. Most people do bot games to check out a new champ or just have an easy time. I don't flame as a general rule, no matter what's going on, and I definitely see zero reason to complain about people during bot games. In a real game we never do this, because a real game isn't as easily won that you can just mess around. Besides, we don't want to ruin things for a fifth person. So, in any case, people should keep this sort of stuff to bot games where it won't ruin things for people. But hey, once in a bot game we decided to keep it real, hence me who played Nami was only allowed to be in river. It made it rather hard to help people, but I actually got some good ganks in, lol. Again, this was a bot game. Hell, you can 2 vs 5 in a bot game just fine, bots are really not very smart :P So yeah, I get your frustration and I would never take my premades to troll a real game the way these guys did, it's not cool.
If we get a 5-man premade, we'd do it in normals too. The opposing team usually doesn't care that much. However, if we end up with just one random player we'll usually run any "out there" ideas by them. Incidentally we've also gotten into this habit of letting randoms call lane before we call ours.
: What To Do When You Have Lost Your Lane (This Is Not A Question Its A Guide)
Sound advice, I'd say. My biggest problem is tilting (and taking too many risks). I don't flame or stuff like that, because honestly if I feed my opponent to hell and back what can my jungler or roaming mid do? Call my lane lost and focus on the ones that may yet be won. What happens is I slip into this "I'll be irrelevant for the rest of the game now" mindset, and I sorta stop trying. I've gotten better at avoiding that, but when I give first blood and continue to go 0/3 or worse because my opponent does not care about towers I still kinda just call it over in my head.
Hiroyuki (EUW)
: You don't need to be sorry. The League of legends community is a bunch of jerks. I don't make statements like that lightly or without consideration, but it's true. I don't just see toxic people in 2% of games, I see them EVERY game. Riot needs to rethink their approach, and fast. This game is very fastly becoming unfun and stressful to play. I'd like to make a point hre... No doubt it'll get downvoted because the league of legends community is like Reddit on steroids then the dead sea salt applied, along with some brain damage... You can't even say 'f*** off' or 'shut up' any more to the flamers, because that gets you a chat restrict. (Fascist much?) I've played video games online since the early 2000's and trash talk was always a funny and healthy side effect of gaming. Riot Games have went evangelical kim-jong-il facism on the idea of trash talk, and indirectly encourage a tense and passive aggressive atmosphere, where people are more jerky than ever doing things like stealing farm, stealing jungle minions you're attacking, intentionally feeding, running from fights with full health or refusing to help team. They continue this behaviour because there's no risk of chat restricts or bans, but honestly I'd much rather someone just flamed me so I could mute them (or say something cheeky back) than be passive aggressive, or sarcastic, or trollish behaviour, or griefing, or intentionally feeding, or saying 'gj' when a team mate dies. Riot should lighten the chat restrict system in favour of a 'say what you want' system, with emphasis on the mute button. You'd find a lot less people being jerks because there's no longer a tense atmopshere of people worrying about what they can say and being passive aggressive or sarcastic. indirectly crea
[Personal anecdote != evidence](http://www.trbimg.com/img-55b7afef/turbine/ct-fallacy-ref-app-bsi-20150728) Personally, I've seen a significant decrease in the toxicity of the game. And no, it's not fascism. And the general level of toxicity in LoL is not "thrash talk". It's stuff that could get you sent up the river in the real world. I'll concede a point that some people are overtly sensitive, though.
: > [{quoted}](name=Shiwah,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=woshj6ft,comment-id=000000010000,timestamp=2015-12-28T00:35:05.220+0000) > > Removing the police doesn't remove crime. Reporting people that did nothing against the rules only hurts the reporter's trustiness. theres a long way from cops and robbers to a online video game, and its not the fake reports im talking about, its the ingame attitude the report system generates, its seems to work with Heroes of the Storm so i see no reason why it woulnt work with lol
HotS has a report system, just like League. So that point is moot.
FixxeS (EUW)
: I always loved storyboard, knowing why I am playing. a game I loved to play was "Homefront". I never saw a first person shooter game so good, has a awesom storyboard and the intro almost made me cry because of it's meaning. I dont know what motivates a person to play a game with no meaning at all. what I try always to take from a game is life lessons. homefront gave me several lessons that I actually could apply in my daily life believe it or not. Probably you are right, maybe those shitty MOBA games like league, smite, dota, hearthstone, heroes of the storm, etc; are not for me...
The answer is obvious. Not everyone has the same opinion as you do about what gives a game "meaning".
: Current state of the game
Pre-season is always a huge clusterfuck. I remember when they introduced Black Cleaver and every AD champ would just get two or three of those, because the passives of the day stacked.
meowsuo (EUW)
: That's actually pretty deep, i am impressed. And i am not being sarcastic, i mean it. Probably sounds stupid but i immediately thought about freedom reading what you said, maybe i watched too many movies. {{champion:157}} meow
Did it come with a mental image of William Wallace in blue paint?
paleface (EUNE)
: that's what i am saying. I get 5th pick, let's say Jungle is already chosen. I choose another jungle. Because it's not punishable. And it's not trolling, right? SO we lose, obviously, because of my intentional TROLL pick, but it's not trolling. Duo mid is ok, duo jungle is ok. Hell, 5 junglers is ok, what's wrong with it, right? Just saying, this system is false. It lets you do whatever you want and get away with it. And people commenting it's ok probably do not want to get to higher divisions. Or win.
That's weird, I can swear I've won games where everyone went mid or we played five supports. Just because something isn't meta doesn't make it an auto-lose or punishable. Methinks you're salty over a loss and needs something to blame for it.
FixxeS (EUW)
: yep, story is everything in a game. it's not because it's a MOBA that can't have a story. they put some pages about champions and things like that, but will I read a book just to understand a game's story? hell no!! it's the problem today, everyone only cares about playing, playing and more playing and they dont even want to know what is the game I mean, is like if I told you to go fight in a war, and you go without questioning why you or why we need to fight that war... would you fight bravely (?) and at all cost without knowing why? yeah, the gameplay is addicted, but it reachs a point, were gameplay is simply not enough...
There is no shortage in story-driven games full of lore, LoL just isn't one of those. That works for a vast majority of the playerbase. If it doesn't work for you, maybe you need to realize that the game isn't for you.
Sipahhi (EUW)
: Getting Riot messages due to reports
It's an automated notification that you've been reported, that's all. It doesn't mean anything beyond that you've been reported. If what you're saying is true and you only asked for a surrender, you've got nothing to worry about.
duckarp (EUNE)
: Yes, there's a huge wave, because the system is now much harsher and people don't understand why they can't wish cancer upon others. 99% of those "I'm innocent" threads show hostility, offensive language, abusing their teammates, threatening with various stuff etc. And then they come here, sweet little angels, saying they did nothing wrong.
Bans. Bans never change. Or at least the people getting banned and pleading innocence all over the place. And people say the system doesn't work.
: You Hate Poppy?
Don't be hating on the adorable little yordle with the big hammer!
Ulriah (EUW)
: Nah, I only hate the nubs that play her and save the enemy by ulting them away.
I don't even use the ult for that, most of the time. I've been thinking it'd be rad to knock away some support or tank as an engage kinda thing, but I've yet to get there.
kiwishrew (EUW)
: Why do I let things get to me?
Grit your teeth, report and move on, that's really all you can do. Take solace in the fact that if he can't tell the difference between carrying/being instrumental in the win and being carried he's not going anywhere anytime soon.
xZabaksx (EUW)
: What does even "gg izi" mean.. How can THAT offend you <:0)???
You playing dumb, or something? It's "gg easy". And it's not really offensive, but it's gratingly unsportsmanlike, especially when it comes from someone who got carried through a 50 minute game.
FixxeS (EUW)
: true... I can't find the game entertaining anymore. it's always the same. if it even had quests or something... league does not even has a story intro or something... I dont know anything about the story of the champions for example. do you think I would care about reading a page with full text? hell no! instead of releasing champions every month, why not developing videos with introductions to the champions and game it self? why was the competition created (I mean the story not the game itself), why was master yi recruited? things like that.
I think you misunderstand. I actually find LoL to be fun. I just don't care about rank or being meta. Frankly, if you want story you probably shouldn't be looking at MOBAs as they tend to be rather light in that department. The exception being Dawngate, but EA went and shut that down some year ago.
kvykvy (EUW)
: Competition,that's the only motor for every single player.Would recommend finding a team and compete :P
Nah, I couldn't care less about rank or champion mastery or whatever. I just wanna have fun, and it just so happens I find the gameplay of LoL entertaining.
: [POLL] When did you start playing League of Legends?
End of season 2, IIRC. Didn't really know about season and stuff back then, so I may be off.
: Dr.Broken
Is it just me, or does Mundo go from being meh-to-okay to being top tier and then back to meh-to-okay and then back up into top tier? Didn't Trundle see play in the LCS just because he was a good answer to Mundo? Is this what he means when he says Mundo goes where he pleases?
Agidyne (EUW)
: Who is your favorite champion?
The tiny, adorable yordle with the big f*ck-all hammer, right now. Sure there are better picks for just about everything, but I find her fun to play. I guess Ahri, Jayce and Twisted Fate all should get honorable mentions. I still like to play those (especially the latter two) now and then.
: - /mute all - Don't force me to play vs bots - What's wrong with "queue system" ? - agreed on the other suggestions. Now : > they provoke me into a conversation, and i literally have to answer back (thats just how i am, sometimes i can control myself, but when the craziness gets over the top, then i have to answer) Let's cut the bullshit there. You don't "have" to answer back. You WANT to answer back. And that's not "how you are". That's how you were at this moment and how you could or could not be in the future. You're saying this like this is some kind of plague you are infected with that forces you to answer back to people no matter what you really want. This is NOT how is works. The sooner you realize that people are just triggers for what's already inside you, a pretext for you to behave the way you want to, the sooner you'll be free from it.
Couldn't have said it better myself. Also, bot game are actually pretty bad for learning anything but the very basics of a champ. You could win a botgame as AD Ahri using only AAs if you tried har enough, most likely.
: I think if we'll have that new queue, that'll finally solve this. I had no idea why would normal SR have 3 different queues, and merging them into 1 will make tracking your normal MMR much easier. Currently, I think all 3 normal queues (or maybe just 2 if there's no difference between normal blind and draft) have different MMR, and you have MMR for ranked queue too, which is pretty messed up.
Pretty sure they all have separate MMR, which is daft. Team builder should use the same MMR as normals, since that's basically what it is.
Hoodedqt (EUNE)
: dont go solo as a glasscannon if there is a rengar in the enemy team. hug your little yordle {{champion:78}} she can save you from:{{champion:266}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:64}}{{champion:80}} or another {{champion:78}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:154}} with only her W and dont forget she has others spell too, like E stun, Q slow, R knockaway
Poppy, the hero LoL needs.
Djenga (EUW)
: You are right with your point but I do like MOBAs mainly. I really do enjoy when you play as a team, game meta seems fine to me even though it has bugs and lags sometimes. I could subscribe to this game if they guarantee that they will create a better community. I am just giving up because of the community makes me feel that way and Riot not showing any example to fix this issue.
There's plenty of work going on by Riot to fix the problem, but with the system being somewhat lenient (sometimes ragers just have a bad day and are usually cool-headed players after all) and not very fast coupled with no feedback to the affected parties it does give the impression that nothing happens. I feel the game could use more emphasis on the team-work part, though. All too often, people get too focused on their own performance to look at the fact that you're a team IMO.
Djenga (EUW)
: Worthless Tries to Have Fun
If playing the game makes you a worse person or you feel forced to play it, by all means take a step back and consider what's going on cause there's a problem there. And frankly, if you don't enjoy the game then it's a no-brainer to not play it. I mean, why would you spend your free time doing something you don't enjoy? That's just daft and possibly a bit masochistic. I'll never understand the mentality of people who force themselves to play ranked (or indeed the game at all) when they don't get any enjoyment out of it. It's the behavior of an addict, if anything.
Wukongz (EUNE)
: ***
BUT IT'S META! HOW CAN YOU SO BLATANTLY DISREGARD MY PRECIOUS META YOU FILTHY CASUAL BRONZIE?! On a more serious note... I agree. Off-meta picks aren't necessary troll-picks, unless you go something utterly counter-productive like the mentioned mana/AP Riven. Doesn't stop people from crying foul when I go Vi top and prioritize damage over resistances.
: Sending Reports EVERY GAME
Riot have never handed out feedback regarding punishments to those who report, as far as I'm aware. Used to be that if you were above a certain level and hadn't been punished you could vote in the Tribunal and see what the outcome was. Far as I know, that was the only way you could ever see what became of reported players, and even then it was only in the cases that you had voted in. So just because you don't see anything doesn't mean Riot isn't doing anything. It's also not a quick system that takes action as soon as one report is sent either, if I'm not mistaken you need to get more reports than the average player does before things are even set in motion.
: good, but as i said reporting every game does'nt mean someone will be punished, if you report to much, your report value will decrease and the others report will be stronger.
I think this is actually the case for reports that come back false (as in you report and nothing that would have warranted a report is found). Legit reports don't decrease in value, as far as I'm aware.
: Just met an intentionally feeder in Ranked
There is the off chance he had a horrible game. One of those where nothing goes your way no matter what you do. There is also the chance he was just elo-boosted and really has no idea what he's doing.
: is the 51% win rate true for ranked MMR?
If I'm not mistaken, LP gain/loss is more dependent on your MMR relative to where you are than winrate. If your MMR is significantly higher than those you play with/against you gain more LP and lose less. The reverse also holds true, if your MMR is significantly slower than those you play with/against you lose more and win less. One assumes your MMR fluctuates according to your recent win/loss ratio.
Larry (EUNE)
: In teamfights those stats would be usefull, and more usefull to professionals who do minimum mistakes. But in ranked games up until master division the game will be so imbalanced, getting this 50 extra armor or 50 extra damage will not have an impact as good as lets say, solari's shield or shurellia's mobility, to catch an opening. I dont know really, im confused with the new choices you have. Maybe its just the way it works for me, i just want to understand why people pick items that i personally find way less effective in action than in numbers
I'm gonna go ahead and disagree. If anything you see a greater variety of items in high-level play, because they're very good at capitalizing on their items and adjusting their builds to the circumstances. Compared to the lower levels where people either have no idea what they're doing (giving rise to a fair bit of variety as well, admittedly) or just parrot whatever they saw on MOBAFire or the latest pro-stream. This is evident in how many "different" builds were created by professionals (Blue Ezreal a few seasons back, for one example) and then simply aped by the community. Really, if you can capitalize on it properly, even a longsword or blasting wand can turn things around. Another factor may be that builds are not static (at least they should not be). If your enemy has lots of AD, then armor is preferable over magic resist, and vice versa. If they have lots of HP stacking champs, BOTRK is a viable option for your auto-attackers. If they have lots of magic damage, Maw of Malmortius may be of interest to your AD bruisers, and so on and so on.
Larry (EUNE)
: I need help understanding itemization in a practical sense
Now I've been out of the loop for the better part of a year and only recently got back into playing, so apply salt liberally. However bottom line is you don't feel as if your items are making any difference, yeah? Not sure how to go about changing that. You say you understand the math of the game, so it should be pretty obvious that items do make a difference even if you can't see it. I can understand that, as I had the same impression when I first started out. And honestly, the differences are rather small (unless you have something like 150 armor against someone with no armor pen what so ever). For example, BOTRK deals 6% of the target's current HP per auto-attack. On someone with 1000HP this translates to 60 extra damage. Not a whole lot per attack, but on AA focused champs with high attack speed this ramps up rather quickly. Another example is armor, where 1 point of armor translates to 1% extra HP, based of your current maximum (thus someone with 1000 HP and 50 armor would take 1500 points of physical damage to kill, not including armor pen). I guess this is something that comes with experience, and intently looking for the differences various builds provide.
: ***
What's a 0/3 midlander gonna do with blue? Hand it to their midlaner on a silver platter?
: I don't think I understand what you're trying to say, is this a rant post or something?
Pretty sure he's saying something that the next time he writes something on the topic of the LoL community it will be the same old rant about how awful it is. Which isn't false, it can be a pretty shitty experience, but that horse has been beaten to a fine mist at this point.
Orthian (EUW)
: Blame, Feeding, Flaming, Tryharding
I'm inclined to agree, however feeding unintentionally is still a thing. Sometimes you're just simply horribly outplayed or find yourself in an unfamiliar match-up. Of course that doesn't mean there's anything to be gained from saying "stop feeding". I mean, I guess I could stay under my turret and farm what I can, but that's basically pushing myself into irrelevance for the rest of the game (one could argue that's it better to have a teammate that's way behind than to have a fed enemy though). As for tryharding, of course you're not tryharding when you try to win. Some people have a bad habit of trying to force their view of how the game should be played on others. Now I'm not talking about telling someone that Ziggs is a bad support choice or that Jinx isn't the best jungler, I'm talking about the people who throw a tantrum when the midlaner doesn't chose whatever is FOTM. But yeah, I agree with your bottom line.
Ulriah (EUW)
: A Yasuo that builds BT first item and has 31 CS at 17 mins still has the audacity to blame Shyvana for not ganking for him against a Zed.
Why face the fact that you're not as good as you think when you can just blame the jungler? Bad CS? Jungler noob no ganks. Bad build? Jungler pos no ganks. Now I'm by no means good at the game, but I think that if you need your jungler as a crutch to win lane, you're not as good as you think. Ganks aren't guaranteed, after all.
: How often do you see {{item:3156}} at the moment? xD
It's hardly an auto-include, but I usually go for it as an AD bruiser if the enemy has decent magic damage output.
: They do, kind of. The severity of your behavior decides on which level of punishment you start. "normal" toxicity starts with a 10 games restriction while the first punishment for an extreme flamer can also be 2 week ban. But of course you are still right that repeating toxic behavior levels up your punishment, regardless of severity. I am not sure if you currently can skip punishments based on severity (like getting 10 games CR, skipping the 25 games CR and immediately getting a 2-week-ban), but you can definetely start on a higher punishment level when your behavior is very extreme.
Fair enough, I've been rather out of the loop for the better part of a year. My knowledge on the system is probably a tad rusty and obsolete in places.
: I doubt that Riot will ever do something about it to be honest. Clearly those guys are the preseason scumbags that think playing seriously or being sportsmanlike is unnecessary since they can't climb anymore. We have a system that gifts players skins for sociability, yet nothing is done to punish people that behave anti-social. Where is the penalty for being an asshole when you already get rewards for being a good guy? Not to mention that you don't even HAVE to be a good guy, you just have to be so lucky that your teammates won't report you for the shit you do to them. Does this make you a sportsmanlike summoner that deserves recognition, rewards and respect? No, no and NO. I'm just waiting for the day when reports are becoming a serious factor for this game, when people that behave like asses also get the punishment for being asses, not that every single toxic person I talk to says "I don't care about being reported, Riot is just full of sissies and pussies that never punishes us anyway lolololol". Imo, enforcing harsher systems wouldn't bother me in the least. Insulted people because you're a narcisstic prick? Called somebody a freak because they did something wrong? Insulted somebody for no reason at all because you're insensitive and crossed the line of consent? Ban, ban and ban. No 50 warning messages with some sort of timer that seems to expire after days already. It would get a lot of people banned that are nice persons deep down, but it'll also get the primary amount of dipshits banned that ruin this community COMPLETELY. A harsher system would be less forgiving towards one-time mistakes but at the same time UNforgiving towards people that deserve to be banned and manage to avoid the final nail to their coffin somehow. Hell, I'd even accept being permabanned myself so long as they put in harsher rules that might even get me banned myself for using swearwords a lot.
The problem with the banning was that all too often people who were banned would create new accounts and simply go into every game intent on being total shitheads. And if you take the words of a toxic player over those of Riot on reports, I think you need to verify your sources a bit more. Reports do matter, but they're not instantaneous nor does any single one carry any amount of weight. Only when a player gets more reports than is deemed usual will things be set in motion. If not, we'd have people getting banned over troll/false reports (which do happen, back in the days of the Tribunal I even saw people get permabanned over it).
: I though the most Broken OP of OPness champ this week was {{champion:24}}. Now, suddenly, it's {{champion:58}}. Go figure.
What's this, season 2? Don't tell me AP Yi will make a comeback as well...
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