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: Riot seems to have a major issue with "Third Party Programs" right now as it stands, a quick look through the boards tells you that. Personally i've disabled my Overwolf and have put a major hiatus on a youtube video i was compiling clips for because of this rampant plague of banning
When i get it done, yes. I'm planning on a rant-series where i'll be making attempts to get out of bronze and basically complaining about my own failures as well as the obvious scum-of-the-earth players out there best avoided.
PengWin (EUNE)
: Permaban spree
Riot seems to have a major issue with "Third Party Programs" right now as it stands, a quick look through the boards tells you that. Personally i've disabled my Overwolf and have put a major hiatus on a youtube video i was compiling clips for because of this rampant plague of banning
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: NO system is perfect
never said it was nor do i have the expectation for it to be, i'm just tossing my 2 cents out there
: > I understand that the League Launcher has the option to block out foul language in game, so why are people not utilising it? Because it's just a very basic word filter with...idk....50 words or so. Since being a jerk is not reliant on specific words, this is hardly any protection. Just a small example: "You are the most worthless person I have ever seen and you don't deserve to live". This sentence doesn't contain a single "bad word" but still is a completely inappropriate statement that definitely justifies a punishment. Thats why the chat filter is not a solution. > it when you find the language offensive in the first place It's not about offensive language, it's about being a jerk. > with an automated "Tribunal" system ripe for abuse, Thats a very odd description of the current system. It seems like you are complaining about the functionality of a system without actually knowing how it works. How you do you think the current Tribunal system works? What do you think does "automated" mean in this context and how exactly can it be abused? > with nobody providing overwatch Pretty much the same question: How do you think the monitoring ingame works?
1: then riot needs to expand thier word bank. its poor control on their part if they want to spend more time on a rework than on thier core game 2: being a jerk is one thing, but i was chat banned for offensive language 3: Players can skim the system by bull baiting. I've seen games where players have been chewed out for not seeing the 5 v 1 gank incoming because only one team member pinged, i;ve seen players dive towers and purposely feed a lane opponent with an "oops, sorry!" or an outright abandoning of a team mate desperate for help. This can be the catalyst for a flame war when its an obvious attempt to set you up to tilt, feed and such... and since the Tribunal cant do anything but mark my language as foul instead of the obvious signs such as laughing at a player, the fact that players are coming down hard on another for failing his task etc it IS abused 4: it isn't. The tribunal was meant to be a haven where the playerbase governed itself. Now its not.
FoxyAut (EUW)
: What can I do, to make my support play SUPPORTIVE
I suppose you could report them for negative conduct in the game as thier role is a broad one. Many tanks will steal a little farm for that ruby or might see the benifit in starving the adc considering how broken juggers are at this moment in time. Being a support main i cant say i have not rushed into a lane to steal some gold myself, but if it wins the game....
Mambo6 (EUNE)
: i was suspended for flame but i flame bc they feed
The problem with feeders is that the Tribunal is automated and nobody is overlooking what occurs in the game and therefore cannot distinguish against the poorly skilled and the outright feeders. You on the other hand, if they are feeders, are walking right into thier trap by flaming. Toxic Behaviour is Toxic behaviour. While i agree its a pain in the {{champion:22}} regarding how the system is incompetent you're just as much at fault
Joyi (EUW)
: Or maybe stop crying about it and just play to improve and be nice for your own personal development and maybe oneday you will get a key
Its easy to say, harder to do. The player base is salty as all hell and unless you're willing to get on your knees and kiss the backside of everyone you're unlikely to get anything out of it... even then you're looking at being flamed anyway
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TheCurSADer (EUNE)
: If someone explicitly says that they play on another account they "hacked" I would suggest you report that to Player Support. I however advice you to only to that on legitimate claims - just because someone is 0/20 doesn't mean it's not his account after all :D But for feeders there is already a system in place that bans them in a similar fashion to "toxicity bans" so it's all good.
{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} Its hard to judge whether someone is making a legitimate claim for the sake of bragging rights or if its just a troll out to escape punishment. However, we have seen evidence that "secure" systems can be hacked even by teenagers. It wasn't too long ago that a compromising peice of code was noted in youtube that could have potentially erased any and all videos. Steam has seen its own hacking teenager completely bypass the Greenlight system with its 100 dollar "Time-waster fee" and virtually every game, every platform and every genre has seen its own breed of hacker with the most notorious being the "LOOK AT ME, I SCREWED WITH YOUR SYSTEM!!" types being the ones that have a tendancy to both gain the most attention through thier capability and potentially cause the most damage. Personally i've sunk time, energy and money into this particular game. I take hacking claims seriously Legitimate or not.
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Riryz (EUW)
: i get what youre trying to say but riot just can do that. the problem with making a system like that would be abused way to much. i might help that small portion of games where peopel really are gonna troll but most of the games people will bail because either their champ is picked, someone is playing an unusual champion (even if its a normal champion) or if the enemy has a better teamcomp.
Not if Riot applied a limited number of redeemable "Bail" attempts that must be refreshed through games played, one might use the ARAM "Re-roll" mechanic as a basis for this so that one might only be able to redeem 1 "get out of rift free" card per day, with X amount of matches being required to refresh that 1 card
: Invest in a few more rune pages. You have "tank" rune page where only your reds are AD. So you're not helping your ADC situation any further for a start. You want to go down the cunning tree as your secondary or primary for ADC masteries. The resolve tree is really bad for ADC, boosted health regen is awful when below 25% hp as an ADC. You're either going to lifesteal back up to making that mastery useless on you, or you will be dead, so again useless. You only have 6 champions in your entire ranked career this season where you've had an average death count of less than 8 deaths. 8 or higher is just way too much, even when I die that much i know its too much. Dying that much against bronze V level players means you belong there. You don't have a single champions averaging above 200 cs. when around 15 cs = 1 kill, complaining about other peoples k/d/a when you could be racking up at 100-200 cs lead above everyone at that elo easily, seems to me a little bit of a minor thing to complain about. Your highest performance champion is jax, but you die a hell of a lot on him. I know k/d/a doesn't = a win, but dying = gold to the enemy team.
I'm trying to find my niche in a system that doesn't seem to be working out. I had hoped, as was stated above in the thread, that the new system would open up possibilities where fights over champs, roles, builds etc would just falter and die... if nothing more i hoped it would AT LEAST improve the lower tier so i could get my ass back out of it. Believe it or not i used to be in silver v on my older account prior to that huge influx of bots ... which put me on tilt, had me say more than i cared to about certain players mothers and returned me to a fresh start I'm not the calmest player in the world. While i am pushing to improve i just feel that the community as it stands does not help. There is no kinship or camaraderie that is fostered in the teams you are placed with that you find in mmog's of other natures. In other games of the rpg flavour i can thrive because the guilds, teams and groups that are built there are under the understanding that if one person falls there is the potential that everyone falls with them i just dont see that here, and while it saddens me to see the potential this community is wasting, it enfuriates me more within the game itself because i **know **i **can **do better and i **can **improve but its becoming harder with his toxic community spreading its virus-like hate of my fellows to me over the most stupid things
: You're bronze V dude, expect the worst. Improve your attitude a bit and stop raging so hard at the game and you'd get out of the complete sh**fest that is bronze V. Also when you mention "better players contributing" I really hope you aren't talking about yourself when you're making a post which kind of shows why you aren't currently progressing.
Not saying i dont tilt or rage. I do. I've probably told a fair number of people in games that i hope they slip off their gaming chair and break their leg just so that they'd gtfo of my game. But i've seen good players flounder because of this garbage.
Riryz (EUW)
: oh no i have a sivir or vayne support. how bad... meanwhile in my promo games we have a 0/15 ap tryndamere... the best way to deal with this is to stop complaining and accept the fact that there are people in the world that are *ssholes and try to ruin peoples experience. you cant do anything to stop them. even if you get a player banned there will be plenty of people that take their place and riot cant ban people that havent done anyhing wrong yet so yeah.
Its easy enough if they apply a ban or bail system at the beginning of the games that will not incur a penalty on the players there. How many times have you seen Movespeed Veigar jungle or that one idiot that KNOWS that Sona top lane ad countertank will work (THIs TIME) and wanted to bail but couldn't because you'll lose that promo you've worked so hard for?
: This problem will be virtually non-existent when the new Champ Select arrives on Live servers. Its essentially an improved version of teambuilder. You que up for your Primary and Secondary role (Top/Mid/Supp Etc or even just 'Fill' if you like all roles.) and the game will always try to give you your primary role, only falling back to your secondary if its struggling to fit you in a team. Thus, everyone who ques up gets a role they're happy with, thus no more fighting over lanes in champ select.
Try telling that to the mid that demands to try AD tank Janna or the top lane Mundo who has decided that, because we banned HIS character he's now going to open mundo's shoe store top lane instead of playing like a decent human being
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: This system is fucking retarded
Seph, problem is that everything should be taken in context. If a team pushes you to such an extreme where you must get it off your chest then that should be taken into account. Yes, there are some people out there who can shrug off the most scathing of insults, but not all of us have that capability and the real culprits are the ones that push and get away with it. The wordt of it is, that these players just dont give a crap over a suspension or ban or not, they'll either hop into a smurf or will make a new account just to start all over again. it only takes a week or so of persistant games to get to 30 and to start damaging the community all over again
: Banned for defending a fellow player?
Of course, but it doesn't show the others in the chat riding this ADC like Ahri on a drunk night out and nothing better to do. And it literally came down with the banhammer right after i left the game showing that the system is ripe for abuse. one wrong "Noob" or "Too easy" and you can be hammered down harder tham morde and poppy's lovechild
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