: Dodging:-3 LP (I think) Remake:Will be abused if one does not like the champion another players has locked in.
True enough, also @OP just play the role they didn't and report them after for it. If you have so little time that you can't make up a game then you REALLY shouldn't be plying ranked, it requires a semi-dedication of time.
TatarQiz (EUNE)
: The LeaverBuster won't punish people for leaving just a few minutes. Riot understands that issues might happen (family, connection, weather), but if you have a tendency of AFK or leave games, a punishment is applied. You have the wrong opinion about the system. It is permissive (since things can happen in life, during a match) as long as you do not pass a certain limit that is considered "intentionally leaving".
I'm aware. The OP made it seem like that because others are ruining his games he has a valid excuse to constantly afk in bot bot games.
: I think people can handle a 10 minute afk timer when their puppy died.
Yes, they can. What I'm saying that too is the ones that go "OMG WHY I BANNED MY PUPPY DIED"
Hunt3rx07 (EUW)
: Bots Everywhere
So? I've been helpign a friend grind up and not had an issue. You leaving games for ANY reason is a punishable offense, does not matter if your puppy just died you play the game or get a punishment.
: "gg izi"
Always have reported those clowns, always will. You want to be a disrespectful little **** then the only thing I say is enjoy the permaban.
ZeeDrakon (EUW)
: ***
And you started a flame war, muted. PS: I do have a point. Don't stand there when you see the enemy jungler soloing a 5 minute dragon. Enjoy non-existance.
ZeeDrakon (EUW)
: This is so situational... A lot of the time you just end up killing yourself and even denying yourself the chance to steal. Especially for midgame dragons, they dont really deal dmg, if you hard engage outnumbered/at a disadvantage youre just suiciding.
As I said, don't do anything stupid. But when its a fair fight or your ahead people just stand there like getting the steal is going to give them 3k bonus gold.
Rioter Comments
: In philosophy there is a very useful rule called "the principle of charity". It basically says that, while discussing with someone, you should always interprete his arguments as the strongest possible interpretation and assume that he made a rational/intelligent decision/statement. In League this means: When you enter a fight alone and no one follows you, one interpretation is that your teammates are stupid and you are the only skilled player in your team. However, this is the weakest possible interpretation for your team. If you apply the principle of carity, the result is very different: If no one followed you, that's most likely because they had very good reasons not to do that. Reasons you didn't consider or weren't aware of. Thinking that your entire team made a mistake when you are the only one going in is like being a wrong-way-driver and thinking everyone else is driving in the wrong direction. You might wanna consider that you were wrong and they are right. Your teammates are not mindless bots, they are players like you. On average they are exactly as skilled, as intelligent, as knowledgable, as reasonable as you. It's very unreasonable to assume that they had no viable reason for doing what they did while you were the only one realizing what was going on.
Except when the enemy team burns every ability, summoner, item, and ultimate and still has not killed me...
Nicodiver (EUNE)
: Rant about the community
I main singed, I push lanes, if I lose or team has an issue with it I push lanes. Basically I ignore the other four and focus on whether or not I'm at the enemy nexus at 25 minutes or not to see if I did good pushes. Also like to drop Zz'rot in losing lanes every so often. Pushes towers like a boss.
: Whats your Tilt story?
When I'm trying to split push as {{champion:27}} and my entire teams goes "Let's go push with singed." after I tell them to group mid.
: What do you guys want from me?
You left the game, law does not care why you did it, you did the crime you do the time.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
And its a bad rebuttal. Who cares about LP, people put so much concern into an imaginary number that means jack all it causes half the problems this games community has. Unless your master or challenger where these numbers matter ignore them.
AimoII (EUW)
: Sick of this...
Please, you think you have problems. Try maining Kalista and being in bronze where supports hug the inner tower or leave the lane then wonder why the enemy bot laners suddenly dive you then say you're "bad". My response: https://myworldvsyours.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/wtf-mem-jackie-chan-1024x819.jpeg
S1lentA (EUW)
: Standing up against toxic behaviour gets punished
*Gets out ethics book, find bit about two wrongs not making a right.* you DID read this in pre-school yes?
: People flame jungler because they are low elo and do not see their own mistakes. (I.e ADC that refuses to ward, mid that is countered that refuses to switch or just players who extend in lane because they don't understand that they can get ganked). And sometimes it is the Jungler's fault because they come to lane and end up feeding the enemy instead of helping.
Don't forget the low elos that only know how to go 100% in and not trade.
rambowolf98 (EUNE)
: Flaming
Ignore them, unless you stood at raptors while this happened theres no reason to be bothered by the flame. If you wasted time, I would flame you for wasting time.
: 4v5 30 min game because 'remake' option doesn't pop up
If they were not actually disconnected it won't trigger.
GLurch (EUW)
: The problem is, we don't know what mechanics are counted towards your ranking in the first place.
The fact that there are MAJOR gameplay changes from season to season is what it is.
: Got 2 week ban for inting a single game AMA
You were toxic, you got punished. Funny how that works. And for reference it takes more than one game to even be given a chat restriction, let alone a two week ban. Reform cards only show the game that triggered the punishment not what led up to it.
Die Kaiser (EUNE)
: Can't play the role and lane i want just cause my PC is a little slower so the lobby opens later than everyone else's, so i guess i gotta go botlane non-support Olaf just cause i wanted to play him when i bought him, everyone wanted to report me eventhough it's Riot's fault, Why teh fuck i gotta play a role i don't consider fun and i dont wanna play it...?
You don't. In fact the ones at fault in that situation are the toxic jerks. Riot has said on MANY moons that the meta is NOT the rules.
GLurch (EUW)
: The message you got when logging in this season should have answered all your questions. Platinum 1 is the highest rank you can achieve in placements. Due to that, Platinum 1 is the rank all the Challengers and Masters play at the beginning. Because of that, all the ranks have to shift back. If not, everyone would complain that a last season Platinum player is now playing against Challengers.
Don't forget the obvious MMR changes because gameplay changes. We are being rated on Season 7 mechanics not season 6. A point many people gloss over. :)
HappyAsian (EUNE)
: People are lazy to enter a custom game and quit and start a flex or solo/duo
Then they can lazily deal with the appropriate punishment for causing an issue with the game.
Tiichu (EUW)
: Do you forgive someone who flamed you during a game if they apology to you afterwards?
HappyAsian (EUNE)
: Cant Riot install some PING/MS/LATENCY check before join a game ?
Custom games exist for a reason, this is one of them.
Gangplonk (EUW)
: Stop crying about placements
Wait, people are still under the impression that the imaginary number means something still? I thought the says was, "You are on a pro team, or your not pro." so why is this still a big deal?
: When A Support Main Has To Play Marksman
Actually I think this one sums up Top, Jungle, and Mid's response. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-ruSY5ZDSH9E/V1i4kNxjlOI/AAAAAAAAFQk/o49XCfdPEsYXyBEV3YlfZwo5sE1FnWzvA/w389-h157/1404751534916.gif
Rioter Comments
Tallentkz (EUW)
: Disable chat in games
Press the mute button. PROFIT.
Práedyth (EUW)
: do trolls and afks actually get banned?
No idea, go try it and let us know what happens. In the mean time I'll be cuddling with my free skins Rito gave me for helping weed out toxic people.
: This statement is false. I actually stop chatting when Im mad and focus on the game.
I grab some items and split push when mad. Team can deal with it until I get about 2-3 people bot lane and then flee.
JaBra95 (EUW)
: Why are people still allowed to act like that?
Stop getting triggered over a video game.
AstralDream (EUNE)
: This needs to stop!
I was making AND eating sandwiches in a 4v5 recently, and winning, as support. Kinda don't get how you get tilted so hard over something as stupid as a video game.
MadBaron (EUW)
: TFW when you come back to play a game of League after 4 months
You expect a que the specifically requires you to play to not change when you don't play. TRUMP LOGIC!
: an idea for improving the accuracy of the leaverbuster system
Does not matter if you left the game for 5 minutes or 5 seconds, you left the game. Simple concept really.


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