: No hes in a pretty decent spot imo. When built right he can deal good chunks of damage and be very tricky to take down. His ult is what's most important, especially in lategame, with the right teamcomps
> [{quoted}](name=29Freedom,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=UqlbwAeM,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-03T11:12:25.595+0000) > > No hes in a pretty decent spot imo. When built right he can deal good chunks of damage and be very tricky to take down. His ult is what's most important, especially in lategame, with the right teamcomps I personally think he needs a buff, his damage burst damage is nice, But nearly every toplane has more sustain more cc more damage then him at all point in the game.
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Speknekje (EUW)
: Level cap removal
"I’ve played a ton of games at level 30 already. Will I start at a higher level in the new system? No. The new, uncapped leveling system is primarily aimed at giving you more goals to shoot for (and rewards for hitting them). With that in mind, we didn't think it made sense to start so many of you at a very high level. That would take the goals away from the very people this system is intended to support."
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pvssy (EUW)
: I miss the old LOL...
I miss ap master yi {{champion:32}}
: Here's a tip: Not every jungler has to have a good early clear, there are a lot of junglers that have low hp after an early clear.
indeed but his clear seems the worst out of all the junglers, His clear is dreadfully bad, You can barely solo some of the jungle camps.
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: Wrong. My {{item:3074}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3036}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3156}} {{champion:238}} 1v1s a full armor malphite and wins with more than 50% hp. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: As an Assassin, you cant just oneshot tanks, and while they tank your combo, they deal relatively more damage back to you because you have next to no defensive stats yourself. Either you simply focus on killing the enemies squshies and leave their tanks aside until you can finish them when they are low, or you get more anti-tank items and defensive stats.
Ye I usually just keep killing there squishy's, But the only person that can really kill anyone is my adc and can't do much if my adc is garbage {{champion:32}}
Rismosch (EUW)
: As an assassin, you can't do anything against tanks. Tanks beat Assassins. Assassins beat ADCs. ADCs beat Tanks.
Understandable, Just annoying when a tank is destroying our base while Our adc is split pushing and I try to stop them and I get destroyed {{champion:32}}
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Charibasa (EUW)
: Sit down guys, imma tell you a story about how my adc died
Ziggs pressed R Brand pressed R Katarina Pressed R Veigar Pressed R {{champion:32}}
: Dont TF against him? MR? Shields? Dont stay that close together? Spellshields? Zonyas? Kill him before you TF?
MR Doesn't seem to work against brand passive when he did like 500dmg to me with his full combo then his passive did 2k dmg, And the aoe of the passive is stupidly large its hard to stay that far apart, Playing ad don't have Zonyas, Its hard to kill him before a team fight when they're all grouped.
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: You rush Bloodthirster.. That's horrible. If you ever go to Bot lane with life steal, you are begging to lose the lane right there. Not a fan of the Runaan's either. Get Statikk's, it's the best Zeal item right now (strong wave clear and the proc can crit, contrary to RFC) and you'll find yourself able to surprise burst somebody
Ye it was really bad just started building differently and it got better but still think runan is good :)
: In conventional battle early game he is dead, no doubt. You are tiny mouse, and you should learn to be a rat... Learn the rat, feel the rat, be the rat! Seriously. Dont even take a fucking shower... With oracle out of the game, noone is safe! Be sneaky, be cheesy. You will be more fed later, and just pop-out - take kill, and back to the shadows...
Ye I do try be sneaky and get people of guard but even soloing the other adc when I've got a level advantage I still end up dead, Twitch is the only character that I don't even know what to do with, I've played 90% of all characters in league and been fine with them, Even if people call them bad I still play fine and sometimes even get fed, But with twitch I never get fed, I farm fine but getting kills is just hard because it seems this champions damage is way lower then other adcs which is sad, idk what to build on him I've just been doing normal builds but he feels so weak, I'm afraid to even try solo any champ that's alone because I just get destroyed because they do more dmg then I can even do.
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Takeoff (EUW)
: Restart the Q. It is a rare bug making you get last all the time therefore you get no game. Is that Dominon?
No its 5v5 draft pick and I tried doing what you said and I waited 20minutes and nothing. I had to restart the entire game so :/
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Nedooo (EUW)
: [Suggestion] New ping System ?
This would be amazing since riot are giving out chat restrictions like heroin https://youtu.be/ioVG4xYQ4gM?t=2m46s
: every lane of yours has 50% of winning without jungle interference so your "this happens 80% of my games" is just bullshit.
He might just have really bad luck :p
: Chat restriction rant.
Ye the systems pretty shit but I never type in chat anyway so it doesn't bother me much, I got a 75 game ban when I never type in chat :p I found it a little funny but didn't care much.
: Normal matchmaking flawed - Now its very discouraging for non-smurfs and promotes rage/verbal abuse
Ye I'm unraked and I usually destroy these silver golds, But I do fine with plat's I usually win my lane against them to :p but I never get diamonds or masters so guess I'm fine, Apparently the more you play normals your normal game mmr goes up or something but this seems a little stupid in the picture, Like no one is even lvl 30 and you're getting this, I've played over 800 games so I understand why I get matched with these.
: Cannot reconect to game
I don't know but when this happens to me I have to restart league and reconnect to the game :/
: Runes Bug
You got some mighty big runes there sir.
: If this is the worst you've seen, it's not too bad yet. And to be fair, both teams do have a chance to win a game like this, even though it's obviously more likely for the higher ranked players to win.
Don't see how unranked vs plat is fair wtf is this system...
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: Ask Bukachu.
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ostatak (EUNE)
When you afk you can get put in low priority queues that makes you wait 5 minutes for 5 games, Sometimes it makes you wait 20+ if you keep afking, But I think after the low priority queues and they still do it they get account banned for a few days.


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