Eambo (EUW)
: Custom Games and Practice Tool are disabled due to the launch of TFT, this is intentional. As for your disconnection issue, we cannot enable loss prevented for only a subset of players - it's an "all or nothing" thing. If we enabled that, then we'd also turn off ranked - because there's no value in the ranked system if you literally can't lose. The disconnect issue we're aware of right now is caused by antivirus software - we've been in touch with the AV companies who have suggested updated, as they have released fixes for this problem. If that doesn't work, please [contact support](https://support.riotgames.com) for assistance.
idk. i've triedturning my avg antivirus OFF and i still got the dcs... how does that make sense? And what can riot support do lol. its just a waste of time.
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: master yi q bug interaction with fizz e (only happens when yi has turret aggro)
it is not intentional or it would work every time. but it only bugs when yi has turret aggro. it makes no sense. its pure bug. you just say that because you are one trick pony master yi player. LOL.
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Teemofied (EUW)
: Is Challenger Rank2 (ScarletRedHands) an Elo Booster???
they dont brake any rules. nothing wrong here. Elo Booster is someone who gets paid to gain access on a different player's account in order to boost his elo. That is punishable and unfair because of the said account sharing. On the other hand, if two players play on their own accounts, but one of them is so good that "carries" the other one to greater elos than he could possibly achieve on his own, thats fair (for both Teams) and not punishable. The only way that it could be deemed unfair is through a third person's eyes as in "why is that hardstuck d5 player getting carried to challenger and im not. Not fair!". Punishable would only be if the "weak" one, actually payed the "good" one for the said duoqieie experience. But that just cant be proven, so innocent until proven guilty. p.s. your thread will get deleted by moderators for naming. its not allowed amd you exposed not one, but 3 summoner names.
: >So, its not that most players became good at league. there will always be a balance btw skills in all games. >diamond will remain <2% of players and silver will remain ~50% of playerbase. Of course, basically players are as good as they used to be when compared to each others. But what I ment that players, since they have been playing so many years, are getting better "compared to the game", which naturally narrows the skill gap between players. I mean that today silvers can kite as well as platiniums in season 3 etc. Think of Guitar Hero and the % system (not exactly the same, but I hope you get the idea). Back in season 3 an average player used to get 50% on normal day, 60% on good day, and 40% on bad day. But nowdays I think they are doing 80% on normal day, 85% on good day, and 50% on bad day. This bad-day-drop is many times higher than it used to be because average skill level is so high (=more to lose), and it is almost impossible for un-smurf to patch that deficit up. You can beat 50% as 80% player way harder than 40% as 50% player. Hell I don't know. :D This might be total bullshit.
> But what I ment that players, since they have been playing so many years, are getting better "compared to the game", which naturally narrows the skill gap between players. I mean that today silvers can kite as well as platiniums in season 3 etc. Trust me, today's challengers, have not literally master this game yet. With this i mean league of legends is a more complex game even than chess etc and that there are too many things to learn AND adapt in your every game playstyle. I agree that players are getting better overall compared to previous seasons, but that does not mean anything, as they all get better at it no matter the rank. Someone who was platinum in season 3 would be a worse player than someone who is platinum now. But these 2 players, would still be platinum in their respected season, so it does not matter. Today's silver may indeed kite as well as platinums did in season 3, but they dont do things that current platinums do (no need for examples). "...which naturally narrows the skill gap between players.". So, basically it doesnt... You are having in your mind that the ceiling of game knowledge or generally skill in this game, is achieved from the players in challenger tier, and that makes you think that "the skill gap naturally narrows down", but it really isnt. This game is so complex, that the ceiling has not been reached yet, not even by the majority of challengers. So, generally, no skill gap narrows down with time because everyone becomes better, from bronze to challenger.
BaconTits (EUNE)
: How would you describe Riot Balance Team by only using 1 word?
: League has changed from "good players carry games" to "bad players lose games"?
you are generally right but you got one thing wrong. its not that the "The difference between average and good player is minimal". Its more like, good players, can no longer carry as they could back in previous seasons because of how much team-oriented the game has become. It basically tuned down good player's impact in games to that of a average player. And BCS of that, bad players impact MORE the games (negativly) than the good players (positivly). So, its not that most players became good at league. there will always be a balance btw skills in all games. diamond will remain <2% of players and silver will remain ~50% of playerbase. Its just that the game, over the last seasons, shifted its power from solo-orientation to team-orientation and that, naturally, as its a team game, weakens good players. But generally ye you got the point. And gladly, thats why Riot finally realizes it (after years....) and they started giving some power back to the units in this game (solo-carrying)(its written in meddler's posts)(the changes, yet to come, are not quite big, but at least they said they want to reverse this current direction and thats a good sign)
: its intended to be no core item for "all" mages.. only a few should buy it.. thats why riot changed it.. cause evrybody wanted it
well, maybe. but now that its just an alternative for mages, its unviable for ap assassins xD maybe 20% cdr made it core for mages. maybe give it just 10% now. idk. but it should be a viable alternative item for all champs.
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: Kassadin's Q Null Sphere Silence?
maybe its a 0.1 second silence.
DasIstNyul (EUNE)
: How can it be that the instalockers are free to do what they want and then leaves everyone else to adjust to him/her? Do you think this is right?
it may not feel right but its not punishable in blind pick. if you want meta teams or if you want a specific role, either queue for draft, either play with premades.
: I am playing it from Season 3, started with Katarina because i liked her name. Not because she was broken. If you are tired "because the developers make a champion useless in 1 patch" then it is clearly because you like to play broken champions. Not a single champ i am currently playing is being fixed/nerfed/patched for long time now.
only that you are bronze so no wonder why
Agidyne (EUW)
: What a disgusting thing you have created.
it wasnt just nidalee. tha was the reason the reworked the entire assassins class and nerfed them all so that they couldnt kill anyone in less than 3 seconds (0.25 lul).
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: > [{quoted}](name=Wise Alien,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=e4854fUu,comment-id=0005000100000000,timestamp=2018-02-06T07:22:40.363+0000) > > everyone has been always complaining about something being op, but right now I see a lot of posts about the state of the game as whole, the game is becoming more and more unpleasant. There are certainly a lot of improvements in the game but it doesn&#x27;t make the game any more fun. one reason is the matches are not a challenge anymore. You either stomp or get stomped. The only time I had fun in past year was when urf was active. i have always seen threads about the state of the game as a whole. Every new meta there are people complaining, regardless what meta it is.
only that this particular period they have flooded all forums. it means something. its all about the numbers
: They should do like all mobas/games atm, that is, disabling completely "all chat" and letting only team chat. It would be easier to round up the flamers etc and will prevent more people from getting tilted and start flaming. Since we all know that not everyone has the same amount of patience towards others.
but flame is most of the time directed to your own team.
: What do you think the raging people will put their anger on? One way they deal with anger is flame in chat. What will happen once you remove that possibility?
: How about we leave chat as it is... Why remove a feature for everyone when people who dont want to use it already have that option? If you dont like the chat ingame just mute people.
i dont want to use the chat. but as long as it is there, and as long as i have countless reasons to use it in my games, i inevitably use it. and so do others. disabling chat in rankeds would lower toxicity by 99% and then only thing riot has to do is deal with trollers.
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: sometimes i question my own IQ
this has nothing to do with iq. its about knowledge. whether you Know it or not. some years ago it was about amount of reports. now its not. so yeah, better keep questioning your own iq.
: Looking for someone who can carry me ._.
you dont need d1-challenger smurfs to carry you. even plats can solo carry your elo.
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: Rewards are also supposed to be tied to being a good sportsman, and being punished means you're not this. After a severe punishment of a 14 day ban, you have to show for an extended period of time that your behaviour has improved in order to qualify for rewards. Being banned after the mentioned date means you won't have enough time to show that you have indeed reformed. This is the same stance Riot has had for the past couple of seasons, so people should be aware of how this works. --- > anyone could have a bad day anytime in the year. A bad day is not the same as getting a 14 day ban. A 14 day ban is issued after multiple chat restrictions where the player still hasn't shown signs of reforming. It's also possible to skip chat restrictions and get an immediate 14 day ban, but this is reserved for cases such as homophobia, racism, death threats, etc. It's the very extreme of cases, and never something you can excuse by simply having a bad day.
> [{quoted}](name=Hansiman,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=Qa489y5i,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-10-11T16:50:34.501+0000) > > A bad day is not the same as getting a 14 day ban. A 14 day ban is issued after multiple chat restrictions where the player still hasn&#x27;t shown signs of reforming. > > It&#x27;s also possible to skip chat restrictions and get an immediate 14 day ban, but this is reserved for cases such as homophobia, racism, death threats, etc. It&#x27;s the very extreme of cases, and never something you can excuse by simply having a bad day. https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/z3d41mfh-riot-if-this-is-bannable-what-are-chat-restrictions-for
Minikyle (EUW)
: ***
racism ? xD calling some1 ape is not racism because its impossible for an ape to play league of legends. calling them n**** and jews is racism. excessive flaming ? excessive ? thats what chat restrictions were created in the first place. it restricts you from using the chat excessively. if some1 wants to use those 5 messages to flame he can still do it.
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Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
so i cant even make a ticket in riot support ? they are eu rioters, right ? they wont know the answer (?).
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
so rioters from eu get informed about changes in the game from the patch notes xD?
: i keep getting matched with low level players
from 4 days ago https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support-en/AVH6PhHh-riot-after-the-new-patch-the-matchmaking-changed-at-least-for-low-level-accounts
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
haha. i know you are not a rioter. so maybe ask one or forward this/that thread. and ask him to comment if this change was intentional why they didnt put it in the patch notes.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/AFRd4n36-i-keep-getting-matched-with-low-level-players keep ignoring the change
: Because they are smurfs?
but this was not happening before the last patch. low leveled smurfs were playing vs other low leveled smurfs
Arnoter (EUW)
: Some lvl 30's on your Team is premade with the Low lvl
no i am low level and since last patch all of a sudden i play vs lvl 30 ranked golds and diamond players all the time. and i play solo
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
we are not grouping 5 man smurfs making teams and playing. we are playing in small groups of 2 and 3s most of the time. and i have played more than 20+ games these last couple of days. never had lvl 30 guy in my games. today every game has 2-6. pff anyway. im just pointing out something that most low leveled smurfs experienced today. its not something debatable. unless we would have a reason to lie and waste time on forums with this. im saying since today something changed with match making. and since i saw nothing on patch notes and since its noticed from multiple players and not just one, i considered trying informing and/or asking riot what happened.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
one example out of the 10-30 i can give u if u want today from multiple smurf accounts is this. this guy does not even have keystone yet. he is lvl 16. and yet his last game, soraka win 1/2/13 had 6 lvl 30 players. unranked gold 5 gold 3 d5 d5. http://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=epic%20smurf%20k (he is my friend, he is from the first ones in my friend list who also noticed the changes today in their games and btw he is fine with me posting his opgg) edit : he was playing solo and then me http://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=T%20%C2%BAKP%20Billy idk how many games back you want to search but you will abrely find one lvl 30 guy in at least 10 games. yet today, in my very first game!, i had a plat 4 in my team, and one lvl 30 unranked, one gold 4 one diamond 5 and one diamond 4 in the oppoonent team. the rest low leveled players. edit: i was playing with 2 other guys. but in my last like 10-15 games i am also playing averagely with 2 more guys (many games with the same ones too) and still never played vs lvl 30s.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
we were identified as smurfs long time ago and thus we were playing vs other smurfs. but in any case we were all low leveled smurfs. and despite that, placing keystone-less and rune-less players vs full lvl 30 players with keystones and full lvl 3 runepages aint good matchmaking. im telling u sth changed with this patch. if it was intentionally by riot they would have mention it in the patch notes.
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kaketsuu (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=3mptied,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=OAipdEmE,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-07-31T13:39:30.738+0000) > > If it&#x27;s the first ever provisionals on that account, I think it&#x27;s Gold V if you perform very well all 10 matches match (not necessarily win every match). Other than that I don&#x27;t really know. ^^ you can get higher rank if you abuse the mmr system. you can get platinum1 if you win all 10 but you need to play as premade with players who have mmr from master/challenger/high dia
the only way for that to happen, is if you duo with a master-challenger who dropped from inactivity down to gold 1. because a fresh account cannot duo with anyone above gold 1. am i right?
Dunsparce (EUNE)
: A Polish streamer Nervarien got to plat 2 on a new account on stream.
what ? new account as in he just turned it lvl 30, he started rankeds, he did 10-0, and he got placed in plat 2 ? do you remember if he played those games solo or duo ?
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=T ºKP Billy,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=5b3AXMfs,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-09-25T16:22:11.978+0000) > > thanks > if some1 doesnt complete for example the missions from week 1, and week 2 comes. will those mossions still be up for him to complete ? or missions get replaced with the next week&#x27;s ? They're replaced weekly. If you look at the bottom of a mission, it says how long's left on them - there's a few that are for the duration of worlds (such as complete <x> more missions) - but the weekly ones will have a 6-ish day timer depending on when you look at it :-)
oh you are right thanks again. Btw do you happen to know if it is possible to get placed in Platinum this season after going 10-0 on placements in a fresh acc.? (https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/8EJ77A5v-is-it-possible-to-get-placed-in-platinum-this-season-after-going-10-0-on-placements-in-a-fresh-acc) haha :D
Eambo (EUW)
: Hi T ºKP Billy, The missions are weekly. You can read more about them [HERE](http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/esports/esports-editorial/worlds-2017-missions-loot) Every week you get new missions - additional if you purchased the master pass. They are all covered (as well as the tokens earned) in the link above :-)
thanks if some1 doesnt complete for example the missions from week 1, and week 2 comes. will those mossions still be up for him to complete ? or missions get replaced with the next week's ?
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Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Yes it's possible. I remember in the past there was a question asked on boards what's the highest you can get from placements. Ussuall awnser was gold, but some people posted some youtube videos with players geting into plat from placements(i think it was boxbox). Still i'd assume that's very rare.
in the past as in in the last 9 months ? bcs im talking about season 7. ik this was possible in earlier seasons but i doubt it about this one.
: Yes if it's a fresh account the higher you can get is about plat 3-4, not higher. For some accounts with very high mmr for your division, it's possible too.
im not sure if this is possible in season 7 tho. i havnt seen anyone or any video yet. but i know this was possible untill season 6 for sure by personal experience.
: The highest i have seen was gold 1 with 8-2 or 9-1 so i think near the end of season is possible yes. No one really knows what the system takes into account and set your placements but i am pretty sure each player has different placements depending his perfomance before he even played any of them. The player who went gold with 8-2 had an astonishing 75%-80% win rate at normal games so he was clearly a high elo smurf which got noticed by the system.Someone with 30% win rate at normal games will most likely get placed at bronze even if he won 8 games.So from the start the system knows how good you are and try to put you with players around your skill level. **Officially normal games pre lv 30 have nothing to do with your mmr once you start playing your placements** ._Based on that it's RNG so it's all about how lucky you gonna get _.You may get "lucky" if enemy team has higher mmr so each win will count more or "unlucky" and will happen the opposite.However i never heard someone who played his placements as a smurfer found an unrank player who played as a pure "bronze 5".They always played with and against gold players from the first game and rarely low plat.
Yeah ik, like me. i never played in silver mmr not even in my first placement games. i started playing from gold mmr. and when i was done with my plcements and i was placed in gold (5 or 1 doesnt matter), i already had accomplish platinum mmr and then i would just skip divisions etc. But what i wanna know is if platinum is achievable this season straight off placement games.
Leviit (EUW)
: Thanks for advices
yeah i had the same problem once too. i was mistakenly banned for 2 weeks. i was on riot support making tickets every day trying to show them their mistake and that i was innocent. after 2! tickets and after like 10 replies and after a total of 11 days, they finally saw through their mistake, said sorry and unbanned my account. yea.... 3 days before it would get unbanned itself. What if it was a perma ban tho ? What i mean, is that you need to push them. like the guy above said. Each time they dont seem to actually read what you are saying to them, u keep spamming them. Like they did with my on my first ticket, they might even close your ticket. You just go open another one and that time complain about your first ticket.
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