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: just full racist staff i have screenshot the convo add me discord if you want to see Slyffer#6465
You have never had a conversation with a staff member nor nobody was racist towards you. You were banned for hate speech towards other members in voice calls.
The Krypt (EUW)
: Do not join this server the owner bans people for no reason. you have been warned uh
: could it possibly be a ip ban? i live with 2 of my brothers both play league.
Yeh that can be the case, ask them perhaps
: Hey I used to be in the discord, didn't play for a while and I can't join again? SteDa#3352
I'm not really sure why you couldn't but try restarting your discord or pastethe invite in the discord join option
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lp590 (EUW)
: Hi, I cant join server and it says I've been banned,but I've never been on server. My name is enmity#2196 can you please check what's up? thanks
you're not banned, try to figure out the Discord error, there is no such things as banned messages on Discord at all even.
: hey guys i just wanted to join the discord but it says im banned from it i dont even know why as far as i know i havent been in that discord yet this is my discord name: Gravityle#6506
you're not banned, try to figure out the Discord error
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Kayx (EUW)
: The best league Euw server with nice, fun people... definitely recommend.{{sticker:sg-lux}}
: Guys we dont want to be forced to play 5vs5 with strangers. And you know how hard it is to convince ppl to help you loose a game with bots??? They dont care,and dont listen even thou they dont loose anything!!!!! We are already wasting 3 hours on this because of the community which DOESNT want to
But this is a EUW Discord server not an EUNE one, no wonder you can't find a team when you're on a Discord server that isn't even your region.
: Now I won't need to login to my second account from my laptop. I have friends now.
Madnasher (EUW)
: I tend to play solo ranked so dont really have many friends on the game, and it still hurts XD
At least i hope you two can find people to play with :)
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Aisa (EUW)
: Is fun, nice people, no rankshaming, no weird thirsty guys being annyoing. Quite the plessurable experience to be honest. Hence even the mods start to get their job done these days! That kind of leads to your final question: > Interested? Why not join? Oh uhm... there's a rumor making rounds - apparently the owner of this place has games on v... vla ... vladimir... ?XD {{summoner:1}}
Vladimir makes me go mental boom what do you mean flemmyyyy stop bullying me >.<
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: League of Legends EUW community discord server! working invite link if you see it doesn't work
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Iao (EUW)
: ***
it's a meme comment of his LOL i don't know why ur taking my comment even seriouse or his. We are long time friends but sure bro you do you!
: Join, cus why not.. The community is chill, you can find a duo partner or whatever you'd like to play, and the owner isn't a douche Sike TJ you a douche 😂👌
Aisa (EUW)
: Can not recommend. Sex talk all night long. Everyone so annyonlgy active, can't even read back what happened an hour ago. Am not allowed to ping @everyone just ebcause i want to play a normal game? Also at least one of the challengers there is heavely FNC biased. {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
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: Thx! I missed the "WilliRex" icon. Now I have all.
: Wow, this is legit working. I don’t really speak any language other than English, but I still like the icons. :p Thanks mate! :p
you're welcome :)
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gile31 (EUW)
: What happened? I remember seeing all channels removed and the next morning the entire server was gone.
a moderator went and banned all 1000members while every admin was offline somehow now we are rebuilding the server. If you want you can come back now but we are only 300members so far. Invite link:
: Server is alright but would be better with karaoke {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
Will maybe be once we grow sir :)
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: Better try find that out, eh?
yes {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
: Lol I just wonder if Discord would be able to handle that... even with a thousand people I think it would be pretty crazy
yes but there is a limit im pritty sure for ammount of people there are in a discord server
Fönikku (EUW)
: Sounds interesting, are there any requirements or rank for these players who may wanna join? **"We will have 5v5 custom game"** I like that, perhaps gives me a chance to be a bit better :)
no requirements but i guess lvl 30 would be nice to be, and guessing after a while we could do like silver & gold only and such but we need more members
: So... you're making a server for... ~10 million people? Or, whatever is the rough amount of people playing in EUW
yes, why not? So far i havent seen a person being disappointed with it and its not like all the EUW league players will join a discord server
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: after reading everything {{summoner:3}}
just kidding, i only looked at the pictures and the title names{{summoner:6}}
: Pro Tips: Rule the Jungle
after reading everything {{summoner:3}}


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