Pimers (EUW)
: I found fortnite quite boring to be fair. You launch one game but you don't feel like doing another one after, that's how I feel.
To each their own! I totally understand where you're coming from. It's been a while since I've found a game that I genuinly enjoy playing.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: it's not about when you started, while i would say even back then it was talked about quite alot. It's just the current new thing that evryone is hyping about.
For a good reason! Very solid and fun game.
: Too bad none of my friends don't want to download, they say it's trash and stuff, some have weak PC components and can't play it. I got H1Z1 cause it's free now, meh, pretty cool too.
Fortnite is pretty easy to run, you should just try Solo's too man it's still loads of fun. All my friends and even myself thought it was trash on first glance but when i first started playing it and got over the goofy graphics i started loving it.
: I don't know about fortnite but i have tried pubg and well, can't quite get what the fuss is all about. You run through some empty wasteland picking up random stuff and then bang, you get shot dead from freaking nowhere and that's that. At least in league you can follow some strategy and, assuming you are not playing like a fool, have some degree of control around you. I'll pick a game like league over some BS fps everyday.
Yeah I don't like PUBG. Fortnite is a lot different though, totally worth checking out atleast once.. I mean hey it's free anyways. It has a lot of tactical strategy in it as you have to find high ground. make bases and position very well in order to have the advantage on your enemies. It's really cool.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Sounds like you're just riding the wave of hype.
Nah, I started playing in like September.. It wasn't THAT hyped back then.
DutchPro (EUW)
: k bye
Haha niet zo negatief jonge.
: I literally get bored of these games. I played Overwatch like 2 weeks, I got bored. And I still remember when everyone was like: "Okay, League is done, everyone will play Overwatch". xD I played Fornite, I got bored in one week. I played Paladins, can't play more than 3-4 games a day cause I get bored of that too. The only game beside League that I play pretty regularly is Rocket League. For me, nothing compares with League, because I have friends to play with here and they won't download any other games, idiots. xd That and the fact that I love eSports and watch every single week almost every match. Both NA LCS & EU LCS and sometimes even LCK. And I got a decent rank right now and I'm close to hit Diamond soon.
Yeah I get what you mean. League doesn't get boring quick but it's just not fun anymore in my opinion.. Do you finish a game and feel actual enjoyment? I didn't. Fortnite always keeps everything fresh with challenges, constant updates and it's a LOT of fun to play with your friends.
: Dude, if my note wasnt that shitty, I would ofc play ..... I just play league because I cant play fortnite haha (I mean.. I play since season 4, but when fortnite came up..the thing happened) {{sticker:sona-playing}}
I mean hey, you can always play on console! That's what I do anyway. **(PS4)**
Mada (EUW)
: I played fortnite a couple of times then I played some overwatch and now I'm back to league
Hm, I've never really tried Overwatch before.. Didn't really look very appealing to me.
Kyon OwO (EUW)
: Eh, to be honest this is League's boards, and writing this won't really do much. So if you're asking if you're alone here or not, yeah you're alone! If you stopped playing league then so be it. That aside, if you want an honest reply concerning Fortnite, it's simple: While Pubg was not free, it was still booming yet slowly dying like any other game of its kind, then a new Free to play game came, with lots of updates in succession, that people would be able to play! Of course, judging by how simple it is to get players, Some Pubg and H1Z1 (etc) players went to play on Fortnite, but I believe it won't live long enough. TL;DR : I can't say I believe fortnite will stay popular in the long-term, and you might go back to League sooner than you expect {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
The main reason I even started playing was because my laptop broke so I was limited to just my PS4, but now I have a new laptop but barely touch it because I'm constantly on my PS4 playing Fortnite, lol. I think it'll last longer than you think considering Twitch is filled with it right now with Ninja breaking records left and right.. Hopefully I won't go back to league.. now that I've been in a positive community I look back and realize how toxic League was.
: Been playing Fortnite on and off for the past few weeks, it's fun, but also really frustrating. Not a huge fan of the gunplay, coming from games like Battlefield. Also, I suck... So yeah, it's not exactly gonna replace League for me.
It's more or less the positivity that does it for me. League was just constant complaining, arguing and all in all just not a fun experience. WIth Fortnite it's the complete opposite! I get what you mean though.
: Just another PUBG clone Pubg > fortnite
The building mechanic makes it A LOT different. With your logic PUBG is just another H1z1 clone.. Fortnite is a lot more fast paced and most importantly, **not boring.** With PUBG I just loot for 2 hours just to end the game proned in a field.. Fun..?
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: Holy crap there is a god. There is another person on this planet that thinks we should stop using cancer to describe things we don't like. {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
Let me guess, you guys are Dutch?
: well, there are scripts that can let you avoid an attack and stuff like that or ven tweak he cooldown of some abilities (i once founda gangplank that was placingsix barrels at once)
Woah i have never heard about the cooldown tweaking thing, that's busted.
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: Actually lately I am playing only mobile champs in mid lane, mostly Leblanc in normals because playing against premade midlaner and jungler is just stupid if they know how to set up a gank, one game I was ganked 3 times by the 6 minute mark, not bad huh, but because I played leblanc I had no problems with it, cuz I dodged everything. And when your jungler only ganks his friends and never comes to your lane, feels bad man.
Yeah.. I play Annie mid.. If i get ganked i can kiss my lil ass goodbye
: go into match history from this site, if you look at player builds it still shows the old runes and masteries. this way i have no idea if someone is legitimately being OP or is just cheating since there is no way to see what runes he has in game (besides the keystone)
In what way could they be cheating?
Dunny Ry (EUW)
: Zoe bug
Should probably put this in Bug Reports instead of Champions & Gameplay
elin990 (EUW)
: You can only play 3 champs for the rest of your LOL life, who would it be?
{{champion:45}} - My go to midlaner, only champion I'm good at. {{champion:53}} - If mastered a %%%%ing monster in support. {{champion:3}} - Don't see this guy ever being useless anytime soon, strong as hell.
: A sane man who know he is going to fall asleep (you can see that) will use that second to dash away, and given that very often Zoe will shoot her stuff from the biggest distance possible, she may not be able to follow up if she can't even see her target to begin with. Worked for me as {{champion:23}}, every time i was catched by E, i spinned away, and most often that not Zoe was simply too far to snipe me. So no, i don't think that delay to be advantageous to her. It's advantageous only against idiots who are going to rush forward anyway and be oneshotted because they won't even understand what they are doing in the first place.
Not every champion has an escape like that.
Plox Plox (EUW)
: As a support main I can say 1. You don't get any credit, if you stomp bot hard everyone tells your adc that he's a beast etc while you're the actual reason the adc is able to be that strong. It's like your utility is invisible and only damage matters. 2. Adc's often tend to blame the support, if they get caught out of position, all the supports fault. Support ruins one lasthit, you get spamm pinged. 3. You can make your team strong by roaming and stuff. In the end it isn't in your hand if you win by giving them a lead, if they're dumb then you'll lose. As a support you require a team which you can support, no team and you are straight up useless. You have to believe in your team, not many have the ability to do that so it's not the ideal way to climb. This is all based on my 80% winrate on thresh in platin elo, where the people atleast have SOME knowledge about what the hell they're doing.
Ehh, I've gotten plenty of praise from my teammates when i was playing Blitzcrank support a while ago.
: About match history
: Solo Q Normal Games PLEASE RIOT!
I feel ya, being up against a midlaner with a premade jungler is totally unfair.
FabieZ v2 (EUW)
: Can we have a ban for people that type "It's just preasons" in ranked games?
: First of all, don't be afraid of Yasuo, he's not as scary as people make him, especially after new runes system. His ww doesn't block your W, so you can easily pressure him early game or just not letting him get close to you (watch out for that mana though, W is a bit too expensive early game), and with your E you can punish him if gets too cocky and decides to dive under your turret for example. Play smart, and stack that AP bonus with your passive, at lvl 6 if you catch him with your E he's dead. As Veigar I'd be more worried about champs who can ignore your E with their abilities like Yi's alpha, or Akali's shroud.
Thanks! I'll definitely take your advice.
: If you want to be a one trick, I'd strongly recommend banning Yasuo. Veigar has other bad matchups but Yasuo seems the worst to me
Yeah, I've been banning Malzahar most of the time but i guess i should start banning Yas.
: You just don't play a Veigar into Yasuo. Try {{champion:55}} or {{champion:84}} or any other champ that is not reliant on skill shots or has the mobility to get around his Windwall. Champs like {{champion:45}} or {{champion:103}} just fall flat against a Yasuo if the Yasuo is good.
Ah, i'm trying to be a Veigar one trick. Seems like i'm gonna be in trouble a lot with this haha
: Got this account banned for 14 days for this???? (rtard player behaviour team)?
Loooool, get banned kiddo, this should've been a permanent ban.
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Perilum (EUW)
: You got perma banned. Deal with the consequences. There is no special treatment for losers.
Febos (EUW)
: Sure and I said that his premisse is wrong, because newbies don't play with smurfs. He's "defending" something that doesn't even happen, thus it's pointless to "defend" it. It was literally the first thing I said: > [{quoted}](name=Febos,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=RXnKNLjo,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2017-11-23T10:40:38.636+0000) > > His premiss is wrong. Smurfs play with other smurfs after a few games. A genuinely new player, aka newbie, will play with other newbies.
It does happen. A lot.
: Urf november
What? Where are you seeing urf? I'm seeing overcharge.
: I keep losing almost every ranked game due to my team throwing, how is this possible?
Keep in mind, Silver 5 is only 1 division away from bronze. It's no surprise people don't ping, ward or have good map awareness. Wouldn't expect any less haha. I'd just say, try a hypercarry champion and steamroll through to Silver 3/2. Around there you'll find some players who kinda know what they're doing.
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Shukr4n (EUW)
: so except lux ult and some aoe spell what can bypass wall?
Nothing, not even auto attacks. Lux ult can't bypass it either btw. The only way he can be hit is if it's like cast behind the windwall like let's say Tibbers is spawned ontop of Yasuo behind a wall it'll hit him. It's just projectiles flying through it that dissapear.
Yggy2 (EUW)
: jumped to silver II, demoted to silver III, promoted to silver II??
Cypherous (EUW)
: Put it in the replays folder the client creates and when you restart the client it should be listed, however note that not all replays are going to work, for example i doubt anything from before the rune rework is going to play properly because of how massive a change it was, i mean i could still be wrong but i wouldn't hold your breath X:\Users\<your username>\Documents\League of Legends\Replays is the folder you want, where X is wherever your current windows install is located No idea where it is if you're a mac user :P
Doesn't work. I have the replay in the Replays folder, I open it with the league client.. Nothing happens. I restart the client and nothing happens. It's from like 2 days ago.
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Shukr4n (EUW)
: Then u should try to stick to a lane and play chanpions of that lane. The one u like u play. Look for the meta champions look for their counter on paper and try to master them. All champions all lanes is too difficult. Have u ever tried support anyway?
Yeah I used to LOVE Blitzcrank support, I still do but haven't played him in a while. I think i'm gonna main Veigar, I played two games with him recently. One of them going 20/0 and absolutely stomping the enemy team, in the other game i started off on 0/4 lol. In the second came i ended up coming back and being 7/6, so i got a good look into a fed game and a game where i was very behind. Both games i ended up having a lot of fun and i didn't feel useless. He's simple, does a %%%% ton of damage and i like him!
Shukr4n (EUW)
: zed or yasuo ask jungler to give u a good early game then u snowball easy.
Ehh i feel like they're a lil bit too difficult for me mechanically
: Try out Kayle ({{champion:10}})! Not complex at all and as I'm bored i wrote a guide for you. :P **Pudding's noob Kayle guide written just for you :P** *** **Passive:** Kayle reduces **Armor and MR** from enemies with her Q and her Auto-Attacks. (3% per Q/AA, stacking up to 15%). Not really impactful, but helps. *** **Q:** Kayle shoots some sort of a bubble to an enemy, dealing damage and slowing him. This is a point-and-click ability which is just some sort of a "gimmick" to Kayle. It isn't really important, but helps her. Use it to chase enemies. *** **W:** Kayle heals an ally for a bit and boosts his/her movement speed for 3 seconds. This is really helpful on Kayle as you can attack more before the enemies get out of your auto attack range. The heal itself ain't that great, but it helps. Use it when you have your free Manaflow Band ability up. *** **E:** Kayle gains extra auto attack range so she isn't classified as a melee champion anymore, but rather a ranged one. Deals passivly bonus on-hit-damage with 0.15 AP scaling. This on-hit-damage is doubled when going into ranged form. Also, in ranged form Kayle's auto attacks deal AOE damage. Usually, you max this first. It has a 16 second cooldown, but lasts only 10 seconds so make sure to get some CDR! *** **R:** Kayle makes an ally for 2-3 seconds (depending on rank) invincible. That's it. When playing Kayle, you learn to love this ability. This is along with her E her defining ability. 3 seconds of being invincible with a 60-second-cooldown since you stack some CDR is overwhelming. It has no cast time and pops instantly. The only real downside about this is that it can't be cast when you are CC'd. Other than that, it is a great ability. *** **Items:** You usually buy Berzerkers Greaves first, followed up buy Nashor's Tooth and Guinsoos' Rageblade. After that, itemization consists pretty much of "buy-what-you-want". Void Staff or Runaan's Hurricane are good as third items. Other viable options are BotRK and Rabadon's Deathcap. *** **Runes:** To be honest, I **love** Lethal Tempo. It gives you so much attack speed. Others say it ain't viable, in which case you can take Press the Attack too. As a second tree, you take Sorcery and Transcendence (!) for the 10% CDR. As a second rune in that tree, I like Manaflow Band. *** **Conclusion:** If you want to play Kayle, you have to auto attack much. Be sure to press your R when you get bursted! That said, Kayle's viable in all roles, but best in Mid and Top.
Thanks man i'll check her out! I played against her not too long ago and got absolutely %%%%ed.. So yeah.. She's pretty strong
Arnoter (EUW)
: How much will new released Champs cost now, in BE ?
Zoe costs 7800 on the PBE, so i'm guessing it's the same.
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
The Fountain? It seems familiar, not sure though.
Jamsheer (EUNE)
: you mentioned that you are doing good with annie for example until you are getting outplayed. nothing wrong, you will be outplayed for a time until you manage it, so being outplayed shouldnt make you stop. "I am not a good player" its good to recognize it yourself but dont spread it to the world it, one huge difference between bad and good player is the experience and experience comes with time as long as you know your path. goodluck on your journey ;p
I guess you're right man, It's just annoying when I'm Annie and i just get poked from 20 miles away by Orianna or Taliyah. I guess it just takes a lot of practice. Maybe i'll try her again! Thanks dude.
: Changing Regions
I don't know but good luck in America!
: You should try Vladimir
Hmm, might be a good idea. I'll check him out!
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NoboHobo (EUNE)
: Is it possible to show RIOT that you have reformed and get your account unbanned?
You never get your account back if you're perma'd. If you're indefinitely banned you can reform and become unbanned after sometime but you'd still have to make a new account.
: Got banned for... Quoting a troll and staying positive, explaining things?
Yeah this is bullshit lol, you should submit a ticket. I'm pretty sure you'll get unbanned.
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