Kravixman (EUNE)
: Honestly... whole game is becoming faster and faster, every champion must be quicker in his animations and spamming QWER must be faster and faster... League used to be a bit slower few years ago, where you had to combine the skills instead pressing them faster. *(I know people want faster and more flashy games, as it brings more competetion and interest it seems)* {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
Yeah, but thing was, his kit still fitted into the game one way or another, like Vlad, Xerath still do or Viktor, you just need 2 more braincells to do stuff with them. They're still viable, I believe Asol is one of the hardest if not possibly the hardest champion to manage and master in the game but, this I feel like it just dumbs him down abit at the same time.
: i like him but i don't play him a lot and i can safely say that u are right about this... there was nothing wrong with him before this "buff"
I really think it's just a change, since they nerfed his passive, but I think they're going overboard.
Cooler39140 (EUNE)
: I mean... I'm happy that it deals with one of his toxic problems being constant wave push at level 1. What people misunderstand is that you can still keep your stars orbiting at higher speed after maxing W, because the new spin lasts for 3 seconds, and the cooldown is 2 seconds when maxed out. So the new W is still technically an older W, but only at max rank.
I mean if you look at it, he looses alot of defense and sustain in it but GLP can also make a comeback because of it, yet the whole way of working around your W was the most interesting about this champion. I could deal with his W slowing down after the first 3 seconds but, like this I just don't see the point. Atleast buff the passive or not remove the E passive. I'm really double sided about the changes, but he just feels a little like Neeko to me hit Q then pop W wait for it to stop then retreat and repeat. That's all I see in it. Teamfight you just R them into your W.
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